Letter(s) from Alina Panaeva to Alexandros (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Nikolai!
It was very pleasant to me to receive your letter!
But I had a lot of time to think about your letter.
Therefore I now will write you the answer. And it will be my exact answer.
But in the beginning I wish to know, how are you doing? How to you it was slept to you this night?
To me it was slept very well, very perfect dream dreamt me.
We were with you together on the bank of any sea.... Very much it was pleasant To me....
I would like, that it was sometime in the future.
Yesterday after job I have specially come into travel agency.
To learn all about a trip to you in the country.
I have learnt, that I should do the visa, the passport for travel abroad.
And more some documents which to me are necessary necessarily,
To get to you to the country.
As I should buy tickets.
But I did not begin to learn full cost of this trip.
I have decided to talk in the beginning to you about our meeting.
When I to you will arrive, I will try to find job.
Too to earn any money for ours with you a life.
I understand, that the woman should sit at home and bring up children.
Yes, you correctly have understood me. I wish to have in the future from you children.
But while we with you do not have children, and I am ready to work.
Therefore I can earn any part of money.
And mine the father with the grandmother and mum can arrive to us for some time.
And it will be now better, if you help me to arrive to you.
I have written to you, that I did not learn all cost of a trip.
But I am assured, that one I cannot pay for it.
Because at me is not present so much many money. I now have small savings.
I saved money for a new refrigerator home.
But I am ready to spend them for a trip to you.
But the most part of money it is necessary to ask for you.
I understand, that it for my part looks not so beautifully.
But I wish to be near to you in the near future.
And consequently I wish to ask for you the help with money for a trip to you.
I wish to know, whether you will help me with money for a trip?
I already spoke at myself in library with the heads.
And to me have given holiday which begins in a week!
So I can arrive to you at this time, of course, if you want it road Nikolai.
But think, whether you are ready Nikolai to help me with money?
I will wait for your answer.
I will be very glad to learn, if you agree to me to help with money.
Then I will try to arrive to you, as soon as possible, I think, you will be glad to it.

Successful to you of day Nikolai! With love yours Alina! I like you Nikolai!

Letter 2

my love Panagiotis!!!!!
I am very happy to see your beautiful and warm letter!
Your letters warm to me heart!
Panagiotis, it it is very pleasant to know mine, that someone in this world likes you on the present!
I feel the happiest!
I like you Panagiotis, you for me the most expensive person in this world.
I do not represent the future life without you.
I as wish to make you the happiest, I as wish to give you all love!!!
I wish to give you a lot of caress, I wish to caress your body, I wish to be yours as soon as possible, I wish to be your wife for ever.
I want that we had beautiful children, I wish to care of you...
My dear you asked as I will reach from Yransk Moscow! My dear it is very long and heavy way!! In the beginning I should embus in the city and to go on a train in Shahunia, then from Shahunia I go by train to Nizhni Novgorod, and then already from Nizhni Novgorod I go to Moscow, only already by other train!! It is very long way but me already that does not hold, I wish on to arrive faster to you!
Mine Panagiotis, it is necessary to you my address, here he:
Alina Panaeva city Yransk Lenin's street 23-15
I so am glad that do such big step to our meeting, I so am glad that soon I will arrive to you!!
Mine Panagiotis, I very much want that our meeting was carried out as soon as possible.
I cannot wait more, I wish to be with you.
I very much worry and I will wait for your letter.
With love, yours Alina

Letter 3

My love Panagiotis,
I the happiest woman on light, I so am happy to see your letter full of tenderness and love!!!
I am very glad that very soon we will together!!!
We had to sustain with you this difficult time and we have coped with it!!!
We could sustain with you all difficulties and ahead of us the happy life where we will bathe in our love waits and
To care!!!
My gentle knight I was very glad that I am fast I can with you, this my most important desire!!!
We will spend together a lot of time, we will love each other!!!
This such happiness to like and be liked!!!
Mine Panagiotis, from Yransk to Moscow it is a lot of 14 hours, but other way is not present!! As I all the same should go to Moscow in embassy, I should to them present a heap of documents, therefore I should live 5 days in Moscow!! One thought on it overflows me with huge pleasure!!! One thought that we soon will with you together!! My darling if I now had this money I would go today to Moscow, and in 6 days we would be with you already in a place!! My dear you can carry out it!! You can make so that I have begun today the way to you?? My dear I think that 2000$ is all sum which to me to be necessary to arrive to you!!
We so long waited for our meeting and we deserve happiness!!!
My knight, I will expect your letter with impatience!!!
I finish the letter, I send to you much many gentle kisses to your sweet lips, I like you!!!
Your princess Alina