Scam letter(s) from Lauren Dada to William (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello William, Thanks for your reply.
I would like to tell you everything about me so that you could know that i don't have time playing games.My name is Lauren Dada.My originality is UK.I was born in the year 1980.My childhood was spent in UK though.The prematurely calamitous death of my parents brought me to Far _Rockaway about 9 years ago.My father was killed in a motor accident at Birmingham,Rotton Park Road,England.He was on his back to Liverpool when the accident struck.His death worsened my mother's situation.She herself was going through heart attack before but unfortunately,she could not contain the grief and sorrow of my dad's death.Perhaps i would have still been staying in UK now if not for the way dad's younger brother was trying to make everything impossible for me.I was being per-emptied and maltreated to the extent that i started having an inferiority complex.My aunt that is my step mother took me away from him and brought me to far_Rockaway's.that was where i staying before i relocate to old town Alexandria in Virginia in the united state.She has been an inspirational value for me to become a model today.I am a clothing model by profession.It has not been easy though.I just thank my Lord that he has never left me and i still believe that He will always be with me.I am looking for a real and long term relationship.One of my goals in life is to nurture my children in such a way that i will not need to look up to my husband before taking care of my lovely children.I like being independent and i hope you are not scared off by that.I like to be at sea atmosphere for spare time.This is to also use this period to tell you that i am not presently at home.I am currently in west Africa,precisely in Nigeria.I will be coming back to the states in a couple of days depending on how soon my promoter comes back from UK.He rushed to UK some days back to pay attention to his wife that was going through surgical operation.The kind of man that i am looking for is the kind of man that is honest,trusted,God-fearing,Understanding,and caring.I had gone through some worst relationships that i was wounded so deeply that i felt as if i should get myself killed.I don't want that kind of relationship again and i joined in order to make man of my life.Just be whom you are,that is okay by me.There are many things to ask you and i wish you could answer them with sincerity and honesty.I will like to relocate to european country and i will also like to meet you in person.Hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely Yours,
Letter 2
Hello William, Thanks for getting back to me.Here are lots of things that you still need to know about me.One thing that i hate doing is to hide my feelings.Most people tend to get annoyed if they are told truth.I don't like that.When you will reply my mail, i want you to tell me more about your family background because my mother would tell me before she died that 'it is one thing to have a good wife and it is another thing to have bad in laws' and that its the good in laws he's got with my father's family that helped them most in there marriage.Have you dated anyone on the internet before and if yes how does it feel when you meet the person? what do you like in a lady? Are you a player or for real? Are you single or divorced? Do you have kids and if yes, will you still want to have more? What you do for a living exactly? Do you think that you will not hurt my feelings when i finally fall in love with?Tell me more about yourself.You should be able to ask me any question you think you wanna know about me and will answer you with all sincerity.It will be very much appreciated to hear back from you and to know much about you.
Bye for now,
Letter 3
Hello William, It is my very great pleasure to hear from you back answer to your questions i have never married and i don't have kids but i will like have have kids,you really make my days with the lovely email you sent to me and i like the way you answer my questions One thing that i just want to also tell you is we can achieve everything together if we both are not selfish.I am very happy when you mentioned that the other time.It shows that you are the kind of man i have been fervently praying to spend the rest of my life with .That was what what my ex-boyfriend failed to.Despite all the problem that i have been facing,there was nothing he could than to hurt my feelings.If i did not tell you before,my mom also passed away about some few years back .I am now all myself expect my ex-boyfriend that wounded my heart.My other family are in UK and due to the fact that i did not relate to them when my mom was alive,i don't associate myself to anyone of them.But God has really helped me be whom i am today.
