Letter(s) from Svetlana Rybalchenko to Jaap (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello dear Jaap,
Thank you very much for your email address. I'm sincerely glad to meet your acquaintance and steal some of your precious time. Do you mind? My name is Svetlana, I'm 34. I live in Ukraine in sunny Odessa city on the Black Sea coast with my 13-year-old daughter Eleonora. She is a lovely and very smart young Lady who plays piano and loves music; she is also a good friend of mine. She studies at musical school and she is a 8th grade now, which is the last year of studies. She always participates in competitions at least once per month and she won the second prize last year at the regional competition of young gifted boys and girls. I'm very proud of her She is also a very merry young lady as her mother is My mood is always kind and romantic and I love bringing joy to all people around me and never feel sad myself. So, this is all a pre-history, but now I would like to supply you with some more physical information about me. My height is 1,62 m and I weigh 52 kg. I was born on the 3rd of April - 1974 and I'm Aries by zodiac sign. When is your birthday? What is your zodiac sign? My eyes are mostly hazel, but they change their color depending on the mood I'm in - hazel - gray - green or any other color (you would be impressed to see this).
I love cooking different tasty things so I could be a real treasure for a sweet tooth Do you like sweet staff? I would make more success in cooking yummy things if they were meant for my only one. Then they would be a great joy to make and eat But only one question appears - does such man exist in the world? I'm looking for the one for whom I want to become an understanding friend, a faithful caring wife, a reliable partner, and an affectionate and tender woman for my beloved man. It s really important for me that somebody would value my soul, sincerity. I want to be loved and to give my love. Are all things mentioned here match with those ones you are looking for in a woman? If you think so, then maybe there is a chance for us to become good friends. Please tell me more about yourself, your hobbies, and your friends, work. If you have questions to me, please, do ask. I will be pleased to answer them. I will look forward to your reply,
Take care
Your New Friend Svetlana

Letter 2

Hello dearest Jaap,

Thank you for your letter that showed me that you are interested in me. Thank you for telling me more about yourself, I find you interesting and would like to get to know you better. Thank you very much for photos of you and your Sara.She is a very sweet girl.

So, I live in Odessa, Ukraine. You know this.Ukraine is one of former USSR republics. Odessa is situated on a Black Sea shore. But I would be willing to relocate with my daughter to another country if I find a right man to be with from there.

As you've probably realized, I'M NOT LOOKING FOR ANY FUN in the Internet. I applied to this service in hope to meet a kind, decent and reliable person. I must admit I had been going to that step for a long time. I have had a skeptical attitude because in this case I don't see eyes of a person I talk to, I don't see if he is smiling or frown as he reads my messages . But after all I've made a decision, and I do hope, that I'll be able to find my true happiness, to meet my true love.

Maybe it seems strange to you that I am not looking for a man in Ukraine. But the fact is, that I've disappointed in my compatriots. They drink too much alcohol, they don't take any interest in a woman's soul. And often they wish to have only the sexual relations. They aren't able to support their families and the majority of them aren't interested in creating a family at all. Children are the burden for them, and they often treat their wives only as housewives. I think that my true soulmate, my other half might live in any part of this big world.

In this letter I'd like to tell you more about myself.

I live in our own apartment in Odessa with my parents and my daughter. I have a sibling as well - a brother.He is 36 years old,he is single man. My mother tried to bring me up to be honest and kind, tender and caring person, a good homemaker. She has always said to me that many things in a family relationship depend on a woman, and first of all that special atmosphere of coziness, warmth and mutual understanding.

I have a large circle of interests. I enjoy singing, dancing, playing the piano and figure-skating. I like to cook. My favorites are vegetable dishes (especially stuffed peppers)and seafood. Sometimes I cannot achieve that taste of a dish I want and I invent new variants, which my neighbors and friends are ready to take for absolutely new recipe. I am fan of cleaning and if I see that something is dirty I begin to wash and clean till the result satisfies me.
I'm a very passionate person, I enjoy going out, traveling, trying new things.

I think I should finish my letter for now, since it already looks very long I want to tell you many more things, but let's continue our conversation a little bit later.

