Letter(s) from Cecilia Anima to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1

Sweet Peter,
I am very happy that all is well again.Thank God that you have your computore back.How are you doing by the way my dear? I know my sweeetheart is doing well as i am over here.I was over joy to read both of your mail they were so nice not forgeting the big kiss you gave it to me honey.I wish you were here in person i will have to kiss you too.
Wow i so happy that you will like to me to vist to you my dear.I will find out every ,thing and willtell you all about that. I will see one travile agent and ask him all abot the coming to you and what i will need to do.I can't wait to meet you in person my dear.I know know dearms of meeting you will suerlly come to pass. I will like to end here i hope you wite to me soon.
with love cecilia

Letter 2

Hello Peter,
Is me again your dear.I hope you are well as i am here.I am with much joy to writ to you again.
My dear i speak the agant like i said in my frist mail to you. we talk alot. About how much it cost me and about air taicket and so on.
My dear he wanted to know how soon I will like to come to you? and i wanted to find out from you honey.I will like to end here i hope you will writ to me very soon.I want be there so thkat i can be in your arms.I will like end here, take good care and write soon

Letter 3

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for your love message you send to me and can tell you that was so glad to hear from you again with a lot of joy. How are you there honey? I hope youare fine there as I am here in Ghana and excited to meet you there very soon in your country and have much love together. Mmm...honey I am lonely for long time now and wish I am there wtih you so that we can start share much sex together and hope very soon we shall meet there in your country and start making love there and I will be happy for enjoy with you.

Yea honey and i will be glad if you can kiss all my body including my feet, bottom and my pussy as I love to kiss and suck your sweet cock too. Also I like to play your ass ball when I come to you there honey.

Honey, I went to the travel agent as itold u if he can help visa to come to you there and he told me that, he can help me to have my visa to come to you there as I will pay the visa fee or processing fee, so I asked him how much it will cost and he told me that it will cost $300 US dollars but I will pay half of it, this means $150 US dollars, that he will use it to start processing my documents and the rest will pay when I have my visa honey.

Also honey as you know, it will cost a little when I go to Accra for interview as I will sleep at hotel and the transportation fee will also cost a little but I can pay the hotel and transportation fee and I will be glad if you can help me to pay the visa fee as I want to go there in Accra next week honey. I hope you will help me to come to you there and start share much love when I come to you there. Ok my love and i willdo that and know that all my body is for you ok.

I close here now and start waiting for your love message. Good bye and take care of you.

Loving you always honey.

In Deep Love from Cecilia to Peter.