For me,i like going to beaches,watching,movies shows,musical concerts and sometime go for dinner and taste a little coffer. To be candid with you,i don't have time for playing games around,it is very awful when someone hurts another good feelings... Well, relationship can mean two can mean that we have a connection, which I think is something good in relationship.It also means to be romantically and sexually involved and I think we aren't at that level. So, I think at this point, given the amount of time we have e-mail one another, we redefined have a friendship forming based on some external and internal similarities that are developing into a relationship that will bring us a little closer with good intentions, and the potential exists for the relationship to evolve into something more significant. I've been in several rapports where I was not fully appreciated. In fact, many times I felt I was taken advantage of and that hurts. I will like to meet someone who recognizes the little things I do for him and knows how to be appreciative. For instance, if I were to make breakfast in bed or draw a bath for my man,he could thank me by giving me a hug or a kiss. Or perhaps sending me a card for no particular occasion just to tell me 'thank you.I'm very appreciative of what people do for me and Ill reward them in my own little ways. To me, it is the little things that mean a great deal to me.That was the way my parents taught me. What does it really mean to be passionate? I love a man who can display his passions for me anytime and anywhere without having to be shy. And a person who knows how to be affectionate is a big plus. I love being affectionate. This may be an odd one, but I have learned that there are many man out there that are set in their ways. They have one way of doing things and are never open to suggestions or advices.Obstinate men are a major turn off for me. I like a man who is open to ideas, thoughts, and basically open minded. I think being receptive brings about sensitivity as well. A man who is ignorant, mean, and just plain insensitive is difficult to get along with. I would say that I'm not afraid to display my emotions. I'd like someone who is sensitive and caring. If I'm sad, I'd like for him to be able to comfort me and cheer me up. He doesn't has to do much, but just knowing that he's there solacing me is more than good enough. Have you ever had someone not stand up for you? I was deeply hurt when someone I once knew wouldn't not stand up for me, even after he told me he loved me. I would never allow someone to hurt my boyfriend or my husband, and I would always stand up for him. One thing I will always do for my man is to protect him.The kind of family that i am gonna have largely depends on how passionate my husband is.I don't know where i am gonna start it yet and i hope i find the place that is good for the business.Perhaps if things go well with us,you can also help me find the right place.Although,everything depends on what God says.
Well,i hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely Yours,
Letter 4

Hello William, How are you today? and am very soory that i hace not mail you it was the network but the network is okay now.It is a great pleasure to hear back from you.I would really like to meet you in person and i hope that we can have dinner together when i get here with you in you here in your country.Meeting someone in person is the best.I have not been enjoying Africa because of the way i am being maltreated by my promoter.He went to UK to attend to his wife that is going through surgical operation and he seems to have failed his all obligations towards me.That is the reason why i don't seem to enjoy here.But i am very happy that i am leaving this country.I am planning to establish a salon when i get back.As as i get paid,i will start the process.But one thing that i must confess to you is that your thoughts have been in my mind since we have started exchanging e mails but my main fear is that i don't know weather you feel the same thing.As i have already told you before,i want to spend the rest of my life with someone special.Something that will not use to poor background to dump me at the end of the day.It is not in my plan to divorce and i will never allow any man to divorce his love except in something confusing satiation and which i don't pray for.Here are my other questions for you William Where do you expect yourself to be in five years? What are the things that you can not do without? Do you really yourself as determined man or the man that stops trying when thing seem to be getting somewhat unusual?I am asking you all these questions because these are the things someone needs to know the true and factual feelings of who is getting along with.I hope i have not bored you with my questions.I do believe that we will achieve everything in common if we both are understand and trustworthy with each other.I am being honest with you and i don't think i can stop doing that.
Bye for now
Sincerely Yours,
Letter 5
Hello William, It is really a great pleasure to hear back from you and thanks so much for pics that you sent to me i so much like it.Are you today?I hope you are having a marvelous time out there in your country now because i have ever seen any place like home.Thanks for your encouragement and concern.I do not see myself as a saint and that is why i do not believe that any person on this earth could be as saint as Jesus Christ.I also pray for myself that may God come my way and help me out in any possible calamity in the future.William,i am very happy that we both feel the same way towards each other.All your commonalities and compatibilities seem rhyme with me and that is the way it should be.I really want to meet you in person and see how we will be able to make this relationship a longer and an everlasting one.I am afraid to tell you that i am gradually falling in love you.This act is always seen as an infatuation to some people but i do believe that everything depends on what the God of gods says.I am eagerly yearning to meet you in person.William, really want to be with you and i don't want another woman to take you away from me you are the kind of man i am looking for i will be happy if you cancel your profile on match the site i meet you i will be happy if you can do this for me.because i have cancel my profile here.Hope to talk to you soon.
