Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Fomicheva to Hiroshi (Japan)
Letter 1
Hello my Friend!!
I at once would like to ask you that you have written to me, what is your name will be in English, it is good? Because I do not wish to be mistaken in a writing of your name :-)
I am very glad that you have answered me my letter and now we can continue our acquaintance. My name is Tatyana. To me of 28 years, my growth 172 and my weight 55 kg. I
I live in Russia, in city Ryuzan. It is always heavy to write it about itself but I shall try to make it. I think that I very opened, careful, romantic and loving
The girl. I have soft and not disputed character. I easily find common language with people and I have many friends.
I studied at university and have received higher education in the field of economy and now I work as the bookkeeper in small firm on manufacture and sale
Building materials. I work much but it costs that because my work is well paid. I like my work because I work with
Good people and constantly I meet new people, I take pleasure in work because it is my elements.
I have interesting enough and dynamical life now. I have family, friends, work but me there is no the most important, I do not have not enough person with
Which I would like to divide all this, I do not have no that only thing with which I would like to connect my life. I have decided to come on a site of acquaintances therefore
What is the people find second half in a network the Internet now. I heard many happy histories about other people. These people speak that
They have found each other on distance in some thousand miles and have grown fond each other. And now they are happy and live together.
I wish to find good person, high-grade partner and I wish to create family with such person. I do not wish to build the attitude and to create family In Russia
Because I always wished to leave from Russia and to improve my life because I wish to know that I and my family will be protected from the state and I
Simply I wish to have confidence of tomorrow. I have written to you because your structure has drawn my attention. In your structure there was something especial and it Has forced me to write to you.
This any feeling which was difficult for describing, it is simple sometimes the person simply trusts the instincts and makes any actions being guided Them.
.. I hope that we can continue our acquaintance and learn each other more close.
I think that it will be interesting to you to see my photos and consequently I send you them.
I shall wait your answer with impatience. Tatyana. PS do not forget to write to me your name! :-)
Letter 2
I very like your picture and I thank you. Please continue to send your pictures!
Hello, Hiroshi! How are things going with you? I am very glad that have received your letter. You have answered me again and it means that you not against to continue our acquaintance and it is very remarkable.
I can write to you only from work because I have no access to the Internet of the house.
On work I use a computer much because I work as the bookkeeper and I deal with set of papers and documents always. Sometimes I have a free time on work and at this time I can write to you the letter.
Hiroshi, for the beginning I wish to tell a little about myself and my family.
I have good family. My daddy is called Andrei, to it with 57 years. He is an architect and works in a project institute. My mum, Olga - the children's doctor, to it 54 years. I also have a senior sister, her name is Elvira, to it 32 years. It married also has two children: the daughter and the son, is my nephews. My niece is called Amina to it with 3 years. It goes to a kindergarten now. My nephew call Ruslan, to it of only 6 months and consequently my sister now does not work, because it is engaged in children now. Till a birth of children my sister worked as the manager on tourism. It very much likes its work and as soon as its children will grow, it again plans to continue the activity. Its husband call Sergei and it works as the inspector in Office of Public Prosecutor. My sister married already almost 5 years. It and its husband studied together at one school and consequently they are familiar already very much for a long time and they are happy together.
I very much love my family and my family is very important for me. They are the people most dear to me and I very much appreciate and I value my family and always I try to give more time my family.
I live separately from parents, in a separate apartment. I work each five days in a week, from Monday till Friday, but sometimes I also work on Saturdays.
At leisure I can be engaged in different things. Sometimes I meet friends, with relatives. We can descend in cafe or leave on the nature.
Also at leisure sometimes to me nothing would be desirable to remain simply at home doing.
I like sports and I try to go in for sports to be in the form of. I like navigation and skating. I go on a skating rink and to pool two times a week. I also like dances and I visit also dancing studio basically on days off.
I have hobby, a hobby. This drawing. When I went to school I went to a fine art studio and since then it remains to my hobbies. I like to draw portraits of people and landscapes. Sometimes at me it turns out not bad enough.
I like to go to cinema and I do it often enough because to look film on the big screen much more interestingly than houses. How you think? I love any comedies and historical films.
As to music I listen to different music, all depends on my mood.
