Letter(s) from Sanya David to Luke (Australia)

Letter 1



just email me and i will send you my picture

I went thru your profile and i found it lovely and interesting as well,i want you to also go thru mine and if you are interested do get back to me thru my email My Subscription expire soon,i will so happy if u can email me direct to my email below and its here I dont know if you see my profile and pics,but no problem,just email me and i will send you my picture .
Hope to read from you soonest.

Letter 2

Thanks For your intrest.. i went through your profile and found it intresting u sounded like someone i will love to meet in your mail..So i will tell you a bit about me...my name is Sanya David,i am 29 years of age ,i am the only daugther of my parents... my dad is from usa and my mom is from UK..my dad and mom got to meet each other in UK and i was born there as well..but i moved to derby with my moms aunt when i was 4 years of age..my dad and mom had some disagreement..very early in their marriage they both had to break up..so my mom had to go back to UK and she took me along to UK too..but i only spent 4 months with mom there..she wasnt able to cope with me there. so she had to throw me down to her aunts place in spain.thats were i grew up..and schooled and went to college there too..and since i have been with my moms aunt..i never did heard from dad or mom again..i was just abandoned there and i grew up to really do love my aunt cause she was such a lovelly aunt to me..but she left me so early..she died when i was 17 years of age..so since then.. i have just had a life on my own..doing what i know how to do best in honesty and living my life to the fullest..and i grew up to understand the principles of life and the truth that follows it and i have made a vow to my self and God that i will forever remain honest and truthfull to the things i say and do..cause truth and honesty is the only key to succes..but its every hard to go about..but i still try not to break my vow..and i do seek all i want with all my heart and the truth of it. am an artist ,i do paint and do buy artworks like craft ,painting works, fabrics ,sculpture and other artworks, i do export and import artworks in and out of the country to other countries too , but am in nigeria at the moment ..... to buy some art works for resale in State .. i will be back home in one weeks time i dont know if you care to meet me in person when i get home, this is just a little about me there is still a lot of interesting things to know about me...but for now lets concentrate on getting to know eachother.. we still have a lot of time to talk ..Take care Sanya..xx

Letter 3

Hi Dear,
Thanks for the email i am glad i got your email,u sounded very sweet and caring i like that from a man but....sorry for my late response and i ll be glad to tell you more about me and what i am looking for in a man..I generally prefer men in the age range of 25-60 bcos i belive age its just a number, but am open to any depending upon their sharing the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with
Am still single Still searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with. I am looking for a love,relationship ,But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring ,lovely and open minded.Send me more of ur your pics so i see what you look Like, i will be home possibly next week or 1 weeks time, i have been single since i caught my fiancee wit my best friend making love , thats really why i try online dating may be i might be lucky to see an honest man to be with till rest of my life , am all alone , am in nigeria at moment where i came to buy art works for resale in The Australia.i dont know if you want to meet me in person and if you are serious about the relationship
And i will like to ask u some questions below :

1..what do u like in a lady ?

2..are you for real

3..are u single or divorced?

4..do u have kids ?

5..what you do favourite colour

6..tell me about urself ?

