Scam letter(s) from Angelica to Arun (India)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend !!! I am very glad that you have answered my letter on a site. I waited for your letter. To begin with I am sorry for not the letter to you... In me there was a problem, a problem of my health. Once I run for figure and health maintenance) in the fine morning as usually I took a little morning jog (in each morning I, and foretold nothing a trouble, but I have unexpectedly stumbled and was traumatised, shin crisis is more exact. More month I laid with the broken foot in hospital and consequently could not write to you, I hope you not strongly for me were afflicted. Now I am completely restored after a trauma and I want, that our correspondence has begun turns and we became friends and can it is more... When I have seen your questionnaire I have decided to write to you.... Here now I write to you. And I am very glad to it. You probably think why I have written to you??? I wish to tell to you about it is to me how you have described yourselves in the questionnaire was pleasant. I have solved that at us much the general and that probably you will answer me. And I was not mistaken. Also it is very glad to it. Now I Wish to tell to you about myself and that I search... You will be not against???? I will begin the story. My name is Anzhela, but relatives and friends name me Lika. So now you too can name me so. My growth of 173 sm, weight of 65 kg. To me of 27 years. I never was married. I by training the Manager. I have a higher education. Now I work. I work as the manager in small cafe. I have no children. At me beautiful eyes. I like to go in for sports, I try to behave in shape. After all it is necessary presently. How you look at it? I do not smoke. Also I do not take alcoholic drinks... On a site of a site I was registered to find the significant other on purpose. And I search for serious relations. And what you search on this site???? I with big pleasure will answer any your question... So you can not hesitate and ask any question. I would like to tell to you. That I possess English language in average ability. And I can only is free speak in English. I write not so well. So I can have errors... But if you that or have not understood... You can ask again me and I will try to explain still races... You agree??? I hope we have agreed :) Now tell to me about itself I with the big impatience I will wait your answer. I wish you successful for. Your new acquaintance Lika :)
Letter 2
My sincere wishes of successful day to you How are you??? I am very glad to receive your answer. Now with my foot everything is all right, I was restored and now I again run... My doctor has told, that I the strong girl! It is very pleasant, that our acquaintance is advanced. I am very glad that we continue to communicate and learn about each other more... I think that you are glad as??? Before to us to learn about each other all well I think that it is necessary to begin with the childhood??? You agree with me??? Then I will start to tell to you in this letter on my childhood. Post of how I have finished a kindergarten, I have gone to school. In a kindergarten I differed that I was vigorous and always tried that or to think up and make. At school I was very appreciable by it among other pupils. At school I studied very well. I liked to study for me it it was very pleasant. During free time from school I visited different additional employment. It were such employment as - Singing in school chorus and employment gymnastics. And during free time from school affairs I liked to read books. I think that on it for me some habits from the childhood were fixed till now. Now I love during free time from work to read books and to be engaged gymnastics. Because I watch the body. And what do you think of playing sports??? Here it turns out that my hobbies is employment sports and reading of books. But as I like to watch TV. Basically it is films. I like to look films, romantic and comedies. And what films like you??? And what your hobbies??? At school I have finished 11 classes and have received full secondary education. After school I have gone to study further. I have entered the institute. For me it was not difficult, because I consider that I clever and my knowledge helps me with it. I studied there in a current of 5 years and I have received higher education. Now I work as the manager small cafe. I hope to you my story about my childhood has liked???? tell to me more about your childhood. About your Hobbies and about what works you are engaged now. It is very interesting to me. I look forward your letter. Lika.
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!! Please forgive me for that that I so long did not answer your letter. The matter is that I cannot come on the mail box now... Also I can not check up your letter.
