Scam letter(s) from Polina Voronina to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1
Hello again! Dear, I am very glad to be here again and to continue our communication! Thank you for your letter which was very interesting to read as it allows me to get to know you better and to understand who you are. it's very important for our relations now as it's not so easy to build something being so far from each other, that's why I think we should be totally honest with every our letter! Well, today i would like to tell you more about my native town...actually, it's not native as i was born in Kirovograd, but then my father found another job and we moved to Kozova, to the west of Ukraine where we live already half in year. I still can't get used to this town as a lot of friends stayed there, in's not very easy for me, but all my spare time I dedicate to my work(as you remember, I work at school with small children). May be that is why I decided to go to the internet in hope to find my soul mate who can support and understand. I don't like parties as you know and I don't have where to make friendship with people...and i think it's much easily to use the internet. By the way, I don't have it at home and I am writing to you from the internet cafe and sometimes from the school. By the way, I work there as a teacher of English.:) Please, could you tell me more about the town you live in...and also, about your friends, how do you like to spend free time and so on... With best regards,
Letter 2
Hi, my honey! how are you today? glad to be with you again! and you? Thanks for the wonderful as always letter! i am glad to become a small part of your life, your thoughts...i am very excited with every your letter and I feel how we move forward! it's just a pity that we can communicate only with a help of letters as i would like to get to know you better and better! I have found out about chatting programs in this internet cafe and unfortunately they don't sue such...they told me that it's not wide spread now in our town and nobody ask them for that, that is why they are not going to make an exception for me...I thought it would be great to speak on phone and to hear your voice...Unfortunately I don't have my own phone at the moment. I know that I need it very much, but I can't afford buying it now, so I have to save a little bit. You know, I am not a kid anymore and my parents don't have to help me as I have to take care of myself. Unfortunately my payment of a teacher doesn't allow it now. But I understand that for us it's very important to be closer to each other. And I have found a solution! you see, one woman I work with(she is a teacher of English also and she is elder than me(35years old) told me that she will be very glad to help me to arrange my private life:). So, well, what I am trying to tell you, is that she gave me her number to give you! she knows how excited I am about our meeting in the internet and she told me that you can call me to this number. I work since 8 till 5p.m. You can call any time and ask for me. We work in a same room and she will gladly give me a phone. By the way, her name is Marina Vasiljevna:). And here is her number you can reach me at:
.Hope to hear from you soon!!! You wrote me so many interesting questions and have to admit that there is a lot to discuss about them, so i thought it would be better to speak about it on will be easily and it will be live conversation. I think it would be better. If you are not agree, tell me, i will do my best to answer your questions in a letter! Yours sincerely,
Letter 3
Hi, dear!!!!!! How are you there? sorry for meanwhile silence! I had problems with my mail-box, which are solved already and i have a new one address. Here it is: Please, write me soon! I missed you!!!
Letter 4
Hi, sweetie!!!! it's me! i am here, in your mail box again:) hope you are glad! I am sitting in the internet cafe and typing a new letter to you trying to put my soul in you know why? because I really want the distance not to be a problem for us and we feel that we are close to each other...Why should it be problem? we are honest with each other, we share our lives with each others...the only one thing we don't see each other, but we have photos which can tell a lot about person i think. Thank you for being in my life!!!! really! thank you! you became very special for me and I even didn't noticed when. I just feel that I think more and more about you. You are part of my life now! Can you imagine?:) Ok, today i don't want to be boring for you:) I just wanted to say hello! i am waiting for your hello now!:) Miss you! yours faithfully,
Letter 5

Hi, wonderful man!!! Thanks for a new letter! It's never boring for me, honey! I missed it and missed your thoughts! You know, i miss you all the time since we met as i want to communicate more and more with you! I wonder do you feel the same? what are your thoughts about me?...what are your plans for future? Anyway, there are still a lot of things for us to talk about, right? For example i didn't tell you about my hobbies. So well, my first hobby is writing poems. My first poem I wrote when I was 8 years old and my parents told me that it was great. I still have it and I started writing down all my poems to the notebook. I have already three such notebooks now:). I really enjoy the process of writing. I don't know how to explain you this feeling, but it's really great when you create something, when you put soul in words which are senseless when they are alone, but mean a lot when they are together...I have a project to try writing in English as i know it not bad and who knows, may be it will be great!