Sincerely Yours,
Letter 6
Hey William, I have just sent you some of my pics for you and i hope you will like them...Lauren
Letter 7
Hello William, Am very happy since we have started talking on line and here is the hotel phone number where i lodge +234832349700 tell the person you like to speak with Lauren Dada in room 112 i will be happy to talk you okay.William i have been very busy trying to finalize some buss i have come to Africa for.You will never understand how much i want to be loved again in my life, you will never understand how much i want to see my husband happy and see my children playing in the garden and i and my love looking at them and thanking God for what He has done for us. But aim always afraid that i may never find a man that i can live this kind of a life with. i have passed through a lot in my life that i always ask God the reason i have this kind of a heart and still living a very lonely life. am not in a hurry to marry though but i am very open minded and i have to tell you exactly what am feeling. i want love and be dedicated, i want love and want to be faithfully to my husband till death like my mother did.I moved to stay with this aunt called Jade and this my aunt introduced me to modeling because she was a model costumer. Her daughter was a very good friend of mine and the only one i have ever had as a trusted friend. she is more pretty than i am and we are very close. Along the line, i met Ralph and we started going out. I have never felt this way in my life and i loved him so much he was everything to me and i started to think this is the will of God for me. after 1 year of our relationship and that was after my mom died, i met Ralph sleeping with my best friend and here is me and my friend picture.I felt bad and i almost committed suicide.I thank God for sparing my life then.I and aunt Jade continued working together but the job never went as i expected,she always complained that modeling was such a stressful profession then. she could not make it because she was about getting married then. So she introduced me to the agent and that was how i was brought down to Africa here. It was she that also introduced me to on line dating because its the place she met her husband. am not sure if this is right although. i have since allowed my past to go behind me forever but you must understand that aim still afraid and never want what has happened to me before to happen again. i am pulling the wall i have built around me down for the first time because of you and i think God willing this will lead us into somewhere great.I have to go for now and i hope we have time to talk better later.
Bye and God bless.
Sincerely Yours,
Letter 8
Hey William, Thanks so much for the lovely email that you sent to me and if you want to call me you call me by 09:00 by your time that will be in the morning in Nigeria okay i will be waiting for your call.William never did I imagine that I would ever meet you,especially in the form of Exchequer mails as friend.Few days later I am leading my life with you as your girlfriend which I could never thought of this very time last week.
God has got his own reasons for us to meet and come this far. But I hope our new relationship will flourish beyond what it is right now. Distance maybe just a part of the reason why sometimes we think we can't handle this whole relationship, but I am sure our feelings for each other is way far stronger then any oceans can come across.
I am witting you this letter to tell you that my feelings for you is so real that I can't find any words to describe my feelings for you. At the same time I would like to thank you for all your patience while our relationship had to go through high waves and hard rocks. My love for you has grown so strong that I can never imagine a life without you now.
I will always be yours no matter what the world turns out to be. My heart will always yearning for your affection and care forever.
Missing you,
Letter 9
Hello Honey, I must confess that i don't really know how to start this mail because am not sure how you will take this but i will be more than glad if you will understand me very well and trust me. But before anything let me tell you again that am a very God fearing lady and i will never hurt a good feeling because am not sure i can live with a conscience that does not judge me well.
