Scam letter(s) from Mariam Lomah to Simo (Finland)

Letter 1
Hello Simon
it was so lovely going through your profile.. i really got thrilled by it... i really want a man that knows the true meaning of the word LOVE and with a good heart... it will be lovely getting to know if all your profile say it really true about you... I really do want you to know that distance does'nt matter all that matters is knowing that we are being tresured,appreciated by eachother and also being loved and cared too for one another...and the only way we can both get to build this is by being us honest,loving,understanding eachother...and most of all appreciating one another too and with all this the distance that keeps both bodies apart starts getting so close and wanted too,cause this are the power of love and true in all, distance do not matter if we do love and care for one another,this depends no the dedication towards one another.. my friend that got married through the dating site she is the Australia now with his husband she is the one who introduce me that i will meet the right ,man..
well am fine and well here in Kpodji REPUBLIC OF BENIN where i work and live.i am open minded,simple down to earth person.i,m happy we share a lot in common.i believe in the maximum of universal tolerance,i travelled Africa and but would love to see other Countries by God,s grace soon I manage a small saloon here in Repulic of Benin,where I take my time to model beautiful ladies into a unique look.i love my job alot even though its not quite rewarding due to fund needed.,so you know am not wealthy but doing ok.i love helping others in need as well as I love other assisting me in life,i love wild life with all manner of animals in nature entirely ,One day believe i will live in a silent and secured peaceful life away from fast growing western life,I love God,so I take my time to serve him daily after waking from my slumber and before going to bed.I love spending my weekends with friends swimming in port novo,where they have good pools in Republic of Benin,I am 5.8FT tall so you know how much I love deep depts in pools,My hair colors I change when I feel like depending on my mood and outfits.I love trying on new cloths so I hope you are familiar with this in Women.
Can we go out shopping some time..I like climbing rocks when I visit places that got some...I live with mother just me and her alone..,do miss my fathers' assistance sometime..but guess am doing the best I can,and he is glad am trying.
I see you as a very interesting person,you seem kind and understanding and i would want to talk more and more with you,am looking for the right one as well. I am adventurous and willing to expand my horizon to seek all the pleasures available,learning new things all the time.. have attach my pictures mother always tell me that am beautiful, bye for now and take care of yourself as i hope to read from you again.,...and you can also ask questions...... please send me your pictures,
God bless you
pending your reply...
Letter 2
Hello Simo
Thank you for your kind letter! I'm very glad to get acquainted with you! I wish that our friendship will last and hopefully will turn into something strong and beautiful. Our correspondence will help us to find out if we are compatible and share the same values of life., My father is from Egypt why mother from west Africa, father work here that is where she saw my mother they now fine there love together, i hope you understand me now..... Which qualities do you value in a person most? My answer to this is honesty, loyalty, respect, the will to keep promises, sense of responsibility, fairness, and –if it is a relationship- tenderness and faithfulness.

I promise that I will be always honest to you, and I expect the same from you. Will you? Honesty is the best policy in life! We should tell each other the truth whether the other likes it to hear or not, of course not in a rude or unpolite way. Life is too short to waste it with playing games with the feelings of someone else.

I want to point out that I?m very serious about relationship and that I?m truly looking for my future husband, not looking for fun and adventure. I?m only looking For true human quality in my future husband. I want the true beauty that lasts forever and that only can come from inside. As you know the outside beauty will Fade away as one gets old, however the inside beauty actually glows. Real beauty only comes from the good heart. Not all people are same though, and that?s Why I?m determined to find the right one. Hopefully we can become such persons for each other, I will be happy if we find our love and our happiness together. In my job I sometimes work hard but money and success are not the most important things in my life.

however i must say that somehow i seem to believe in this connection and have strong convictions about it..i understand that you re older ,i mean far older ande really that makes it very interesting for me age has always been a number to me and also i have always prefered older men ,maybe because i am in dear need of a father figure,who will always be responsive to my needs. but it is really hard to find a man who doesn't look only for fun and pleasure. I already was near to give up the idea of finding my soulmate by internet because I didn't make any good experiences.

I am so glad that you are different, I have a very, very good impression of you! I don't see a man as a ****** object. *** can be wonderful but without love it leaves us in the end empty and hurt. I'm not a woman for one night, and I hope that you are careful as well concerning ***. Tell me, what is the meaning of marriage for you? My parents were married for more than 30 years and they were happy together, and as they did,
I want to marry only once in my life.

I believe in happy contented family and in the sanctity of marriage, it should be respected as one of the most important Values of a human being, it should never be trampled down as useless. Divorces now are frequent all over the world, people plunge into marriage with a little Understanding of the real meaning of this agreement and when the going gets rough, because of the weak foundation, the marriage collapses, and the usual Result is to finish someone else, well for me this is a senseless act. You cannot solve the problems by getting another partner, the change must start from the Person itself. You have to look deeper into your own attitude and change for the better and only then you will find a better compromise with your partner.

I will wait for your reply. Please answer to all my questions!!! I wish you a wonderful day! With tenderness,

Mariam Lomah
Letter 3
Hello simo,
Good morning how are you doing i feel so great reading your letter this morning you have made me to be friend with my system that i check my email box every minute if you have reply me..., how was your trip i hope it went well and no stress at all..i wish all the best in your work... well Simo what i mean is that i need a mna that will be father and husband to me... you are 31 and am 3o.. is a good match but still you are older than me.. and if i may say maybe more matured than it is not bad if i say father to me..

The quality i listed was what i want and ned in a relationship with i stand on it and am very happy that you also want same thing i believe with this we will have a good relationship that will last for ever and nothing can break it.., am a kind of person that i always stand to my words and i don't lie, and i don't cheat because i don't wantr any body to lie or cheat on me... so i always do what i want people to me... Ii hope you understand?.

I really enjoy your guide lines because they are ket to life expecialy to relationship with this guide i believe if we follow it any relationship we stand like a rock.. and am very happy that you have this thing:) i want a man that we go out for weeks and i will be rest asured that he will be faithful to me, i want a man that i will be bost of his faithfulness...and also do samthing to him... if we work with trust and believe thing between we really work and nothing can stop you believe that?

Am very serious about this because i believe am not getting any younger so am giving all my time to this so am 100% serious about this am verys happy also that you are serious too, and that you don't want a one night pleasure looking for true love that will lead to very happy that i have found you simo, a pleasures always turns agony because you **** for it.. and **** always bring bad ends...

I don't have a good experience in the internet dating because of what i heard from so many girls here but because my cousintrvel recently with this so i believe i will meet my man here and have met you:) i have a strong feelings about you which make me to stand strong that you are the one...

Have considerd marriage because i want to marry onec in my life just i have to b very careful about this.. so it will be better if we meet in person... so we can stend so much time together and learn more about each other.. so Tell me about your country...
yes you have answered my question and you answered them just the way my heart accept...
am happy that you also feel same thing.. about doing everything that we make this relationship work out.. am very very happy...
you are my darling..
please reply me soon
please take good care of your self...
with lot of kisses and hugsssss
Letter 4

Hello darling Sim,
how are you doing good morning, how was your night i hope you slept well.. and you dream about me.. because i was just thinking so much about you Simo to extend that i have to read and red your message again and again.. i just which i can be with you now.. i believe that we are good match for each other... the reason why it took us this time to meet each other is because God want us to pass through life and learn about little of life so we will apprecaite love when will see it and we will not let it go..when it comes to us....

Simo i will be faithful to you no matter what may happen in good time and in bad time.. because i believe life is all about time.. there will be some time that you need to pass through chalenges it is to make you strong so am ready for all this.. i will be honset to you till the end i believe if we are honest to each other our relationship will last for ever...

My very much happy that you want to marry once in your life.. so we both want same thing and we have some anything in common.. am just the most happiest person on heath.. yes i want to live with you...i want to talk to you, i want to eat with you.. i want to sleep with you.. because with all this our raltionship we get more stronger and nothing can break us apart.. so you are right...
am very much happy that you know about the Biblw with is the holy book and i believe that you will have God fearing wow you are just want i want...