I wish to tell to you, that I only know English language, and I at all do not know Japanese. And I think that your language very difficultly to learn, but probably in the future it will be possible to do it. And I think that we with you can speak in English, and well understand each other.
Hiroshi, tell to me about itself. Where you work? What your family? What do you like to do at leisure? Whether you Have any hobby? You love what music? What films? I would like to know about you as much as possible and I hope that you will help me with it?
I should go now and I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello, Hiroshi!!
It is always very fine to receive your pictures. Please continue send to me your pictures. It always decorates my day and I can represent you and your life better!
How mood? What do you do today? I am very happy to receive again your letter and I am glad that we continue our acquaintance.
Today I have woken up in very good mood. Any good dream dreamed me, I do not remember precisely what it was but I very much would not like to wake up but
Has rung out an alarm clock. I have quickly risen, have taken a shower and have made to myself a breakfast. I have left the house today before usual and I have decided to walk on foot up to
Works because weather excellent time at me was enough and besides it nearby.
As soon as I have come to office I at once have included my computer to check up mail in hope to see there your letter. To me really it is very pleasant that you write to me and I hope that and will be in the further.
Last night I went on a skating rink and I skated much! I like to go on a skating rink. Music loudly plays and it is possible to go for a drive and simply silently to dream of the . On a skating rink I am completely disconnected, I simply go and I relax. And you skate?
After a skating rink I have come home, have made to myself a supper and have watched TV it is a little.
I like to sit sometimes in front of the TV and to look something interesting but in the summer I usually I prefer to take a walk on fresh air. And in the winter or when it is raining I can look any film or show or simply news. I also like to read. I like to read books on history and books about meaning of the life.
When the book interesting to me always would be desirable to read through it more quickly and will learn what ending. I usually read in the evenings and very often I do it till late night because reading I do not notice the book as flies by time. My favourite writers it Paolo Koelyo, Haruki Murakami, Borhes and some other.
You love reading? I hope that to you interestingly that that I write. I simply wish to show you my life and to tell who I is and than I live. You to me are very interesting also to me interestingly iaoaouny with you! With each letter I learn you more increasing and more. Now we are very much far apart and we can not meet but I hope that if we shall continue our acquaintance we can sometime make it. I would like it! Now certainly early to speak about it but I think that time will show us whom we can be the friend for the friend in the future. You agree with me?
And now I here because I simply wish to find the love and happiness. I simply wish to love and be favourite because it and there is a present happiness. And I very much hope that I can make it! How you think?
Unfortunately now I should go and consequently I finish my letter.
Write to me soon. I shall wait! Tatyana. PS I have forgotten to tell to you, that in my first letter, I was mistaken, and have unintentionally sent you a photo of my girlfriend, and I have noticed it just now.
Letter 4

Hello, Hiroshi! I am very happy to read your letter and it delivers to me great pleasure! How are things going with you? How mood?
At me all is simply excellent! Mood remarkable!
You represent yesterday on road home from work I have met my girlfriend on institute. I went along the street having reflected about what that when have heard that someone
Has greeted me and when I have lifted eyes I has seen it. To tell the truth I have not learned it all over again because we did not see more than 5 years. But having got accustomed, I have understood who it. We were very amicable with it in student's years but on the termination of study it has left for other city and consequently I have lost touch with it and me
Was so pleasantly to meet it and we have decided to descend with it in cafe, to have supper together and to chat about all. We have recollected years of our study, those people which studied together with us. It has told that it has a groom and it gathers in marriage this summer. It promised to invite me to wedding as soon as they will define exact date. I am very glad for it because it the fine girl and I think that to its husband very much will carry. It has asked also about my plans for the future and I have told to it that now I am in search of that unique and favourite with which I shall want to connect my life which will be ready to present me the love, support and respect. I simply wish to be happy near to the strong person, I wish to live and be pleased lives in full sense of this word.
I want will find the person which to love me such what I is.
Can be this person there will be you, Hiroshi? My girlfriend was surprised that I still have not married because I always had many admirers, but I have told that I simply have not met the person which is really necessary to me and to which I am necessary.