I have replaced the Email. Now at me the new electronic address:
I on the former wish to continue with you relations. I hope you waited my letter and will be very glad to receive news from me. If all is good - that write me more likely, ok??? I would not like to start to communicate with you again. As before. I miss your letters, kissssssss Anzhela
Letter 4

Good afternoon Vazhil. How are you??? How your health??? To me it is now very pleasant, because I am glad to see your letter on we wash Email. I am glad to write you now the answer to your letter. How there has passed your day????? You have what plans for the evening??? What usually you do in the evening??? How spend this time????? I have probably set to you now many questions, I am sorry. But it is very interesting to me as you spend time, and on it I have asked you it. I would like to tell in this letter a little about how I have spent the day, I have what plans on a free time. And to tell to you about where I live that you would know about my place of residing.You that??? You joke??? I the real woman, instead of the man as you speak!!! I have come recently from work and today I am very tired... And I think what better to spend this evening houses. You agree with me??? Today I will be all the evening long at home, I will read the book. As you remember this one of my hobbies at leisure. And then I will watch TV. Will show today an interesting film. It is an adventure film. And I very much love such films. And what films are loved by you???? Dear Vazhil I think that it will be interesting to you to know about where I live. I live in small settlement. My settlement not big, it is called Ruem, here I was born, and have grown. It is in territory Mari-El republic. Capital of ours republic city Yoshkar-Ola. My settlement is remote from a city approximately on 25-30 kilometres. Our republic is very far from Moscow. It makes about 980 kilometres. In my settlement there live approximately 6000 persons. Dear Vazhil it is the small information concerning my place of residing. But forgive me, I cannot tell to you about it more because our settlement not than does not differ from the majority of provinces of Russia and at us was not present that especial and for this reason I can give you only such information :( Now I think that you have a few representations about where I live. Vazhil tell to me about your city. Where you were born and where live now. It is very interesting to me to know it. Because I have very serious intentions in search of second half. And on it I wish to know about you as much as possible information. Dear Vazhil if my letters seem you small I ask you speak to me about it, and I will try to tell to you the information on in more details. On it I finish the letter and with the big impatience I wait for your letter. Your girlfriend from Russia Anzhela.
Letter 5
Hello dear Vazhil! How are you? I am very glad to see your letter. I with the great pleasure will continue to tell to you about myself. From your permission I will continue the story about myself. Now I wish to tell to you the reason Why I have not found the guy here, in Russia. I hope to you it will be important to know this reason. My history is similar to the Novel as in the book. I very strongly loved one guy and And he spoke that very strongly loves me. But this history has no happy end. However as well as set of love stories of other pairs. He all time tried to drag me in bed, forgive that probably here I too frankly speak to you, but I such as speak in Russia rectilinear, always speak that I think and I do not like to flatter and say lies. I am till now the ****** because I promised to my mum, that I when I will not have *** till first marriage night, and on it my former guy had no *** with me, and once it has put me before a choice - to spend night with it or it leaves to another, I as the decent girl have struck it on a cheek because its words have very much offended me and to me it was very unpleasant for hearing. I cried from for it much, that have lost it. But then I have learnt that it uses the girl from my girlfriends And actually loved other girl. And only then I "have opened the eyes" and have understood that it is not worthy me and that I done not followed by despair. Dear Vazhil to this case I thought, that such happens only in Books and Novels, but unfortunately I had in it experience and have learnt that such value of a phrase "the Broken heart" I think, that I became cleverer now. My girlfriend has advised to me to try to search for second half in the Internet. Because at us showed the television program how Russian girls find the love in other country, and I have thought that I not worse them. And here I have dared at this serious step. I did not expect, that I will do such success, On my profile has written many men, and I tried to write to all of them, but I have stopped! Yes, dear Vazhil I have stopped on you. Vazhil - you the person most interesting and attractive to me, and I would like to continue ours with you correspondence. I very much would wish to know your history of relations. And the reason why you have dared to search for love through the Internet. On it I finish my letter. I will wait for your following letter. Bye!
Letter 6
Greetings Vazhil!
I wish to inform you, that I waited for your letter.
Your letter is filled by caress, kindness, honesty.
You very good and attractive man!!!
Each woman searches for the man who will love and respect her.
I want that my man treated me very kindly and tenderly with love.
I want that it appreciated me as the good woman, and in the future as the good wife.
That thought, that I an ideal the woman for it. That it is better than me who is not present all over the world. :)
I want the man who will be the good father to our children.
Also I want the man who will sincerely love me.
How you has passed today day? What at you new now in a life?
I search for serious relations with the man who can understand me and which I will understand.
We will have mutual understanding, and identical outlooks on life.
The man should treat the woman kindly, with love and respect.
It should be with it nearby during bad and good times and care of it these minutes.
The man should give to the woman all love and care which at it is in a shower.
It should make so that its woman was the happiest on the Earth.
Also the woman should make too most for the man whom she will love.