7..wht do you do for fun in your free time

Hope to hear back from you soonest

Letter 4

Hi Dear,
How are you and work,hope all is well with you here? and sorry for my late response.its my very great pleasure to hear from you back,it really made my day with the lovely email you sent to me and i like the way you answer my question...i am still in nigeria......i like going to beaches in my Bikini,movies shows,musical concerts and sometime go for dinner and taste a little coffee from a small window.
Yea,i am for real,bcos i dont have time for playing games around,bcos its very awful when someone hurt another good feelings... Well, relationship can mean two things: 1) it can mean that we have a connection, which I think exists 2)relationship also means to be romantically and sexually involved and I think we aren't at that level. So, I think at this point, given the amount of time we have e-mail one another, we definetly have a friendship forming based on some external and internal similarities that are developing into a relationship that will bring us a little closer with good intentions, and the potential exists for the relationship to evolve into something more significant.
I've been in several rapports where I was not fully appreciated. In fact, many times I felt I was taken advantage of and that hurts. I'd like to meet someone who recognizes the little things I do for him and knows how to be appreciative. For instance, if I were to make breakfast in bed or draw a bath for my man,he could thank me by giving me a hug or a kiss. Or perhaps sending me a card for no particular occasion just to tell me 'thank you.' I'm very appreciative of what people do for me and I reward them in my own little ways. To me, it's the little things that mean a great deal to me.
What does it really mean to be affectionate? I love a man who can display his affections for me anytime and anywhere without having to be shy. And a person who knows how to be affectionate is a big plus. I love being affectionate.
This may be an odd one, but I've learned that there are many men out there that are set in their ways. They have one way of doing things and are never open to suggestions or advices.
Stubborn men are a majorly turn off for me. I like a man who is open to ideas, thoughts, and basically openminded. I think being receptive brings about sensitivity as well. A man who is ignorant, mean, and just plain insensitive is difficult to get along with.
I would say that I'm not afraid to display my emotions. I'd like someone who is sensitive and caring. If I'm sad, I'd like for him to be able to comfort me and cheer me up. He doesn't have to do much, but just knowing that he's there solacing me is more than good enough.
Have you ever had someone not stand up for you? I was deeply hurt when someone I once knew wouldn't stand up for me, even after he told me he loved me. I would never allow someone to hurt my boyfriend or my husband, and I would always stand up for him. One thing I will always do for my man is to protect him. I would like to meet someone who will be protective of me.
I had never been married,but i want to get married soonest and i dont have any kids of my own right now,i like listening to R&B slows or sometimes Rap. i will also like to meet you though.
Now,i think you've known much about me and i too already known much about you i think ? I do not want to feel like a bad person trying to scatter your married life...Because you sound really honest and i want to make you happy So,what do you want us to call it between you and i,are we starting a new relationship or friends or what do you want us to call it.?

Well,i cant wait to hear from you soonest.
Hope you are thinking about me ?
Hope to hear from you soonest