I had serious attitudes twice in my life. I wish to be fair with you and consequently I do not wish to hide from you it. The first attitudes have not developed because to me has very much bothered to allow and nothing to receive in exchange. I am tired from that that it constantly exchanged me for friends, work, entertainments. I very patient person but in one fine day my patience have terminated also I simply cunningly from it. Simply to me has bothered to waste time on the person who did not aspire to lead it with me. And when I have left this person, I have understood that without it to me much better.
The second attitudes have ended one and a half year ago. It has suggested me to marry it. It was very good person, clever, tactful, close and affable, it seems loved me. All problem was in me. It did all correctly but all seemed to me that not as it is necessary. And than further our attitudes that they proceeded became worse. I was closed in myself, misunderstanding has begun, I was more and more discharged of it and once I have woken up and have understood that I simply do not love it, I do not feel to it anything. I have understood, that I do not wish to connect my life with this person and I have fairly told to it about it. I am very glad now that we in time have stopped our attitudes and have not made nonsense. We could remain with it friends and I am very glad to it.
Excuse me if I was too frank in my letter today but I simply wanted that you knew about it and I would like that you to me too have told about your last attitudes and why they have not developed. I shall be grateful to you if you will tell to me about it but I also shall understand if you will not want to mention this theme.
I shall wait your letter with impatience. Tatyana.
Letter 5
Hello, mine Hiroshi!
My mood rises instantly as soon as I see there your letter. I with impatience wait for your letters each time to learn your news. What's up? What weather now at you? I'm fine. I on work now and at me am time to write to you the letter.
I have very cheerfully lead yesterday's evening. The daughter of my sister, Amina, has wanted to go to me on a visit and after work I have gone also its visors from a kindergarten. It was so is happy because it very much likes to go to me on a visit and to walk together with me. After the Kindergarten we have gone with it to park and have driven with it on roundabouts. After that we have come into children's cafe and have eaten there ice-cream and a pizza. I by the way very much love ice-cream, especially about chocolate a syrup. You love ice-cream?
On road home we stirred with my niece and to me was very cheerful because it very amusing. Children at this age in general very direct and are confused with nothing. They always speak that that think and set many questions!
When we send home, we have looked with it a cartoon film, then I have read through to it a fairy tale and it has fallen asleep. You know, I love children and it is always pleasant to me to spend time with children both to communicate with them and to think out with them different games and entertainments. And you love children?
After my niece has fallen asleep, there has come silence and I have decided to see documents which I have taken on work. I tried to concentrate but and could not make it because I thought at all of work. I thought that in my life something has changed, I for the present cannot understand that occurs to me but I think that the reason in you. You know, there can be you to me will believe but I even more often think of you and it is pleasant to me to think of you!!. I do not know why but it is the truth. There can be it any sign?
In fact why that I have chosen you from hundreds others on a site of acquaintances. I cannot explain it because it was simple any feeling and now I am happy that have made it because it seems to me that both of us we want one and too from a life and it is remarkable!!!
And what you think in this occasion? What do you feel?
I cannot explain that yet all this means but I am certain I wish to continue our acquaintance and who knows that will be ahead! The Truth?
I think, that it is time to me to finish my letter on it. I wish you good day and fine mood! I shall think of you! Write to me. I wait your answer
With impatience! Sincerely, Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Hiroshi!!
Thanks for your letter! To me it is very pleasant that you tell to me about your life because it very interestingly and important for me. How are things going with you? How passes your day?
I work today but to tell the truth I a little that have made for a today because I cannot concentrate on work. Today I have very pensive mood. You wish to know about what I dream? I dream to see you! Yes, I already dream of it. I would like to arrive and see you because the meeting can give us much. It will help us to understand our feelings and desires. I really wish to arrive to you and I am really ready to it but I wish to know your opinion on this question. Because I think that this critical decision and we should accept it together.
You probably think that to me will be terrible to go to other absolutely unfamiliar country where I never was and I do not know anybody except for you but I wish to tell to you that I do not have fear and I really wish to arrive to you.
I understand that this very responsible and risky decision but I consider that if the person wishes to change the life, it should endow something and are not afraid because the fear prevents to find itself. Hiroshi, tell to me that you think of it?
