Scam Letter(s) from Joyce Kuzagbe to Greg (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear Sir,
we the management of Sunset Travel And Tours have finish with the traveling documents of Miss Joyce Kuzagbe.
Our elient has been issued with a valid passport and a six months visa which is renewable when she gets to the United States of American.With that same Visa she can get residence permit permanently when she marries.
To finalise everthing for her travel,she will need to book a cheap and convinient airlines to the United States.With this,we ve gotten a good deal for her and she can get extra luggage space.She will nedd Thousand Two Hundred U.S.Dollars($1,200)to be able to aboard a flight anytime convenient to her.
We will look forward to you sending the funds for the flight to be booked as soon as possible.We will adivse,the earlier the better since Chrismas season is around the corner and getting affordable deals migth be difficult.
Thank you for yourcoperation.looking forward to establishling business contact with you.
Yours faithfully,
Kofi Tsortorme,CEO.



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