Scam Letter(s) from Vivian Tracy Mensah to Dwayne (USA)

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Letter 1

There have been lots of tears and so much laughter between us. I feel closer to you than anyone else. longing to be the one in your arms. I've been there for you when every one of your relationships fell apart. You listened and cried with me when we found out about the cancer and you stood by my side through all of it. Now is the time to tell you that the waiting is over.

The love you so desperately seek is here in my arms. You've often asked why I'm not interested in any of the men who hit on me. I've always told you they weren't the one for me. Now I'm telling you that you are the one for me. You?re the one I dream about. No one can make me laugh like you, even when I'm knee deep in tears. The reason I've been alone for years,I've been waiting for you to see the love in my eyes that's only for you. I'll wait forever if that?s how long it takes. I need you. I miss you when you?re gone, and I hurt when you?re sad. I love you, Dwayne, for everything you are.

this is my full name and adds,,,,,



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