As to my work that I can take holiday for one month and I think that this time will be enough for us to meet and learn each other. We can spend time perfectly together.
Today to me for work my girlfriend came and it has suggested me to descend at cinema. I have certainly agreed, because the good way to lead a free time and to communicate to the girlfriend. And than you plan to borrow tonight? You have any plans?
Now I should work and I shall wait your letter with impatience and please write to me that you think in occasion of our meeting.
Yours, Tatyana.
Letter 7
Greetings, Hiroshi!
How are things going with you? How passes your day? What weather at you? How your relatives and friends? Last night, when I have come from work to me my senior sister with the nephew came. We live nearby from each other and it simply walked with the child near to my house and has decided to come to me on a visit, easier to chat. You know, at us very close and warm attitudes with the sister, I always tell to it all and it too hides nothing from me, we always consult how to act with each other in this or that situation, we share the problems and pleasure.
I am very happy that I have such sister because it always understands and supports me in any situation.
Yesterday we with it had together supper also I to it has certainly told that I have got acquainted with you and that seems to me that I start to fall in love with you. I have told to my sister about you and about that that I wish to meet you in the near future. My sister was glad for me because it for a long time would like that I have met the good person that I also as it has found the happiness and that I had a family because family this main thing for any woman. It has simply advised me to not hurry up, all to consider to not regret in a consequence. It also has told that I should declare this news to other members of our family. I have agreed with it certainly and have told to it that I also wish to tell about my intentions to other members of my family.. It has told to me
That it just was going to invite parents to shish kebabs. My sister and its husband have the small house suburb and they often go there, especially in a warm season. Air there absolutely other than in city, there beside is the small river and district there very picturesque. We with my sister have solved that it is a fine case that I all have told about you in a quiet domestic surroundings. I worry because of tomorrow's conversation with my family a little but I will be well assured that all because my family really wishes me is kind and consequently it will always meet me, will try to understand and support me. I shall write to you then as will pass my conversation with my family.
You know, I began seems to me that is worse to sleep after we have got acquainted because I all time think of you. It is very difficult to write it sometimes in the letter that you feel and it is much easier to make it face to face. Can be foreordained to us to be together? I think that we can correspond any time but nothing will replace a meeting face to face.
I wish to start to do first steps to construct the happiness. Probably we shall be happy together. I seldom am mistaken in people and my feelings seldom deceive me. And now I feel that you can be the good partner for a life. I think that at all of us will turn out.
I understand that for the beginning it is necessary to learn all rules to arrive to you and to solve some formalities on work. I think that in any case it will borrow any time but when all will be behind I I think that we can spend time perfectly together. How you think?
I should go and I shall wait for your letter with impatience.. The Whole, Tatyana.
Letter 8
Hi my dear Hiroshi!
In the street fine weather. Because it is a lot of sun. How you? You waited my letter? Your letters lift my mood every day!!
I have a free time now on work and I would not like to tell to you news. As I wrote to you that I went on shish kebabs together with a soya family on a summer residence to my sister. We fried a shish kebab, drank red wine and simply pleasantly spent time. The mood at all was remarkable, we laughed, joked also I has decided to declare all my news. Everyone have been very interested and intrigued. I have told that I have met the good person on the Internet and probably it is the man of my dream with which I would like to construct my further life and to create family. I have told it what is your name, and that I wish to arrive and meet you in the near future. My parents have been a little surprised, but they have told to me that if I consider that you approach me, we necessarily should meet each other and spend any time together because it is the best way to learn each other and to understand true feelings in relation to each other. I have told to my parents that I wish to lead my holiday together with you and that in the near future I am going to learn
All rules of visiting of your country. As I also assumed my parents not against ours with you meetings, that they asked me to make the only thing, it to give all of them your coordinates that they could communicate with me when I shall far from the house. Therefore I ask you to write to me all this information, I mean your full name, your address and phones. Except for that I need to know the airport the nearest to you.
