Scam letter(s) from Julia Brinko to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
My darling I too on you miss!!!! And very much I miss. I would like to meet you and as soon as possible. I could arrive to you, but I do not have money to arrive to you. I wish to explain to you why I cannot arrive to you. Simply at me the small salary 125euro. And this money suffices only on that to live, and to pay for apartment and on that to buy a foodstuff.
I wished to tell, that if I had money I would arrive to you so strongly to me my darling would be desirable to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!! But, much to our regret, when I learnt in travel company, the prices that I could arrive to you. To me have told, that if I did not travel, I should make documents and the visa!!! I wish to tell to you, that I was not in other countries earlier and that I should make documents and if you can help me I will be glad.. As to me have told the full sum which is necessary for official registration of papers. It makes 500euro.
I hope that you have understood me and I again to repeat to you. That I do not have passport and visas and that to me have told, that will make them for 3-4 days. And if you help me, I can arrive to you as soon as I will make documents. I so miss on you and I wait ours with you a meeting!!!! I hope for you and only on you. As only you my darling can help to arrive to me to you!!!!!!
As I send to you the data of which you can take advantage that you could help me. My name is YULIYA. My surname BRINKO. And my city - ZVENIGOVO. I wish to take an interest at you as you can send me money quickly. As I know, that in my city there is a system of remittances WESTERN UNION. And if you can help me I can arrive to you very soon!!!! And we at last will meet you!!!! I so wait for ours with you of a meeting!!!! And I very much hesitate to ask your help as I have not got used to ask money. But for me this sum is huge also can help nobody to me, except you!!!! I send you one million the most sweet kisses!!!!!
Your love YULIYA!!!!!!!!
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