Well, have a nice weekend . I'll be looking forward to hear from you real soon.
Your new friend Svetlana
P:S: The summer in Odessa is to HOT!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes it can be +40C.Would you like to come in Odessa in summer? Have you been visit in Odessa before?

Letter 3

Hello dearest Jaap!

I am very happy that our correspondence continues. Thank you that you told about yourself and your life,and your daugher Sara and work, I guess, that we have a lot of common and our further letters will show it, I am sure.
How are you doing today? What that your weather? The weaher in Odessa is to cold,+2C.I have flu now,and I am stay at appartament now.:(

I am glad that I live in the time of these technologies, so I correspond with somebody who is so far away from me to see if I can find a prospective husband. I've never expected in my life that I would be able to make it and enjoy it. I have so much to tell you about myself that I suppose that it will not be put in one letter. I know, that we will write many letters to each other and we will be close in spite of the distance and language barrier.

You know my dear Jaap, I want to find and marry a nice man who will be my lover and best friend and I dream about family life and long-term relations with right man. I have a lot of unspent love inside me and I am very careful by nature, I would be happy to receive care back from the person I am in love with. I think, that stable relations should be based on mutual understanding. When you are sure that you can tell everything to your "other half", you are safe in your heart and you are happy.

My friends consider me honest and open-minded person, I am ready to learn new things and conservative only in my ideas about family life. I think, that no career can be on the first place for a woman because her task is create family and keep fire in home hearth. She has wonderful duty to wait his husband back from work with supper and help him with taking off his clothes on the threshold. I think, that woman's life must be devoted to her husband and children, but she is not a slave and if she prefers to work to realize herself and feel that she is helpful to the society she lives in, her husband must not stand on her way and let her work. I think, that a woman should decide herself what to do and his wife is his adviser and support. I think, that in marriage man and woman should respect her right to choose.

I am divorced since 1997,I am a medical assistant by my specialty and I work as a nurse in one of Odessa clinics.

I failed many times to find my true love, but now I have experience and will not give in to difficulties. What do you want to find in your future marriage my dear Jaap? I am not in touch with anyone,I have not to much times for anyone.

I want to tell you that I like traveling very much. Last year I had an idea to come with my friend Eugenia to the Carpathians (it is on the west of Ukraine). We joined with the group of students-mountain climbers in town Chernovzi. We were told that we would live in camping and go up mountains by bus. It was suitable for us as we took white footgear, jeans, swim-suits and skirts, but not sportive equipment. The fact was that they brought us in primordial forest and a bus driver said good-bye to us. They gave us tent, showed how to install it and we lived in dense forest for 5 days. We ate all tasteful things we had immediately and than had to gather berries and mushrooms to eat something. I thank god that it was August and there was a lot of them. It was difficult but very interesting. We walked 20 km and climbed mountains, went down with help of safe rope, and sang songs near campfire in nights. I have a lot of good memories about it.))))))))))

I want to know more about you and your likes & dislikes. What is your favorite color? Do you like flowers?

With all my best wishes,

P:S:It will be very nice to hear your's voice.My mobile fhone number is +380672735718

Letter 4

WOW,my dearest Jaap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so good to speak with you on the phone yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!I agree talking is good learning of the language.It was so pleasant for me to hear your breathe, your voice. I always wanted to have such a caring man, with such a nice and positive energy, as you also feel mine!

I am so happy to receive letter from you .As always I have great feelings for you and I like your letters and I get a really warm feeling in my heart when I read them and feel it overfilled with love, and also feel so close to you.

I have been many times in Egypt,Turkey,Bulgaria,Poland,Moskow.Yes,I would like to come in Indonesia with you.And I would like to come in KOSMOS with you too. :)

Do you agree with me,my dear Jaap, that it is possible to be happy only when the feelings are completely mutual, and I feel myself very happy already now just with the fact that we've met each other in this big world and do share the sincere and warmest, mutual feelings to each other. Isn't it the greatest miracle that can happen in life at all? And of course, it is possible to be really happy only when you see that your partner is happy too!