Anyway my parents approve my choice and I was very glad to hear it from my parents because their opinion important for me because I know that they are more senior and is wiser than me and understand some things better. Now I can easy go to travelling agency and learn all details to arrive to you. I shall try to learn all rules of visiting of your country as soon as possible. In any case I think that it will borrow some time to receive all documents necessary for a trip. And I think that this time will be enough that we could be prepared for our first meeting. I think that already tomorrow I shall talk concerning my rest on work though I think that I shall not have problems with it because I have one month of rest every year. I think that we should choose an optimum variant for both of us but I think that even if you cannot take holiday when I shall arrive it will not prevent to us in fact always it is possible to find a way out if there is a desire. Truly?
I already dream of you and about our meeting! I want that this day has come more quickly.
I am to be trusted that has found the person who will be a number with me while I live in this world and whatever happens. The life is fine when you divide it with that whom love. I hope that you and I can divide this life together. I feel that at all of us it to turn out and we shall never leave simply friends.
Write to me that you think of it.
I finish the letter on it and I shall write to you tomorrow again. Yours, Tatyana.
Letter 9
Hello my beloved Hiroshi!
Thanks for your letter. I am always happy to receive your letters and days when I cannot read your letters seem for me eternity. How are things going with you? How mood? What weather? I'm fine. All my family sends the regards to you. I already represent day of our first meeting when you will find me in the airport and when we shall look each other in eyes for the first time. I am very excited in occasion of our first meeting and my heart fades with these ideas.
I very much wait this day!! And you? How you represent day of our meeting? Tell to me.
Today in the morning I have talked on work concerning my holiday I can already take it this month as I and spoke you, according to the schedule of holidays of our employees. I am very happy that all goes well, anything and nobody interferes with our meeting, I think that it is very good sign and this good beginning for serious attitudes.
I shall try to learn all details of travel as soon as possible. I think that I can descend in agency of travel this week.nToday we on work will have a corporate party in occasion of birthday of our firm. We shall celebrate this event in one of the entertaining centers of our city. There there is a Good restaurant of the Japanese and European kitchen. Also we can play there in billiards and in bowling. You like bowling or billiards? I very much would want that you too were together with me on this holiday because I think that it will be interesting. Now it while only dream but this dream becomes fast a reality.
Today I cannot write to you much because I should finish more quickly work and to prepare for today's evening. But to tell the truth every day to me all to concentrate more difficultly and more difficultly because my ideas are borrowed by you.
I very much hope that already very soon we shall together and we shall do by a reality of a word which we write each other.
I shall look forward your letter tomorrow. The whole, Tatyana.
Letter 10
Hello, mine Hiroshi!
Today good day and my mood simply remarkable owing to your letters.
It seems to me that I fall in love in you with each letter and the smile appears on my person each time when I think of you.
I have well spent time together with my fellow workers on celebrating of birthday of our firm. The meal was excellent, most of all to me have liked a land and a dessert tiramisu with berries and fruit. I love different sweets and in general I love sweet. And you love it?
We have played also in billiards and bowling, I was cheerful also has simply received moral rest because recently at me a lot of work so always happens before holiday because it is necessary to finish all the begun business.
When I have come home I have decided to take a bath. Anything so does not help to be restored after day of work, as a warm bath. My bathroom - as if a small perfumery bench. On shelfs heaps of any fragrant things were built: a shower gel, foam for a bath, milk for a body, deodorants, mousse for a body.
While I took a bath I again have started to dream of a forthcoming meeting. I like to dream and I trust that dreams are real. I consider that for a minute it is impossible to stop to dream, differently dreams and plans will not be carried out! There can be you think in another way and I here so I think. This my generated opinion supported by occuring events for all of my 28 years. All life I constantly dream and constantly I go towards to the dreams, I do all from me depending that these dreams became a reality. I already have much reached in this life. I have received formation, I have work which I wished to have, I have the house but I do not have not enough the most important, I do not have no my second half. Here therefore I and now to run towards to the dream. I dream to meet you because it seems to me, that it is a meeting will help me to find the present happiness. I am already almost assured that you that person which are necessary to me and when we shall see each other for the first time we shall feel that we really feel in our hearts.
I dream that we were happy also I shall make all that we were together! You cannot present at all as I wait for our meeting! And you want it? Write to me.
Tonight after work or tomorrow in the morning I plan to go to travel agency to learn the information concerning my trip to you and I shall write to you tomorrow all to a detail.
