Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Erik (USA)

Letter 1
My dear Erik, I is very glad to read your letter.
I very strongly love you. I all time think of you. Only you are capable to make me happy.
I favourite mine very much wish to arrive to you. I not to time was not in other country.
I have lived all life in Russia. I not where did not leave.
It would be very interesting to me to go to the airport, to sit down aboard the plane.
It will be the exciting moments for me. Because you will wait for me at the airport.
I all time think of that as we with you will live together.
As we will celebrate with you all holidays together, you will show to me many beautiful and remarkable places.
It can will the beginning of a new family. It will be very remarkable. I favourite mine very strongly love you.
Between us very big distance. But we are obliged to overcome. Because we love each other.
And for this purpose I should arrive to you.
You expensive person on the earth for me. I very strongly love you.
I thought that I will remain one for all life. And I thought that I not when not to find the love.
But when I have got acquainted with you. I have understood what not all is lost.
I have understood that there is a man which loves me. Will be with me always nearby.
And to meet you I will make all from me depending. We necessarily will meet.
I will go to bank to take the credit. And then I will begin to cry for travel completely.
I should pay for travel completely next week.
And for this purpose I should tell exact number of my sending in travel.
And consequently I want that you have told to me when you can meet me?
When for you there will be convenient our meeting?
Answer me somewhat quicker.
For a century yours Nadezhda
Letter 2
Hello Erik.
It was very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter.
I hoped to receive from you the answer. But doubted, that you will write. And you have written to me.
I with pleasure will continue our acquaintance.
In this letter I will not write very much about me directly.
I worry a little as I not in condition to begin acquaintance. But I will try however.
As you already know, my name Nadezhda.
To me of 27 years. I was never married. My birthday on December, 16th 1980.
I have light hair, green eyes. My growth of 1.63 m., my weight makes 52 kg.
I live in a city of Tolyatti in Russia.
I live together with my girlfriend.
And now I however will continue to speak to you about me.
I like to work, at me is family values, and I wish to have a life with the good person, the person whom I will love also who will love me also.
I work as the therapist. My work consists in examining and treating children.
I have got education the therapist. I have finished Samara state medical university.
And now I work 5 years as the children's doctor in hospital. I love the work.
Also at this University I have studied English language.
And I can speak in English, but I nevertheless am not so good to write in a condition.
Therefore you not to be mixed that my letter will be a little inconsistent.
I am a woman who appreciates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not afraid of difficulties in a life.
I also wish to draw your attention according to my letter and for this reason today I will not write very much to you.
But, it will be very interesting to me to learn more about you.
How your life? How your work?
If I pass to tell something about me directly, you can set to me any questions.
I with pleasure will answer your questions.
Possibly to you very interestingly one question. Why I am till now the only thing?
I do not know to answer this question. Possibly it because of it, that I am not so sociable.
And I long time did not reflect over creation of own family.
But I however have not found worthy the person.
And therefore I have decided to try acquaintance through the Internet.
First of all, I search for the friend. For me the Person - first of all the friend.
And if we are really good friends, and we will understand each other as good friends, it is possible then,
I will think of you, as about the Person with whom I would like to create a family.
But now I wish to see in you the Person who will be for me the remarkable friend.
I simply wish to see in you the friend with whom I could speak about any themes for conversation.
And I hope, that in the future we will have confidential relations.
In this letter I will send you the photo. I hope, that you will love it.
I will wait very much for your letter. Also I hope, that you very soon will write to me.
With hope to see your letter and yours fotos.
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