what else do i like? Well, I like nature very much as it's a great inspire:) I like being outdoors, i like mountains a lot, i like everything as i think every nature is special and beautiful. I like animals very much, especially dogs for their loyalty and intelligence. I like to read good books. Good book is the one for me which touches my soul, no matter is this a classical book or modern. I like to listen to good music...the same as with books:) I like to communicate with good people! So, i like you a lot!:) thanks for your kind attention! I like to receive new letter from you every day!:) so, i am waiting!:)
Send you a small kiss if you allow:) Sincerely,
Letter 6
Hi, my angel! here is a new tiny part of a mind and soul from Ukraine:) Here i am, writing to you again! hope you are happy with this fact:) Of course i would like to speak with you directly one to one, but meanwhile..
meanwhile i am happy with your wonderful letter! I am sorry about your illness! Yes, i would really like to be by you to help you in such situation.. I never thought before that it's possible to have such wonderful relations with somebody you have never seen before, somebody, who seems to me unreal because he is too good, clever, kind for this life. There are so many people around me, very different...interesting and not really, but all of them are special. I can't tell that there are bad or good people. They are just different and everybody has it's own truth! Am i right? For example, for me, the right person is who has a kind heart, who is open minded, who is smart and with a good sense of humor. For somebody it can be not right, not interesting...That is why i believe that every person has it's second half and day after day it seems to me more and more that you are my second half! please, don't smile! I am very serious! and I am very surprised with such thoughts in my mind, but I promised you to be sincere and I just tell you what i feel. I feel that you are right for me! I feel that you are mine! And in spite of that i don't know what future is waiting for us, I am very happy to met you here, in the internet as I never believed it will be possible... Thank you for your being in this Earth! Thank you for finding a right time and day to come to the dating site and to find me here:) I miss you!!!!!
Letter 7
Hi, my sweet sunshine!!!! How are you there, my angel? I am thrilled with your new letter and with all your warm words!!! Thank you, honey! and it was interesting as always! I am so sorry you are sick and i wish i was with you to take care of you...I am really sorry about your illness and hope nurses give you a good treatment! Honey, today i am in rush to tell you good news! you see, yesterday i had a talk with my family. We gathered in the evening as we have such tradition to gather all the family and to discuss how is everything going on, to help each other with advices and so on. For me, it's very good tradition cause it's very important to have an understanding and support in a family. So, we had a dinner all together, I prepared very tasty potato with a meat, and several different salads. They were very good, by the way! do you know why? Because i was thinking about you and was imagine that I am preparing it for you:) You see, you help me even in my every day life even when you are so far!:). So, well, we had a dinner with my family...My father has problems at work now...You see, he is in great debts now as he took a credit in a bank for this house where we live now, and it's a little bit hard for him to pay as per cents are really high, and now he has problems at work. He worrying a lot as if he stay without work i don't know what will we do...I was sitting silent...and then...I just felt that i need to share my happiness with them, to tell somebody about us and about our wonderful relations! And i told them about you and so on...everything! I told them how wonderful person i man and so on...they had different opinions about that. My mother didn't like this as she thinks that real relations should be only in a real life! My father wouldn't mind about us, but he told that you still have to prove that you worth his daughter:) As for my elder sister, she told me that we should definitely meet in person...I don't know, honey...I think she is right. What we are waiting for? I like you a lot, i have wonderful feelings to you and frankly speaking i am afraid of losing what i had as distance is not the best helper in relations i think:) So, honey, what do you think about such thing as meeting in person? If you want, I can come to you! Why not? i've never been abroad and it will be great experience for me! I am eager to see the way you live, to meet your relatives and friends and so on...I am very interested in this? and what do you want, sweetie? I am so excited with this thought that i couldn't sleep all nigh. It would be really amazing to come to meet you in person!!! Wow! I hope you like this idea!!!!
