Scam letter(s) from Anna Orehova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Salut Patrice!!!
Merci pour votre lettre. Je suis tres contente que vous m'avez ecrit.
Je veux vous dire quelque chose sur moi directement dans cette lettre.
M'appellent Anna. Je vis dans la Russie. Dans le bourg Savino.
Cela - approximativement 750 km de Moscou. Ma hauteur fait 165 voir
Je n'ai pas d'enfants. je suis feminine et tendre dans mon coeur.
Me plaisent le confort domestique, la chaleur et le calme sous la relation familiale.
Je suis nee le 23 aout a 1983.
A 1999 moi est sorti de l'ecole. J'en etudiant 5 ans est sorti de l'universite.
J'ai etudie la langue Anglaise et la langue Francaise a l'universite.
Je travaille comme l'infirmiere, puisqu'il est difficile de trouver le travail de ma specialite.
J'ecris de ma meilleure amie, l'ordinateur de la maison.
Ecrivez me plus sur vous.
Que vous fait on aime ? Vous avez recu la famille ?
Quel votre travail ? Vous aimez la nature ?
Vous avez les animaux domestiques ? Vous pouvez envoyer les tableaux ?
J'attends votre lettre. Anna.
Letter 2
Hello Patrice! I am really happy, that I have received your letter. I am very glad that you do not ignore my letters.I like to have a rest by the nature.Also I like pets. I have a cat, its name - Murka. When I come home from work, I sit, my cat on lays on a sofa and waits for me. I very much like to listen to music. You hear what music? I like to hear classical music, reggy, soul, the population But the music choice depends on mood. I like to spend time on kitchen also where I do experiments with new dishes. I like to prepare the Russian dishes most of all. You ever ate Russian borsh, pelmeni, pancakes with honey? How you had a rest this summer? In the person it is important for me after features: Its kind warm and romantic soul, age or distinction of a nationality are not important for me. I am interested in that in its heart. I require the best friend and the devoted partner to whom I will devote the life and to love.I search for the intellectual and strong person Who in a condition to protect and support its beloved and to be the devoted partner for it. I search for the person who does not drink, and does not offend the woman. I wish to construct a strong and loving family. You, apparently, the intellectual and interesting person from the letter so, please tellIt is more than me about you it is direct, you loves and does not love, interests, expectations, desires. I would like to know more about you. For me it is really important to have idea of the person I am going to correspond and construct relations.I wait for your letter. Anna.
Letter 3
Hello Patrice!!!!
How you?
I am happy, that I have received your letter.
I wish to tell to you that I love and that I do not love.
It is pleasant to me, when people are frank to me.
I hate lie. And I think, that people cannot make happiness on lie.
I think, that you think so also. It is not pleasant to me, when in my house the
Also I do not like lazy people. I was born in the country
And when I have arrived to a city, I do not remain lazier.
Though in a city not that in a city and work about the house it is less.
But I always find what to make (erase, prepare …).
It is very pleasant, when my friends come to me and feel convenient.
In Russia people speak: "If in your house all is good all well in your soul".
I think, that the core in the person - beauty of soul, a private condition.
If you love, and you are favourite this happiness.
But not all the day it is borrowed with work,
I always have time to have rest, to read some book.
I have read the love novel now. I like to read novels.
When I read, I am shipped in plot.
Sometimes I sometimes shout, I laugh with heroes.
Also what you read now? I look forward to hearing from you. Anna.
Letter 4
Hello Patrice! I to see very glad again your letter.
I wish to have a strong family with the favourite person and children.
I cannot believe, that the person so remarkable as you ever wrote to me, but I Very happy, that you have made. I really hope, that we can continue to write
each other.
Last night I have arrived to the friends.
They were happy to see me very much.
I was glad to meet my friends also.
Then I and my friend have made a supper, and we have eaten together.
We spoke much. When the supper has ended I and the girlfriend have gone on street, sat on a bench and spoke during long time.