Finland is a good country i just can't wait to see it... andi hope you will take me to a nice place in finland.. i have so many people here that has done there...and they said is a good country and that there is a lot of snow over there.. i hope they are right?
i believe it is time for we to move to the next level to meet each other.... what do think?
i know of a Travel company that help my friend to Travel out to Australia if you want me to Visit the and know what it going to take me to come over please feel free to ask me to...
I can't let this felings go...
i just can't wait to be with you..
please take good care of your missing you so badly...
have a nice day..
waiting to read back from you very soon..
lot of kisses and hugsssss
Letter 5
Hello My darling,
am very happy that we are communication so fast.. My dear it is my sister hair dressing shop so it is not a big deal closing it,, because this is my life you are my life... i will go the traveling company tomorrow to find out what will cost me to come and what i need to come...
I can't wait to meet you.. you are my joy and happiness...
please take good care of your self for me...
i care so much about you...
lot of kisses and hugs
Letter 6
My heart,
how are you doing i hope everything is going on fine with you..
I was just coming back from the embassy it was really a noicy and a busy place it me so long before they could answered me.. but i was so lucky that i met one of my church brother working in he embassy an he attended to me.. and he told me everything i need to come over to finland... i will need a passport and Visa i willneed to run text medical text...
he gave me the price of everything....
Visa 420 euros
passport 160 euros
medacal text. 700 euros.
asgency fee 110 euro..
and is going to take 5 working days for my visatobe ready after payment.. so it is left to us. now.. and they also need your number so they will call you just comform who is inviting me to come over... Honey this is what i need to meet you... i can leae for for our lifes... please take good care of your selfthinking somcuh about you...thanks for your ecard.. waiting to read back from you..
Letter 7
Hello My love,
how are you doing and how is everything with you? it was nice to read from you this morning i could not sleep just thinking about you, that is why i open the internet to check if you have reply me... My love the price they gave to me is very cheap becaue of my church memeber that met over there... the Visa is 6 month Visa...
and the medica text they said am going do alot of text including *** malerai and so on.. just to check me up if am fit to go... which i know am fit... Honey they said the passport will be ready in 5 working days... and they said if my Visa is ready i can now book for flight... so it is very easy.. my love..
thank so much for apprecaite my card i will send you more just to show you that i truely miss you...
please my love it wll be nice to pay the money because i can't wait to be with you... I LOVE YOU
hoping to read from you..
yours future wife
Letter 8
Hello My love,
Good morning how are you doing just want to tell you that am thinking about you.. and i can't wait to be with you... what do you think about the money it will be better for me to do the payment now.. because i need to be with you. I love you so so much...
waiting to read from you...
yours Mariam
Letter 9
Hello My darling, how are you doing i feel so great and excited when i read your massage and the card you sent was wonderful.. how are you doing i hope everything si going on fine with i just can't wait to meet you, My heart it will be nice that i get my Visa and passport now.. you are not talk about it... you know without this our dream of meeting will not come to life,
I want to be with you and spend time with you, make love with you, and have our children, it will be fine if you can send the money so to start the processing for my document.. and i will need your phone number and your address...I love you so so much,
so let do this.. please reply me quiick so i will know the next step...
thinking so much about you
please take good care of your self for me..
your faithfully
Letter 10
Hello Love,
My love why do ake me feel so cheat? do you think am after your Money? did i look like a poor girl in he picture..
anyway.. i just want to tell you that you just talking to me that way.... i have giving you my love.. do you know how many men write me in the site? I just choose to write you because i have a good feelings about us..
because of you am no more in the site what do you want?
My love i want to support for this if you can suppport with half i will also support also with half to make this thing betwrrn cme to pass i don't want to loss you.. I love you so much...I can't sleep just thinking about you...
Please write me back and tell me what you feel..
please don't take my joy away..
yours Mariam

Letter 11
My love,
how are you doing i hope you your day was really nice... Simo i just can't stop thinking about you.. you are all i ever wanted in my life..
you are the only one in my life now that i am thinking of.. I hope you feel the same way too?
My love i have a good new..when i read your lette and i ask mother if she can support us with money... and i beg her that you really mean so much to me... guess what she is ready to supporu us with half of the money and ask me to tell you support with half also...
My love i have try a lot just to show you how i want this to happen....please try and look for other half so we can meet and spend the rest of our life togthere... i just can't stop thinking about you...
please tell me what you feel....
waiting for your reply... Please take good care od your self for me..
I love you
Letter 12
Hello My love,
Good everning, how are you doing, I feel so great reading your letter today...
simo i must tell you that am inlove with you and i just can't stop thinking about you,
how i wish you can see how am feeling about you, the more i know you the more i love you,
you have a good idea but my love you know the Visa is 3 month Visa it will be perfect if we can start now... My love if you can bve doing it little by littel before you know it... everything is set.. Life is too short to waist, i understand you but try and look it on my side...
I wish you have yahoo messenger it will be easy for us to chat more.. Honey try and get yahoo messanger.. so you can add me..
I can't wait to meet you in person.. remember that you are one of a kind.. at out millions people in the site.. Think about this...
please take good care of your self...
i will be waiting for you...
I love you so much.
Letter 13
I don't know what to say.. why are you so concern about Money... anyway just hold your money since you can't even feel anything for me what is point of me dying to meet.. i have give everything i have for this.. but you still can't get it...
i wish you good luck..
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