Scam letter(s) from Angelina Garpi to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
hello Justin, Paul and Robert. I am glad to see your letter. I am glad, that photos me and Milana have liked you. I have not so good news. Soon I should is compelled to stop our fine dialogue. My computer has broken and now I write you letters about the Internet cafe. I do not have money to buy the new computer. To go to the Internet cafe it is frequent, for me too is a problem... I was very happy to communicate with you. And to me would deliver a lot of pleasure to send you and further my photos and photos Milana. But I cannot write you the letter any more. I will try to come to the Internet cafe tomorrow. You can probably help me and send me money that I could buy the computer or at least to write you letters through the letter Internet. It is a pity, that we should stop our dialogue. But all depends only on you. If you can help me, I can write you letters and send photos further. Also I can learn you to ****** experience further. I hope, that to a smog to see your letter again. Your unique Angelina
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