Now I should continue my work because I need to prepare some documents up to the end of the working day.
I shall wait for your letter. Yours, Tatyana.
Letter 11
Hello my dear my favourite Hiroshi!!
I so miss on you and me so you do not suffice you. There is no minute that I did not think of you. You are very necessary to me also you which person I I waited all my life know it because I feel it also I always I trust my feelings. I very much wish to arrive to you and I wish to make it as soon as possible.
I descended yesterday after work in agency of travel and have learned the information concerning my trip to you. To me have explained all to a detail of visiting of Japan.
I have told to the manager of travel agency, that I wish to go to Japan to meet you and it to me have told that in this case I will accept the tourist visa.
It to me has told that it will be necessary for me to collect a package of documents and to go to Moscow in embassy because all documents on registration of the visa I should submit.
It has given me the list of documents which I should have at itself when I shall go to embassy and have told that process of preparation of documents makes 2 weeks of week and consequently it has told that I should go to Moscow as soon as possible if I wish to be in time
To receive all documents prior to the beginning of my holiday. It has explained to me that I should not have problems with reception of the visa because my visit will be short-term and besides I have own habitation and good work and all this gives the basis that I shall arrive to Russia in any case on expiry of the term of action of the visa.
Cost of the visa makes about hundred dollars. Except for that in agency to me have told that to me will be necessary to have tickets with the closed dates, this obligatory condition for reception of the visa. As soon as I shall submit all documents to me should tell date issue of visa and then I should give tickets. As to cost that tickets will cost approximately 1500 dollars, all will depend on date of a start and airline. And as from the airport to which I should fly. To me have told that I should buy tickets before reception of the visa, and in default they give airlines special documents for the refund.
Hiroshi, I available to go to Moscow because I do not wish to tighten with submission of documents, I very much wish to meet you more quickly and besides my holiday begins very soon. Now I plan to take a little target on work at my expense to go to Moscow because in agency to me have told that I should be there some time. Hiroshi, I understand that I will have many charges on a trip but I very much wish to arrive to you and consequently
I am ready to it. I have some money but unfortunately I think that it will be insufficiently because I should spend a part of money which I have, on road up to Moscow, on residing at Moscow and on official registration of papers. I simply am afraid that I shall enough not have money for purchase of tickets. It is very inconvenient to me to ask you about the help Hiroshi but I do it because I wish to arrive to you and I wish to be with you and I trust that you too want it and consequently will not give up to me to help with tickets. If you to me will help buy tickets I can to go to Moscow already tomorrow to not waste time and I shall begin process of reception of the visa.
Hiroshi, whether write to me you can help me with tickets, I very much hope for your help. I love you Hiroshi and I wish to see you. I wish to be with you, you my song you my sun you my all!!! I love you with all my soul, and I am assured that we shall happy you and I together. I such happy, that at me was not present words to express my feelings!!
I shall wait for your letter with the big hope and I shall think of you!!! Yours, Tatyana.
Letter 12
Hello my love, Hiroshi!!
As always I am happy to receive your letter and I am glad that you also as well as I wait for our meeting. I have already bought tickets up to Moscow and I shall go to Moscow tonight.
As soon as I shall arrive to Moscow I shall go to embassy and I shall submit all documents for the visa. I shall try to make all as soon as possible to not spend many money for residing in Moscow.
I am going to stop there in hotel. I think that I can find the Internet of cafe in Moscow and I shall write to you at once as soon as I will have an opportunity. I shall keep you posted all affairs. I very much hope that you can help me with tickets and that already very much
Soon we shall together!
I hasten towards to my dream and I cannot simply believe that already absolutely soon I shall find at last, that I so long searched, that I
Has found the person whom it is valid to me it is necessary and with which I wish to lead all my life. I hope that you feel too most, I am right?
I cannot write to you much today because I should be prepared for my trip to Moscow still. I want that you knew, that you are constant in my ideas and I shall wait for your letters with impatience.
Yours, for ever, Tatyana.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Hiroshi!!
At last I can write to you the letter. I very much did not have your letters. I very much miss on you and I wish to be near to you somewhat quicker! I have arrived to Moscow today early in the morning by train. From station I have gone to agency of the real estate and I have removed there a room in an apartment. I have decided to stop in an apartment because the price for hotel have appeared very high.