Honey, something is happening to me here that i would have told you before now , but am not sure if its the best thing to tell you or not but as things are going for me here now, i think it will be the best for me to let you know my mind. but first i will be very hurt if you doubt me in whatever way and i have all the necessary documents here and even my traveling document to prove to you that everything i tell you in this mail is the truth at least if you are a bit curious i will understand because of things that are happening in our world now. I came down to Africa here for an important thing, I need some money to start my life all over again after all i have passed threw after the death of my Parents, i want to get enough money to establish myself based on my other professional line because even then i have been thinking of quiting modeling. So when the opportunity comes around to come down here and the cut of the money is good i decided to come down. After the death of my parents,things have not been the same for me at all.So i decided to take the chance of coming down to Africa so that i can get some money to start a new life when i get back home. When i arrived here with the promoter, we arrived at the MURITALA INTERNATIONAL IN LAGOS STATE,we now took another cab to ABEOKUTA. we got to the hotel and it was a great surprise for me when my promoter told me that we will have to organize hotel for ourself and that we will have to register for one apartment hotel room because he cant afford to get two different room for both of us. It was then that i have started suspecting that something is wrong. He told me that by the time the company we have come to work for here pay us that the hotel charges will be included. I strongly declined and told him to get a different room for me that am gonna need my privacy . it was then that i was taken to meet the manager of the hotel, am staying now and it was agreed between i,the promoter and the manager that i will have my own personal hotel room and i will pay for it after we are paid by the clothing company here.Today, its one month and 2 weeks that i have been here in Africa the job has been over for the past seven days now and he traveled down to U.K last week with an excuse that he wants to go and see her pregnant wife that wants to undergo surgery.. He told me that he will pay me my entitlement after he is back that he is yet to have the Exchequer from the clothing company.Its over one week now and am yet to see him . I went to the embassy and after telling them my story , the consular really blamed me for being so foolish , he told me that they have really warned young models about what the Italian promoters were doing to models everywhere in Africa and that they have placed it on publication threw almost all available media everywhere. But at the end of the day, they agreed to put me on a plane back home anytime am ready.Now, am all ready infarct, am all alone here and lonely and am always afraid but i just always believe that God is my strength.Honey,the main reason i am telling you all these is that when i got back to my hotel, i told him that i will be leaving by Monday and that i need to have my bills. when the bill was brought to me, the money am having with me could not complete the payment and i will still need like 720USD to make the balance..i do have 1460USD and i was suppose to pay 2180USD If you tell me to ******** and never mail you again, i will surely understand you but i want you to know that all i have told you is nothing but the truth and i will pay you back immediately am back home if you will accept me i can come first to you so that you will know am not gonna run away with your money .I hope to hear some good news from you very soon as am all ready to live here. immediately i make the payment at the hotel here, i will go down to the traveling agency and they will put me on a plane to wherever i wanna go.
Till i hear from you cause am praying that God touched your heart and you make me happy.
Stay blessed and safe. bye for now.
Your Lovely,
Letter 10
Hello Honey, Am so glad to see your mail and yes am okay with 900$ and i have talk to the hotel manager here,he told me that you will have to send me the money through Western Union Money Transfer,he told me that you will have to locate the nearest Western Union office to you there or post office that have Western Union or store that have western Union and you will use my name with the hotel address so that i will be the one that will get the money here and pay them as soon as i get it honey.I have collected the hotel address honey.As soon as i get the money here i will go to the traveling agency and change my flight info to you there honey.I will come to you directly honey.Here is the information that you will use to send me the money through Western Union: Name: Lauren Dada
City: Abeokuta
State: Ogun State
Country: Nigeria
Zip Code: 23439 I was told that i will need the name and address you will use to send me the money, the MTCN number you will get from Western Union,the question and answer that you will use for security too.i cant wait to be there with you.I will be expecting your mail.
Love you forever.

Letter 11
Hey Honey, Thanks so much for the email that you sent to me and i so much appreciate.Honey as soon as you sent the money to me i can collect it in any were in Abeokuta and i was told that i will need the full name of senders name and the address and that will be your full name and your address.Honey having your love, has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Everyday, when I awake from a dream of us together, I thank God I found you! What have I ever done to deserve such a loving, caring, wonderful man? Everything about you is just so perfect.Honey i was so happy that you really want me to come to you in Australia i have been willing to meet you and i will need you to email me your nearest Airport so that i can tell the traveling agency where my flight is going to in Australia and i will go the traveling agency office on Monday morning and as soon as am back i will let you konw and i will be waiting for you to sent the money to me thanks so much and i really don't know how to thank you.
Your lovely,
Letter 12
Hello Honey, Thanks so much for the email and i really appreciate it and I do understand your mail and i know how and what you feel there,if i have any other person to turn too i will have do that and i do know what you feel and i want to tell you too that am what i do tell you i am and i will never lie to you.If am not what i am how do you think i will be able to get the money with my name on it.I hope you will understand me more about this.Honey i know its very hard for you to help me out purposely because we havent meet in person but will so much appreciate it if you can find a place in your heart and help me out.Honey i have scan my international passport to let you know how much i love you and also how much i want to be with you.Please make any arrangements necessary so that we can see each other.My love is fading, please life is very hard without you.I really need you to help me with money so that i can be here with you.Honey i really need your help.
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