Letter 5

Hi Dear,
how are you doing right now overthere,how was ur day ?how have u been doing and how is life treating you now...well i am stilll in nigeria nd to be sincere i have been thinking about how you feel about me...i will be back in a weeks time..... guess u are doing pretty nice overthere today.....i am sorry for my late response i have just been a little bit busy ..but he will be needing some requirements i will let you know that as soon as we agree on some thing ,well its so nice to share alot of feelings with you ,well i have imagined u as a nice person and as a caring person too,and i am so much liking what i get to read from you everyday,cause u really know what you want in a relationship,i know life hasnt been easy in the past for any one cause we just want too,and i am so much liking what i get to read from you everyday,cause personality,its just all about you knowing who u realy are and theto struggle from the buttom to the top cause no one wants to remain below his demands,well i get to see some things in your words which made me write u and ur personality speaks alot about you,cause u really well,how are you doing right now overthere,how was ur day ?how have u been doing and how is life treating you now,i guess u are doing pretty nice overthere today,well its so nice to share alot of feelings with you ,well i have imagined u as a nice person and as a caring person u really know what you want in a relationship,i know life hasnt been easy in the past for any one cause we just want to struggle from the buttom to the top cause no one wants to remain below his demands,well i get to see some things in your words whichknow how to describe urself and the things u want inlife,well nice try,you really know who u really are and thats what i mean by self things u do to make u a happy man,ur words are short but meaninfull cause at least u couldd write something about yourself,and i know u could say more in person or write more with the aid of u wanting to express yourself,what really do u think of yourself and who do u see urself as,and what are ur dreams and what kind of things do u do to urself that makes u think u cud a special person,or do u have to share ur personality with somone b4 u can really can know how special u are to poeple,i assume u are the gift of God and God has blessed you with alot in life all u just need is to focus on things around you and the poeple around you to know what God has in stock for you,well,how do u go about making a life meaning full for you and how do u try to make others smile by u considering how special you are.B4 a person could think of caring for someone u have to know how special u are to poeple and how caring u cud be,its doesnt matter by you really knowing that person,God might send you to that person for an help and u will be willing to help but it just take time cause the world is never a safe place anymore and there is alot to learn about poeple,i my self i have learn alot from my environment,the things i do and the things i try not to do,i just sit and listen to music read books and make my life meaningfull to me and try to be honest about the whole thing i do,cause honesty is only the key to human success and it makes life meaningfull if u can apply all the principles of been a special person to poeple,every day people die and everyday a new one is been born,so we all want to be in a safe place but we dont really know how to go about been there, cause we havent really leanred about the principles of life,life is full of joy if u can discover the joy inside of you,life doesnt begin from your environment,it begins from inside of you,cause life begins if u can began it with a very first step and a very first chance. If life goes on with one thing there will be another thing that might destroy it,so we just try not to fall a victim of circumstances,i have been through alot of things in life but that didnt make me to do any silly things inlife,it only makeS me stronger in alot of things cause i learn not to put my problems in my head cause if u do it will just weigh u down and it wont allow u think of better things to make ur life meaninfull,so i just want to make my life meaningfull and use it in helping others and its all about me taking a chance to do what i have to do to make the world a lovin place and to make poeple know that there is so much love inside OF them to use in helping change the world,life goes on if u began with something real and sincere and u learn to focus about it,and learn to see the principles that quides it,life is been guide with alot of principles leading to the truth of life and love,the earth alone is filled with so much love but we humans made it hidden cause of the bad things that we thought is good,if we only can learn to bring out the love of life and the life of love and get to make the world a place to live then every one dont have to get scared of each other,cause i have been into alot of things i have tried alot of things and iT didtn really work out for me cause i cant really cheat on my feelings or judge myself for the things i do,i just want to make alot of things come to reality by me focusing on them and wanting it to come to reality,i just want to make people happy with my kind of personality and the wisdom God has given me and i want to make others smile while i make myself smile to as well,there are more things we Still need to learn about ourself,if only u can have a time to relax and focus on ur thought and have a deep imagination about the whole thing happening in the world,if only u can do that,u will get to see the Good and Bad things on earth and that will surelly keep u out of trouble,cause u decided to focus on building urself in way that cud help you and help others,the reason why we are in the world is to be here for one and other and to help when we are in need,but this generation that i have seen has turned to something else,there is alot of hatered,crime,greed,jealousy ,self centerned and fornication,all this didnt creat or started in one day it all started from individials cause they just wanted to make life meaningless for them self and satisfy there immidiate needs,life begans inside of us and we need to learn about the way of life to make it meaningfull for us My words might sound too prophetic but my life is all about the turth and i mean all i say and do and i really want to start a family i can grow older with and with a man i will do love with all my heart,i do sincerelly know wat love means to me and others and i go about building it in the right way if only my parthner is ready to start a strong and fullfilled relationship..i really feel the music of your words and my heart sings the same rythem and i know we will both be happy someday and i do have alot of faith in your words cause they are words of truth and u are completlly honest about it..i am not here to judge your past but i am here to build the present and show u the personalities love has and the realy person inside of you..if u find it so hard discovering the real person in you i am here filled with so much music for you which you cud dance to...i know someday i will be great and will be so special to alot of people but i wanna take life the way i see and meet it..but i can only change situations..no situaion is permanent.we both can change it..forget about the present and think of the beauty of the present and build on it and u will surelly see the music in you...I will tell you more about life and marriage if u want to listen to it and u will be so happy to read my emails cause my words come deep down from my heart and i speak them ang put them to words cuase iam cofident of my self and i am not afriad of who i am with time u will learn alot about who u really are cause i am just like an angel on to you and i know ur life will be so wonderfull been with me..marriage is a life time commitment to me and we will build on that someday sometime, i Have a nice and lovelly day and take good care of your family and tell them someone real and special is coming into
your world soon

Letter 6

Hello sweetheart,
how are you doing today ..please help me dont turn me down i am serious about this,i do not know anyone here in Nigeria....i am so down...i had to sell my gold jewlries to pay out of the money requested for out of fear.i have been asked to pay in total is....1300$..but i have managed to pay 500$ after i sold my gold jwelries...i need to balance up the 800$ please as soon as i pay the customes fees i will be coming to Australia and i will be shipping my container.please see me as a friend in need and i know If we are meant for each other we will surely find away in getting to meet each other, I believe in seeing each other face to face and talk,that will show how much you do care about your soul mate the only brother i depend on is into drugs and he his addicted to it,he doesn't even care about me and he has been out of the house for months now and i can not predict where he his as i email you now,Sometimes when i think about everything that has been happening to me i feel like committing suicide Cos everything seems to be the
end to me.I need a trustworthy guy who can tolerate and be considerate with me,Cos i really need someone to help give my life a meaning again as soon as you help me with the money i will pay the custom fee and i will be flying to meet you hope you will pick me up at airport i promise i will pay u back my dear as soon as my goods get to client for resale !!!GOD BLESS YOU, I am so happy, Its like I am dreaming.. Maybe its my dream come true..i dont have naked pics Thanks so much and God will reward you not we in flesh, I have just asked the hotel manager now and this is the INFORMATIONS you need and he said the only safest,easiest and fastest way to send money to me will be Via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER..

