Scam letter(s) from Olga Petrowa to Andreas (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello my unknown friend Andreas!!! I am surprised to hear from you! I was not sure that you would get my message and that you would write me back but I am happy that it is happened. I casually found that site and just decided to try and check how it works and I am happy that it worked out. Actually I am new to this kind of dating and all computer things and I do not know what to expect from this. So I want to sorry for any mistakes or anything is not right for you, ok. Anyway I guess you have al lot of questions and want to know more about me as I want to find out more about you. I do not know if you understand that I live in Russia and it is rather far from you. I hope it will not change anything for you and the distance will not be a problem. Anyway we can be friends in any case. Do you know about my country a lot? I guess you have heard something and what do you think about it there? I live in very small town called Sovetskiy. It can be called village instead of town I think. The population of it less than 5000 people. I guess you have never heard of it. It lays 600 km to the west from Novosibirsk near Chany lake and near Kupino city. It is very quiet and beautiful and situated in very wonderful land with very beautiful and untouched nature. I am sure that you would like it if you were here. As for me I am 28 years old single female who has never been married and does not have kids. I was born in 10th of December 1979. I am 165 cm tall and my weight is 56 kg. I have brown eyes and light brown hairs. I will send you the photo with this letter so you can see how I look. Let me know if you like it. I do not smoke and do not drink and like to be active. I like outdoor activities like camping or hiking when I have free time from my work. I work as a children nurse in social center. So it is brief personal information about me. What about you? Can you tell me what exactly you are looking for? I am looking for true love and I still believe in it in spite of the fact that I have not being happy in finding it yet. My past relationship ended couple of years ago and I was hurt so much and have not met somebody since that time. But I still believe in love and want to find my other half and that is why I am here. Are you still interested? I hope you are and that you are looking the same. All right I think it is better to stop here and I think I wrote a lot of information for the first letter. I understand that it is difficult to write everything in one letter but I hope that we will be able to continue our correspondence and find out more about each other. For now I will let you go and I am looking forward for your reply. Pretending to become your new friend Olga.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Andreas!!! I am happy to hear from you and I can say that I am really glad to know you. My life here was so usual before I met you. You know that my work takes most of the time and I work 6 days a week and not less than 8 hours each day. It was very hard for me to relax or have some rest and I was tired most of the time. But now everything has changed. Your letters and you words full my life with a lot of new impressions and new energy so I do not feel lonely and tired anymore and it is your desert. Thoughts about you almost completely have occupied my mind and I always think when I can get to the Library at last to write you and read your wonderful words. A lot of questions are in my mind all the time. How are you there and what are you doing at this moment? All these are so unusual for me you know and I have never thought that our connection will be this way. Anyway enough about me. Better let me know how are you? I hope life treats you well there and everything is all right. Me and my aunt Mariya are doing fine and she asked to say great hello to you. Remeber I wrote you about her in my last letter. She is my aunt and like my best friend and sister and yesterday I told her about you and about our way of communicating. I hope you are all right with it because I did not want to hide anything from her. She was very surprised and curious but she told me to be a little cautious because she worries about me so much. She just do not want my heart to be broken again and I understand her. I tried to calm her and told her that you are good person and do not have desire to hurt me. I really hope it is so and we will be able to show her it am I right? You also can be sure Andreas that I will never do anything to hurt you because I am sicnere woman and as I wrote already I do not like lie and playing with feelings. I am really happy that we were able to meet each other in spite of this big distance we have between us and I am curious to know more and more about you with each of your letters and then time will show us what will happen. Anyway only the God knows what the future holds for us but I think that everything should be all right. I think I should finish the letter with these hopes and I will better go because it is rather late already. Library is half an hour walk from my home and I want to get home till darkness. I am sending you the photo of me and my aunt Mariya so you know whom I was talking about. Now I am leaving the Library but I can't wait to hear from you again. Truly yours Olga.