I can't wait to get a letter from you with an answer!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!
Letter 8
Hi, my love! You are my life! you are my new life and I am sure in it! Sweetie, you made me so happy with your answer! of course you want to see me, how could be otherwise?:) I felt that you are for me from your first letters and with every day i am becoming more and more sure that I made a right choice! There are so many things you should show me there!!! I want to see everything! I want to breath the same air that you used to breath, honey! As we are two halves of one unit! right? thank you for giving me such a chance to be with you, my angel! I won't miss it! So, i will find out what i need to come to you and then will let you know! I figure on your help with this trip. I feel myself so small and so big girl at the same time:))) You know, i have never been abroad and I am a little bit frightened:) And very, very excited!!! As so many amazing feelings are waiting for me soon! My first flight, my first meeting with you, our first night....Oh, honey, let the time go faster!!!! anyway, here is all the information you asked: Polina Voronina
Kozova town
Ternopislka region
Biletskogo street 13\28 As for the phone number, i gave you my friend's one as i don't have my own, so it's my contact number for a while...Ok, sweetie?
Please, write me more! stay with me! you are always in my heart! Faithfully yours,
Letter 9
Hi, my bright angel!!!! how are you there? how do you feel? how do you sleep? how is your mood? how is your health? pleas,e tell me! I need to know everything!!!:) As for me, i can't eat and sleep. can't do anything! I am so excited, so thrilled with our meeting that it's the only one thing which disturb me now! I go to bed and can't close me eyes. So i lie with open eyes, trying to see you through kilometers! I need your eyes, your smile, i need your warmth! only this can make me happy! only you!!! Sweetie, i of course I have found out about the possibility to come to you! I was in OVIR this morning. My mother told me where to go and what to ask:). So, here i have found out about my international passport as i don't have it and i need to arrange it soon. Unfortunately news weren't very good as i was told that first i have to gather all the papers(police report and so on), to bring them and they will tell me a date when I will be scanned for the photo in passport, and only after that i will have to wait more 2-3 month(they don't know for sure) to get the passport. Frankly speaking i didn't like this idea. You know, it's really hard to gather all the documents by myself as everywhere are huge queue!!! In OVIR I spend 4 hours in a queue today! Can't you imagine? I hate this! But what is good that being in a queue today i have found out that it's possible to arrange all the travel with a help of travel agency as it will be faster and easier...And i already visited it! Yes! I made a lot of things during one day:) I am very tired now, but pleased! Because i found out there that they can organize all the trip to you in short terms! I was very happy as i know that for both of us it's very important as we are in love and that's why impatient:))) So, well, they can organize the passport for $200(will be ready in 7days!), and visa for $250(will take a little bit more time, but the main is to make a passport, then they will be able to help with a visa as they deal with all the embassies over the world and they gave me a guarantee that with a help of their travel agency i will be with you soon:). They told me that they happy to help two loving hearts to be together! They were so nice!! they really cheered me up!:) Honey, by the way, I took their contact information. Here is their e-mail address they told me you can contact them: If you need anything more, let me know! But anyway, now you have their address and I think you can clear out everything by yourself. Also, what i wanted to write you...I didn't know how to let you know, but i don't want to lie, so i have to tell you...You see, when I came to the internet i didn't think that i will find somebody so loving, so wonderful, so amazing to decide to travel to him! But i found you! And now...Have to tell you that i can't afford this travelling by myself. I don't earn a lot and as for my savings, I have only 45$ which i wanted to spend for the mobile phone one day...So, think about this situation and let me know what do you think. Sweetie, i see that this my letter is very long, but it's very important! I don't want to miss a thing. I want everything to be in order! I don't want to bother you a lot with my travelling problems, but i have to.:) I am glad you understand!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe we will be together soon!!! will we?... Yours faithfully,
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