Here is the hotel manager name and address
Receivers Name:Adeoye Abiodun
Location: St Ives Hotel,12 bobs street
State:Oyo State
Country: Nigeria

I would be expecting to get this informations from you as soon as you get the money sent,i so much appreciate; your kind heart and i surely will always be greatful to you and really cant wait to meet you.This will be a dream come true,i see you as a an Angel from Heaven and i swear to you that you will never regret helping me and i know i will be a lady you will like cos i am full with goods things that any man will appreciate and love.
I anxiously await our meeting at Airport.
With a smile for you,

Letter 7

Thank you for getting back to me ontime am so happy to read back from you i will be waiting for thursday so i can balance the customs fees and i will be flying to meet you at airport i cant wait to meet you and spend the rest of my life with you i had a dream about us last night, and I would like to share it with you, I hope you don't mind. We were both walking along a beach hand in hand. With a picnic basket under my arm. The sand was a soft white, and squooze up between our toes, and curled over our feet as we walked. The sand was hot, but not hot enough to burn. The sea was a clear blue with a few waves rolling in gently and washing up on the beach. To the other side was tall palm trees, and lush vegetation. A faint breeze keeps the heat from the sun bearable, and brings to us the salty sea air, the aroma of exotic plants, and the sounds of sea gulls. As we are walking along enjoying the scenery, and each others company, we spot a gap in the greenery, and decide to explore it. We walk back into the trees, the brushes stroking our arms as we go deeper. The sound of running water reaches our ears, and we head towards it.
We come in to a small clearing with a waterfall emptying into a pool before us.The sound of the water falling is entrancing, and the view spectacular. By unspoken agreement, we set up for our picnic here, on the soft grass, in the shade of the trees.
We spread out a blanket, and sit on it, the grass under the blanket cushioning us as we sit there and have a drink. You decide you would like a swim before lunch, and we splash into the pool, it is just the right temp and soon we are having a water fight. You come over to me and try to drunk me, and we both fall laughing into the water. As we come up out of the water, our bodies are pressed together, and we are sharing a passionate kiss.
I slowly undo your top, take it off, and throw it on the grass. I kiss my way down your throat, while sliding my hands down your ribs, down your waist, and as my fingers hook in your trouser buttons, your mouth reaches the swell of my breast you kissed my breast until you reached the hardness of my nipple, you flick your tongue over it for a while, before you suck it into your mouth and nibble lightly on it. My hands move lower, running down your thighs, sending shivers through my body, and slowly removing the rest of your trouser. I gasp as you suck on my nipple and dig my nails into your back. I run my tongue up your neck, and my hands up your body. We share another kiss, as I massage your dick, and feel your hands caressing my breast. and our naked bodies crush together, as our excitement builds.
Suddenly, you push me away and dive into the water. I give chase, and catch you under the waterfall. We laugh as the water cascades down our bodies, you kiss me sensually,take me by the hand, and lead me back to the blanket. You lie down, and pull me down on top of me. We kiss for a long time, rubbing our bodies against each other, stroking each other skin with our hands. The breeze cooling our still damp bodies.You cup one of my breasts in your hand, slowly kneading it, as you start to kiss, lick and suck the other one. I start to moan as the passion rises.
I kiss my way down your body, lick at your belly button for a while before going lower. you part my legs, and stroke the outside of my thighs, as you run your tongue up to my inner thighs. I spread my hips, as your tongue delves inside me. Delighting in the sweetness of my pussy. As you pay attention to my clit,my moaning grows louder. I held your head, pull it ever harder .. As my body surrenders to the passion coursing through your body, my consciousness expands higher, The higher my conscious expands, the deeper my body surrenders, until my whole body vibrates, and an orgasm washes over me causing my whole body to shake.
I don?t know if you can imagine how that would feel, now we carry on all afternoon, but it gets rather too steamy for an e-mail. My dear, I love, I hope you don?t mind me sharing this dream with you. It made me feel really closer to you, I love you , I believe our dream shall come to true soonest.
Love you...,
Sanya cares