We have understood each other.
I did not see it during long time, and she has told to me much from the new.
Today I have early both have arrived to a city and have gone to work.
I work the nurse in hospital.
After work I have arrived to the girlfriend.
Now I write the letter to you.
I will soon go home.
I think, that it is all.
I will look forward to hearing from you.

Letter 5

Hello my dear!!!!
How you? How your mood?
I wish to be frank with you.
I want, that you knew, that I like to communicate to you.
I hoping, that you - frank honour to me.
I write to you, and I cannot is live, that we could to find each other on distance of thousand miles.
We live on the various ends of the world, but we have an Internet to communicate.
I often see dreams, that we together go in park under the moon and stars,
As we are fixed about fire and we tell each other amusing histories.
We laugh loudly and we address to eyes each other as, only we live in this world.
You can think, that it is silly, and you can laugh.
But I think, that you will understand me and will not laugh over me.
But every morning the dream comes to an end also the daily newspaper
The life has begun, with not the semiliar to dreams with I see.
I work in hospital with adults.
I should go to work again where I become tired.
On it I finish the letter. Anna.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Patrice!!!
I am glad to see your letter.
I think, which we know very much about each other.
But there are things which we can tell not all.
I think, that you have something, it, that you cannot tell to anybody.
I wish to tell to you why I find the person in the Internet. You can wish to know it.
In my life there was a person.
But it was not for this purpose, as our acquaintance.
It could tell to me lie. He/she is the person, there was a person whom I wanted to the married.
But time has given to me to understand, that it not the second part of my life.
I do not meet to men within two years.
I have been assured, it was not present a place for the person at my life.
I have understood, that I demand the person who will love me with whom I can inform pleasure and trouble.
I think, that I did not do an error this time.
I will wait for your letters. Anna.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Patrice!!!!
How you? How your mood?
I am very happy to receive your letter.
A lot of prophetic in my life has changed, as I got acquainted to you.
My friends have started to say to me, that I have changed, have started to smile to a thicket,
In my opinion there is more than passion also wishes to live.
At this moment is cold in the street, but even bad weather cannot spoil my mood. Every day I wait for news from you.
Who could think, that our destinies will be crossed.
You ever thought, what there would be if we live in one country?
I think, that I can is live you.
Also I think, that you are a good person, and you can give much
From an emotional heat and tenderness to the person.
I do not understand that I would be to do during this moment of a life if I did not get acquainted to you, but I am assured, that I would not meet as the person as you in Russia.
I will wait for you the letter.
Kiss you. Anna.
Letter 8
Hello my love Patrice!!!
To me very pleasantly your letter.
The god has given me one of its best angels!!!
Hope, that you always feel, as you do now about me I wish to be your unique person and you to be my unique person
I have all your letters here and pictures which I fire, always hold close to me. Please tell to me more that you dream that we did together.
I would like to know.
Only know it.
You with me every second hour both each o'clock in the afternoon and everyone
Day of month and every month year also happens so, that a way from now on while you want me,
You have made me very happy and proud person today My dear Thanks so.
It became firmer and firmer because I cannot see you, hear you, I cannot touch you.
It - so pity, that we not birds.
We do not have wings to depart to each other.
XXXX distance would mean nothing for us.
We can meet in any point in the world.
And to depart together to stars.
I think much of you and our relations.
I do not know, that it can love.
But I know, that you are a best man whom I ever met.
But I wish to know opinion.
Tell to me about your relations.
What does, has fallen to me?
Whether I am valid is expensive to you?
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Kiss you. Anna.
Letter 9
Hello my love Patrice!
How you? How your mood?