Do you agree with me, that love quickly fades if it is based on physical attraction only. As emotion pass very quickly and nothing remains, except for emptiness and disappointment. I also thought much about true friends, people who can be together for all their life, and I believe that true love is true friendship first of all, based on the deep and close contact between two souls and hearts, and plus strong physical attraction to each other. What do you think my darling?

I believe that a couple should want to be together, spend time together on a daily basis. Not try to hide anything from each other and to be always sincere and open. Now I don't mean to spend every waking moment together, or to smother each other, for it would be also a way to destroy a relationship. I also believe that when people are together they really become one whole in everything. There are a lot of things that I would do because I know that my partner enjoys doing them, even though it might not be something that I really enjoy. If my man gets pleasure from having me there with him, then that is enough of an explanation for me. Life is a compromise, and if he prefers say an antique shop, car racing so I will go there, since he is important to me, to be there to give my input. What do you think my dear Jaap?

To regret, I have to go now, my dearest Jaap.

With deepest affection and tenderness,
Kisses and Hugs,

Letter 5

Hello my dearest Jaap!!!!!!!!!

Nice to hear from you, you wrote quite a letter, I appreciate lots of your attention! Thank you for words from music.But,you are not alone.You have me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much for photos!!!!!!!! Do you have photos together with Sara?

How are you doing these past days since we last wrote? I hope you are all well and remembered me often, :) as I did you. Sorry I didn't respond to your letter until today. :(

Elya is also very sad that her father has nothing to do with her. She sees other children, living in full families, and how father plays a big role in their life, even if that is stepfather, doesn't matter, so she also want us to find a good man - a father's figure for her, and a man for life for me. Sure I will take Elya wherever I relocate, do you mind that? I am a responsible mother and I don't leave my kid to someone else.She said Hello to you.

Tonight I'll go to parents meeting at Elya's classroom, and as usually, the teacher will tell us how well each child studies and how much money the school needs this time from each parent.

I have a cherished dream - to run away to an uninhabited island with you, where we would be only in two among palms, coconuts, hut on the shore and no any trouble or homework.

So your parents live together for so many years, and happily, that is great. My parents are also a good example of how a happy family should live. Tell me more about parents, do you meet often? Do they call you to know how you are doing?

Recently my friend Innessa came back to Odessa for a visit. She married a man from Germany last year and they live very happily there, and she now has come back to Odessa for a visit. She wanted him to come with her, but he could not - due to his work. So I not only heard that international marriages work - I know it from my close friends! And I believe the last year has brought changes to lives of me and Elya - that we have met you!

We already like each other and we will be writing letters however I need you to remember that I am not looking for a pen-pal and I don't want to be involved into a long correspondence, one meeting is better than hundreds of letters, so we shouldn't be writing for months, I mean that we should meet soon and I invite you to visit me in Odessa. What do you think about it? When you visit me and like each other we can talk about me moving to the Netherlands. I am looking for a husband and real family, as I told you. So I am ready to go through all the time of arranging all kind of things with the government. For now visit me in Odessa for a couple of weeks, ok?

And if we become a family we can talk about living in some other country for awhile. I am open for discussing the ideas about our life together.

Yes, I want us to meet, it is a good idea. I should tell you that as you live in Holland, you are European Union citizen and so you will not need visa to Ukraine! Ukraine is not Russia, don't mix us up, EU citizens don't need visas to visit Ukraine! As for me visiting you, it is a lot more troublesome for Ukrainian citizens to get a visa to European Union countries. It is a lot simpler for us to meet in Ukraine. Furthermore, that I want you to acquaint with my culture, for you to know our way of life and traditions, and so, for you to know me more also, for our future life together! I will be take days off,it is not problem for me.

And of course, I'll rent an apartment in the center of the city through the club, as all the most beautiful sights are situated there exactly and we ll be able to walk there, and in case if we need to go to some other part of the city we ll always be able to take a taxi.The apartaments have very differenr price.It is costs 80$ to 150 $ for one night.

I send you my heart, like a white bird, carrying my love on its wings and giving it to you in its singing, and I kiss you with all the tenderness and warmth of my soul.

With deepest affection,

Your Sveta.xxxxxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxx