Scam letter(s) from Elena to Wade (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings dear. Thanks that has answered my letter. Well, what we shall get acquainted? Only, unfortunately, I now do not have a lot of time. It is necessary to prepare for the monthly report. I now, on work. But all is certainly not too bad. At me very amicable collective. Only in it it is few men, unfortunately. Ha. Ha. Our girls now drink tea. And I have some free minutes. Also I shall try to tell about myself a little. I from Russia, live in city Cibiknur, the Kirov area, small and lovely enough city. To me 33 years my birthday, it on October, 7 1972, on a horoscope I Deva. I was married, but have divorced one and a half years ago. My husband was the good person. Now he lives with other woman, and I still and could not find to myself the man. Can be to that I communicate a little. And there can be to that I such whimsical. And all I search to myself for prince on a white horse. Ha. Ha. But if it is fair, ridiculous in it certainly a little. Tell to me, please, about itself. Well? I shall be very glad to find out about you more. About your work, a post and education. About your rest. If now at you the woman? If is not present, why you are lonely? The more you will tell about yourself, the better for our dialogue and it is possible the further friendship. I shall try to be with you frank. But also you from me hide nothing. Well? Well, I should finish all. Write, well? I shall wait. Elena.
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