My most sweet dream of us. I hope, that you love it: night, a ladder
Are in the sky, we are one in a room, we include music and
Dance slowly. I study your eyes, they are so deep, and you look
Mine, they are full of emotions. I see your lips, so soft, and I want
To kiss them. Our bodies merge in a homogeneous rhythm. We love everyone another
And minute - eternity. We have *** till the morning. Then I prepare
Very tasty dinner and we sit at a table, you speak to me
News, about your work and I only listen to you. I do not require
Something else. I only enjoy the moments which I spend with you Patrice. Then we go
To a drawing room to a room and a place about fire. We sit on a sofa,
Embrace and kiss. I think, that it dreams, real will be fast.
Expectation to your letter.
My love I very much want our meeting. I very much do not have you my love.
Tomorrow I will go to travel agency and I learn cost of registration of my documents to your country.
On it I finish my letter.
With love Anna.
Letter 10
Hello my love Partice!!!!
I am very glad that you write to me, I am very happy, that I have found such lovely person as you, you very lovely and fine, I very much would wish to be with you both to get a family and to have children. I thank the god that it has connected us, I did not meet such person as you, I would be very glad to arrive to you.
I very much wish to tell to you Partice, you not against I have very much grown fond of you and I speak to you that I very much love you. I am very strong to you have got used I am afraid of you to lose, I not when did not meet such fair and sincere person as you. I have grown fond of you and I wish to be with you.
To breathe with you and to kiss you.
The darling Partice I very much would wish to be with you, to throw the arms round your a neck and strong to kiss you would like it???
My dear unfortunately I do not have photo with a miniskirt, I hope that you will be afflicted in it. My love you do not like photos which I to you already sent??
I do not understand...
All my thoughts only about you and about ours with you a fast meeting!! I with huge impatience wait ours with you a meeting!!!!! I hope that soon I can to see you my love Partice!!!
I very much wish to be with you, I sit every evening at a window and I think of you. And all time I cry. I do not know simply. My heart and soul to be torn to you. And I wish to be with you, but all time I reflect on that as I can arrive.
Road Partice I think that you can help me with arrival to you, I so have strongly grown fond of you and I do not wish to lose, you such lovely and courageous, I very much wish to be with you.
My love I hope that already on the next week you can help me and I can start registration of all my necessary documents for arrival to you my love Partice!!!!
In travel agency to me have told that if your young man lives in other country and wishes to help you it is better to you to take advantage Western Union, these are faster and reliable remittances and so to me have explained I not as on another I can not receive money what to start to do documents. Then I have gone to Bank, the manager of bank has advised to us to use with you the American company the express train of transfers «Western Union».
Also has assured, that this campaign the most effective and successful in system the express train transfer money. To carry out transfer money, to you my full Name and the Surname is necessary to know. And as my country and my republic. My Name - Anna.
My Surname - Orehova.
The country - Russia.
Republic - Mari-El. And I should know almost the same, only it is little bit more. Your full Name, a Surname, the full address, and the sum transfer money. And as 10 control number transfer money. These data you will send to me.
Having received transfer money. And I will break at once to gathering of a package of documents. I very much tried to confuse nothing. The kid I look forward your letter. And today again I will dream of our meeting to a kiss strong, yours Anna.
Letter 11
Hello my love Patrice!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I looked forward it, and now I am happy, to read it.
How at you business? How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had remarkable time.
My girlfriend sends you huge regards. It is happy for us with you.
My angel I am very happy, that you in my life and in my destiny. I try to find suitable words which will help me to express all depth of feelings to you, the darling. But likely such words simply yet have not thought up. The most beautiful, sincere and gentle words of all languages of the world will be insufficiently. But Patrice you after all and itself know as roads to me. I do not represent the life without you Patrice. You and only you in my heart, and in my dreams!!!
My love Patrice I is glad that already on the next week you can help with my trip. It is really huge pleasure for me. Now I will give you my full address as
you and asked.
Here my full information:
My name: Anna
My surname: Orehova
My country: Russia
My republic: Mari El
My settlement: Savino
Street: Komsomolskya 5-13
Index: 424000
I hope that this information to you will be sufficient.
