Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Lyamina to P. (Canada)
Letter 1
Hi my darling
Thanks for the remarkable letter
You know. I wait it every day with impatience
I with trembling go on date with you to the Internet-cafe
You really do happy me
Thank you very much
And I am happy to know, that our feelings are mutual
Now I shall answer all your questions in your letters
my love ! Do not worry about money
I shall return them to you
As soon as I shall receive the visa... They are necessary for reception of the visa
The embassy should be convinced, that I am solvent
Otherwise they will not give me the visa
And I do not want to lead the whole year far from you
We have good chance for a meeting now
Yes, I am happy to hear, that you will have a vacation too
It is remarkable :-)
Thanks for your information
I think, that it is enough
Concerning money
I think, that usd is better
Forgive I could not write to you to Saturday
I have been occupied all the day long by affairs of my granny
She has recovered, but she should pass inspection
That everything is OK
And I called on Saturday
You have not answered
I am happy, that we could talk yesterday
Only I do not know how to call you collect :-(
My plans?! :-)
I want to receive the visa and at once to fly to you
I want our meeting and to take all a vacation together with you
And if it is possible will remain with you for ever maybe you will marry me
These are good plans?
I want, that you have sent money more quickly
That I have started to make the visa
As soon as you will send money
I at once shall start to make the visa
In 10-15 days I shall have it
And I shall depart to you
Patrick! Yes, I have mobile
I gave it in repair
But they have told what more cheaply to buy new
Concerning the address in Ioshkar Ola
You have it
I sent you it
my full name: Olga Lyamina (first name-Olga, last name-Lyamina)
post code: 424005
country: Russia
state: Mari-El republic
city: Yoshkar-Ola
street and an apartment: Mira street52 a/ya 19
i am now here
my moscow address:
post code: 123098
country: Russia
city: Moscow,
street and an apartment: Jivopisnaya street 54A-1
Yes, we should solve a problem with phone
I agree with you
Yes, I care of documents, my love
I have prepared all documents to submit them to embassy
I need only the necessary sum for travel
Without this money the embassy will not give me the visa
I hope, that I have answered all your questions
Now all depends on you
My grandmother is OK and I can go
I have an one and a half more month of vacation
Almost half of month will leave on reception of the visa
I can take the rest of the time with you
Please do not hesitate!!!
my darling ! I should tell you my sexy dreams .. I hope.. you will not take offence at it
Simply I feel necessity to tell to you about it
Ok , I begin …
We were sunbathing on some sunny island.
The sea is so beautiful and warm and we decide to swim together.
We start by kissing each other slowly and end up making love in the shallow waters.
We are lying on this most beautiful beach with the water lapping over us and it was so wonderful we both just wanted it to go on forever!!
That evening we decide to go for a romantic walk and then to a restaurant which is on the beach.
We eat the most fantastic fish with fresh salad and maybe a nice cold bottle of white wine.
Later we have numerous slow dances and keep kissing each other and telling each other ‘ I love you ’
Love, you just look incredibly handsome with a lovely sun tan-
I just can not leave you alone!!!
SO we end up going back to the hotel and I give you a nice long massage with the after sun cream.
We put on some romantic music and light the candles and we just kiss, cuddle and make love all evening!!
I send you my photo
That you have presented it better too ;-)
;-) Now you need a cold shower. :))
As always, I am thinking about you and miss you, love you and need you,
Big hugs and kisses,
I with impatience wait our meeting your loving Olga
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