Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, and my favorite !!!!!!
Dear me, I just came home with his mother, so I wrote to you today that I will go to the hospital that would have helped me with my *****. My dear, I am very upset now and write you a letter. I do not know what I start.
Dear me to do the operation because I damaged his leg. I need to go to hospital, what would I do an operation. My dear I need to do in the hospital toll. I can not make it easy to hospital because I have to wait queue. What would I do it. I told his mom that I can not wait because I should meet with you and that you should come to me. Then she told me that I can do in the clinic fee. But I then have to pay for the operation itself. We do not scold my mother a lot. Because it wants less to do as better. But I have to explain everything and skazala.Chto I want to make it faster. Because you have me priletet and we will be with you. After our conversation we have with it went by taxi to pay the clinic, to see how I can so sdelat.My talked to the doctor and he said that I would have to lie in the hospital just two days because they do it quickly and efficiently. But then May, my mother asked how much it cost. The doctor said that it cost 35,000 rubley.Ya little amount is not left when he heard how much it cost. I am very upset by this povodu.No doctor told me why it is so expensive. Because they do not on the Russian technique. And on foreign and equipment they are not Russian. Here on this and so expensive. Then we went to his mother with his mother home. And now I write you a letter and I cry. Because I do not know what I delat.Maya mom said that she does not have such sums of money at this time. And what can I do for free, but then I have to wait very long.
My dear tell me that I do I understand that we are with you will not be able to meet and be together because I can not pay for this operation. And I calculated that I can meet with you and we can be together. I thought as I was able to meet you at the airport. And we will be together with you. My dear write me that I do not I know??
Your favorite Anastasiya.
Letter 2
Greetings my dear and my favourite!!!!!!!!
My dear I to you did not write because I was in hospital. May mum took money in bank (credit). And she has paid for me. My dear I just has arrived home and I write you at once the letter. I have told to mum that you would will help me with that that I could pay for this operation. She to me has told that it very badly to ask money from another's people so we should do it. Road I'm fine. I oa5ia?u remarkably feel myself. May mum has told to me that I can meet now you and we could be together. Road I want to you and to be with you. I would want that we with you lived together. Also that we would have a family. Road I can arrive to you and to be with you????
I am very glad that I write you the letter today. To me my girlfriend should come. And then we with it will take a walk together not much. Road write to me more soon. I wait from you for the letter.
Your favourite Anastasia.
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