My dear at sending of money please do not specify my settlement Savino as I cannot receive money because in my settlement there is no branch western union.
To me have informed that at sending of money you will be specified enough only by my full name, a surname, the country and republic and then I can receive your money safely! I hope that already soon I can start registration of all my necessary documents!!
Thanks, that you are! Thanks to you Patrice, I have learnt that surprising feeling-love! You are necessary to me only, such opened, gentle, and the lovely person. You the person most necessary to me. For me you always will remain the most remarkable man from whom heart fights as mad, and the mind is lost at all.
I LOVE YOU PATRICE!!! I wait for everyone our meeting. Your good mood is transferred also to me. As it is fine - for LOVING! And I, here, Love you Patrice. I love. Probably, also, as you I will not grow fond of anybody. You person expensive to me on the earth. I will repeat: I LOVE YOU PATRICE!!!! I wish to be engaged with you love. We with you will be the first night the finest, the most romantic, the most passionate.
Favourite mine Patrice, on it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience will wait from you the letter.
I love, I miss, I will gently and passionately kiss you.
Yours Anna.
Letter 12
Hello my love Patrice!!!
I to see glad again your letter. I so have become bored of you, I wish to be a number, to embrace and kiss, I wish to enjoy you when we will meet you.
You know for a long time all about all my feelings and about my love to you, you became all in my life, without you I do not represent further my coexistence. I want, that you knew, that I very much love you, you expensive to me in the world the person! I never will give you, I will give to nobody, I never will forget you. I am glad, that you at me are Patrice. You to me bring which strange feelings I earlier never tested and I can not describe them, I can tell only, that it is all together fear, a pain, pleasure, emptiness. I very much love you, I do not see you, but I love all only more strongly. And today you have dreamt me. And I at all did not wish to wake up, I had a dream where we with you together, you there gave me flowers, you kissed, loved me. It was the finest dream in my life. I cannot without you, I can not live without you. I very strongly love you Patrice. You for me everything, all my life it you, only for you I live and only for you I am ready to make all. You unique on light. I ADORE YOU PATRICE!
My love 440 euros for official registration of papers are necessary for me.
I am madly glad that you can to help me tomorrow. As soon as I will receive your money I at once I will begin official registration of papers.
I am happy that we soon will together and I can take you for a hand and embrace you my love!
Yours during a century Anna.
Letter 13
Hello my love Patrice!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I looked forward it, and now I am happy, to read it.
My girlfriend sends you huge regards. It is glad for us with you. I'm fine, weather at us today the fine.
My love to me not far to go to bank where there is a branch western union. The branch western union is in the nearest city to which to me to go about 5 kilometres. It will be not difficult to me to go there. As soon as I will receive money, I will go at once to travel agency and I will begin registration of my documents. I wish to arrive as soon as possible to you to show you all my love and care.
YOU the most remarkable person on the earth and I love you Patrice!!!! I always will be with you, I love you Patrice. You constantly happen in my dreams, and I would not like to wake up at all. When I went to bed I thought of you, I dreamt of us with you as we make love to you as we with you live together. And the dream has dreamt me. In this dream I saw the airport, I flied to you, and you met me at the airport. It was a fine dream, I so would not like to wake up. I very strongly wish to see you, to be with you, and as soon as possible. I do not have not enough you, I wish to be with you, and only with you. More nobody is necessary to me, you are necessary to me, and only you. I very strongly love you Patrice, I cannot live without you. Since I have learnt you, I have very much grown fond of you. I also had earlier no representation about such strong love.
I do not have not enough you, your tenderness, care, love. And I am happy, that we can soon meet you, and for ever to be together, and to us nobody will prevent to love each other.
My love Patrice as you also asked I send in the letter my photo.
On it I finish the letter, I with impatience will wait from you for the letter.
Write to me.
I love, I miss, gently and passionately whole you.
Yours Anna.
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