Scam Letter(s) from Attiogbe Severin to Dwayne (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear.
How are you doing ,i hope you are doing fine.Did you have a wonderful night.I had a nice dream about you last night and i will be the happiest waman if this dream comes true.I want to find out how are you feeling this morning. My dear i do consider your financial position that is why i have promised you to contribute to the greatest part.I will pay my traveling ticket.I will just need a little help from you like 1000$.I want this money to make some of the necessary documents within the end of the next week.My love dont still think that am rushing,i am not supporting the fact of been alove over here,thinking about you all over the time and i cant even share my night with you when i get home.I want to be your arms Mister Dwayne Colpetzer.My dear,you drive me crazy yesterady night when you were those romantic words.I just imagine myself with you at that particular moment.I will not hurt you because you dont deserve that.You need a careful,romantic,loving and honest waman like me in your life.Is it possible to get the money on Monday and apply for the documents on Tuesday.What do you think about my Ideas.I will like to read a reply from you.Chat with you later one.I will be online at 8 PM my time over here.
Have a wonderful week-end and remenber that i Love You and without you ,my life is meaningless.
bye my Love



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