After that I have gone to embassy to 10 mornings and have submitted all necessary documents on registration of the visa. I have given the filled questionnaire on reception of the visa, my photos, the reference and to me my documents have told that all by way of and I have all
Chances to receive the visa. I have submitted documents on the tourist visa and and embassy to me have explained that I now I necessarily should give tickets aboard the plane because the visa this insufficient basis for entrance to the country. I should have air tickets there and back. This obligatory condition for reception of the visa. To me have told that as I receive the visa of the tourist I should have a steady financial position and I should buy tickets itself, here in Russia, for cash money.
I should bring in embassy air tickets as soon as possible and they will begin registration of my visa. Term of official registration of papers in embassy - about 2 weeks and it means that
I can already see you approximately on November, 30th.
After I have given all documents I have gone to the airport to learn the price for tickets of the plane approximately for this date. I looked tickets of different airlines and I have chosen the cheapest tickets.
The ticket will cost 1672 dollars. It is the most economic variant which I could find.
I hope that at you is money for tickets and you can send me of money for purchase of tickets. I have no bank account and consequently I think that the best way for me to receive your money it - Western Union. Hiroshi, In bank to me have told, that that you could send money from Japan for me you should know my full name. And consequently I shall give you now my full name.
My full name it- Tatyana Fomicheva.
In bank to me have explained, that I should know number of a remittance, your full name, your home address and the name of city from which you will send money to receive it.
Hiroshi, I very much hope, that you can help me with purchase of tickets because I very much wish to arrive to you, I very much wish to see you.
I have entrusted you my heart and I wish to have happy. A life with you and I do not wish to refuse it. My heart is opened for you and I know that very soon we shall together.
I shall wait your letter. With love, yours Tatyana.
Letter 14
Hello my loved Hiroshi,
I waited with fear your letter. It was very inconvenient for me to write to you about money. Please forgive me.
I only want to arrive to you as it is possible soon My Hiroshi. I heard about relations under the Internet much. But I should tell, that I did not think that the international relations will have a similar problem. I certainly know, that in the world there is a lot of deceit. For all history always there were dishonest and false people. It is a lot of people who does not want to work fairly and tries to live on a deceit.
I heard about it and about it know all. But I never heard about a deceit feelings. I did not know, that women deceive in a similar way men and it is very surprising and not clear for me.
At me even hair on a head rose. Not so long ago I observed a film " Trip to Europe ".
It is the American film and I also represented at once my situation. Probably you observed this
Film also. All there is shown so perfectly. It is love of two people from the woman from Germany
With the guy from USA. They were so are in love. It spoke about the international relations much.
Probably the director should change the script but then people would not see all charm of such relations. This film once again shows and proves, that there is in the world a present love.
People may fall in love under the Internet and to be happy. I am sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Hiroshi, I want, that we with you also had the history of love. We also are
From the different countries. I to trust in relations under the Internet. I trust you, I love you and if we shall be
Both to trust and love, we shall be happy also we shall have happy family! The happiness is already very close! My female heart feels it! Yes, I like and I trust you. Now I shall wait your decision.
I want, that you made the man's decision. You should me trust, if love me.
I also heard that men from other countries invite women from Russia to work
Or as the girlfriend, and then take away all documents and to force to work women in . Russian women very trustful. Yes, in Russia there are not enough money and the woman wants to have worthy life. The man to use it and does the woman by the captive. You heard about it?
Very many such cases in Germany, on Cyprus and other countries. I heard about it. I to be afraid of it also. I do not want to be the captive and to sell the body. I want to be the happy woman who has the family, loving husband. I want to take care about family.
I think, that you correct the man in my life and I like and I trust you. I know, that you the man
The word and I shall never break your heart. I want to love you.
Love me, as I you. Once again I want to ask you that between us there was a trust and understanding.
And then we shall have all! Please think of it. Listen to your heart. It will not deceive you. I shall expect your letter. Whether write to me you you will go towards
To our love and our meeting. Without your help I can not arrive to Japan shame to me to ask you money, but I am compelled. For the sake of our love......
Yours forever, Tatyana
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