Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Pawel (England)

Letter 1
Hello my interesting Pawel! Thank you very much for your letter and very nice picture, I was very glad to receive it from you ?
How is your mood? I hope, that my letter will amuse you and will make little bit happy.
You know, I like to communicate with you. Do you agree with me? I am very happy, that I talk with you on any themes. Of corse I've many friends with whom I can talk about everything, but it's not the same, I dream to have by my side, the only one, whom I could love, treat and take care of and whom I could trust and rely on in everything.
I'm really very glad that I've you - vey nice friend and I want to tell you that my attitude to you is very serious. I think, that from friendship to love one step!
Also there are cases when one person falls in love with another very quickly is the love at first sight is called.
Do you believe in love at first sight. I will tell you my opinion, it seems to me, that it is silly, because to grow fond of the person some time interval is required!
The love arises between people when two hearts guess each other when them draws to each other improbable force! It cannot be at once, time for this purpose is required!
May I ask you one question? I wish to ask you why you have decided to communicate with me and what your first impression was about me? It is very interesting to me to know about it.
I also wish to tell to you my first impression about you! When I wrote you the first letter many times I erased many offers and wrote them again. I read the text many times that it was without errors... Smile but I wished to make a good impression on you..
I waited for your first answer with huge impatience and thus very much worried, I after all did not know what there will be your answer. I hoped for the best and thought that I will interest you! I was visited often by thought: "That will be if I do not like you?"
I thought all the time, that I can not make upon you good impression, but now I see, that it is very pleasant to communicate with you. You became really very interesting for me and with every letter I want to learn more and more about you.
I wish to send you the photos and to finish this letter.
I'm looking forward to learn more about you
Best regards
Letter 2
Hello, Pawel! I am so glad to receive a letter from you again! Thank you very much!
How are you? Haw was your day today? I'm really very glad that we're interested in each other, because I find you to be very interesting and nice person and I'd like to know as much as possible about you.
I want to know your wishes, dreams, goals, plans for future.
My only dream is to love and to be loved! As I was deceived once in my life. I don't want to repeat my mistake once more! I loved one man for four years. I thought we were happy (it was my opinion) and we even were going to get married. But he betrayed me! Once I was walking with my friend and we were passing by cafe. Suddenly I saw my boyfriend sitting at the table with other girl, they embraced tenderly.
They didn't see me and he kissed her. I was so shocked seeing it!
My heart was full of pain that moment! I couldn't even imagine that he could do like that! It has appeared he didn't love me as I thought!
I was so upset! Of course I left him at once. I was in great depression for a long time.
I didn't want to believe any man for some time but now I think I am ready for new relations. I want to trust you! And I want you to understand me!
As I don't want to be disappointed in you!
I am eager to be happy with you in future! I want to know if your attitude to me is the same. I'm family oriented and I want to have children. I want to live in cozy house with my beloved man, to wait him from his work, to kiss him and say him how much I missed him all the day, then to have dinner together, I really need all these simple things. I hope you believe me and are interested in me too!
Because I really want to continue our communication and I hope we will meet with you one day!
Who knows, may be one day our friendship will turn in something very special?
I think time will show.
Tell me about your ex relations, please! And why did they end? But if you don't want to talk about this, it's ok, I'll understand. I'm looking forward to hera from you as soon as possible.
My best regards
Best regards
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