To support it always, to be with it nearby when it requires it.
And I think, that the love is very important for relations between the man and the woman.
Here such relations I want in the future. My ideas are similar to yours?
Tell to me please what you want in the future of the relation with the beloved?
You should know, that I live not in the best country.
I want, that my children had the best life, than I now.
I very much want, that we have continued with you our correspondence Vazhil!
I hope to receive the answer to the questions. Because it is very interesting to me to know your opinion on it.
I with impatience will wait news from you Vazhil.
Sincerely Anzhela!
Letter 7
Hello My dear Vashil! How are you? How your mood?
What at you new in a life? About what you can tell to me?
I shall not ask you about weather, as Englishmen.
You know, that if there are Englishmen they will necessarily ask about weather.
I am completely fair with you. Here I have sat down to write to you the letter and I do not know, how it to begin.
You write to me the letter also? You do not represent what pleasure you bring to me the letters.
To me it is even not important, if you write to me not so much - that you me do not forget the main thing, I mean is interesting to you.
You also are the interesting person. I can already consider you as the friend..
It seems to me, that you also consider me as the friend. Certainly it is a little complex, when we are on such far distance.
But we write each other letters so we exchange the ideas with each other.
To you to me never happens boringly. Sometimes I at all do not notice distance between us.
I understand, that we need to communicate on msn. I promise you, that is fast at me will appear msn.
And then we can write each other in real time. Only at me will not be camera.
But I hope, that you will not be upset in this occasion.
I would like to learn about what family you dream?
I am almost assured, that you all the same have ideas in occasion of creation of family.
You dream of what woman? Here if women want true, careful men who will love and respect with them.
And what ideals of women at you? I certainly do not mention now about those who marries by calculation.
I cannot judge them. But I never could marry by calculation?
What for? It is not necessary for me of it. Now to me of 25 years. It seems, that it is not so big age.
I still cannot be named the mature woman. But I already would like home life.
I would like a family, house cosiness. I would like to be mother.
When I see in the court yard of small children my heart is compressed.
When the child will look at me such pure and naive eyes I too would like the children.
I can be simple not such person. I the house woman. I was born for family.
I think, that I am similar to mother. I can be proud of mother. I even can name its hero.
I it saw all and felt. I understood, how my mother it was heavy.
But my mother already for a long time has grown up me. It does not want, that I lived such life.
I write to you fairly. It is difficult to rely on Russian men. They can throw the wife during the most difficult moment.
No. I can lean not only on experience of my mother. Certainly in Russia there are many good men.
But I have already solved, that I shall find the love in other country.
I write to you letters. Probably we are created the friend for the friend.
I think, that will pass some time and we learn answers to all our questions.
On it I shall finish the letter. I shall look forward to hearing from
you. Your Anzhela.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Vashil. I wish to inform you that I am very Vashil, waited your letter. I wish that all of your letters were filled with honesty and kindness. You are very good and attractive man! It is a pity that we are far from each other now. I think that I might be a good husband to his wife. Every woman is looking for for a man who will love and respect her. I want a good attitude to me directly. I want a man who becomes a good father to my children. Yes, I love children. As we say in Russia - Children are our future! You see that the children - the flowers of life. I believe that if people in his life was unable to leave behind their children - his life was in vain. But it is impossible to exclude the inability of some people to have children. That would be very nice if I had children. Of course I want to have a very happy family and family friendly. I want that in my family has always been the Recreation and mutual understanding. I think that, if the husband and wife love each other, the family will be very happy. Of course I would like to have children. Also, I want a man who sincerely your concerns to me and will love me. I am looking for serious relationship with a man who could understand me and who will understand me. Relation between man and woman are very important. male must apply to a woman well, with love and respect. He should be with her and some bad times and good care of it. Man should give her all the love and care. It must do so it is the woman was most happy on earth. Also, a woman should do the same for men. To support his always, be with him so when he needs. And I think that love is very important for relations between man and a woman. -- The type of relationship, which I search for it. My idea - close to your Vashil? Tell please, for what you are looking relations Vashil? You should know that I do not live in a better country. I wish that my children had a better life than me. I very much wish that we continue our relationship with you. I think you do that man, which is necessary for me. I will be eagerly waiting to receive the news from you Vashil. Sincerely Yours, and only your Anzhela
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