Letter 3
Hello my love Andreas!!! How is everything there? I hope fine. As for me I miss you so much you know and it is very hard for me to be so far away from you. I want to take away this distance we have between you and me and I am sure you want the same. I wonder how our first meeting will be and only our meeting holds the future for us. Anyway I am sure that everything will be fine between us and we will be happy together. As you know already I went to the consular to check what it will take to get me to you there. It is not so hard as I thought in the beginning. I will need to fill some papers here and then get foreign passport and visa to come to you. There are several kinds of visas I can get to enter your country but the visa I can get in easiest way is tourist visa and I was told that I will be able to get it without any problems. It just will take some time and I need to pick up and fill some documents but I will do everything what depends on me. But I have only one problem that upsets me very much. It is not convenient for me to ask you for help but I do not have choice and I have to hope only on your understanding. You know I need to pay for doing all paperwork and getting visa and passport and you know that my salary is not enough to pay for it. My economy situation here is much less compare to yours and this payment more than I earn per month. I want to come to you more than anything you know but I will not be able to do it without your help. I do not want to complain but I will not be able to go through hurting my heart again and I am so scared that I can lose you if we will not meet. Can you put yourself on my place? I do not know whom else I can ask for help except you. You know that I am always honest and sincere with you and I hope that you will understand me and will help me to do this serious for both of us step. I have filled some papers already when I was to the consulate and they made a file for me. I have already paid 1200 rubles near 35 euro as consular duties and it were all savings I had. But the main cost is still should be paid. As soon as I pay the rest they will continue my visa process. They gave me exact costs for paperwork and I will let you know them. So the visa costs 100 euro and I also need to pay near 100 euro for getting foreign passport, 70 euro for the insurance and near 30 euro for questionnaire and other expenses I may have. So I need 300 euro to cover all expenses. You know that I do not have such amount here because it is more than my month salary and I do not know any way I can find it here. So I can hope only on your help. Will you be able to help me dear Andreas? I pray that you will. I have also thought about the ways you can get the money to me. I do not have bank account because we just do not use it here but I found out that there is the simple way of sending the money without the account called Western Union transfer system. Have you heard of it there? They said that it is all over the world. There is also Western Union office here in towns near me. I went there and they told me that you need only my full name to send the money but you should check that there were no mistakes. I am not sure if you have this information so I am writing it again. My full name is Olga Petrowa and my address is Russia, Sovetskiy, Kotovskogo street 17, apt 4. I will need to know Transfer Control number to get the money. You will get it when you send the money. I will also need your full name and address exactly as you will write in the receipt when you send the money and the name of the town you will send the money from. This transfer system operates with dollars so I will need to know exact amount you will send in dollars with your currency there. And check that there were no mistakes in names because if there is mistake even in one letter I will not be able to get it. As I wrote I have filled some papers already and if we want to make our meeting happen soon I need to pay the money during the week. So Andreas, please try to send it as soon as possible. I really hope that you will understand me and my situation. I want to see you very much but I will not be able to do it without your help just because I don't have such amount of money. I am sorry again for asking you for help and I feel so big inconvenience. I will understand if you do not want to help me but it will break my heart if I am not be able to meet you. I trust you dear with all my heart and I am giving all of me in your hands now. I imagine that we can meet really soon and I have tears on my eyes. I will impatiently wait for the day when we are together and I wish I could speed up the time to the day when I come to you. I love you so much and will wait for your answer with great impatience. With all my love Olga.
Letter 4

My dear love Andreas!!! How are you doing there? I feel like I am the happiest woman on the planet now and I am sure that you will feel the same after I tell you good news I have for you. Guess what is it? My visa is done! I am so excited dear! Are you? At last I will be able to come to you and meet you. I did not have any problems with visa at all. They only have done several checks and have taken some papers from me. But I do not have the visa in my hands yet, because they want to see first if I can order the airfare. They need to know if I can provide my trip and can order the ticket and it is the rule for everyone. As soon as I order the ticket I will be able to pick up my visa and my ticket in my hands and fly to you! So everything I need now is to buy the ticket for my trip to you. I have been founding out information about the flight to you during last days. There is an airport in Omsk not so far from me and there are flights to Sweden. Tell me what the nearest to you airport is and I will order the ticket to there. I will have to go to Omsk and will have to stay there for some time. They promised me to book not very expensive tickets but we need to hurry because later they will be more expensive I guess. They will be waiting for me for several days and I need to go to Omsk as soon as possible to pay for it and then I will be able to come to you. I have to ask you to help me with it. It is so inconvenient for me to ask you for help again but I do not have choice. I hope you will understand me dear and that we need to do our best to make our dreams come true. By the way I also want to say you one thing. You know I do not have passport with ID in my hands now because I gave all papers for processing my visa and all my documents are still there. So I will not be able to get the money on my name but I have found one way in this situation. Actually my aunt Mariya offered her help. You know that she always supports me and helps me in everything and I am so grateful to her for it. So you will be able to send the money through western union to my aunt's name and we with her will be able to get the money without problems. You know that her name is Mariya. Her last name is Kornilowa. So her full name is Mariya Kornilowa. Just check that there were no mistakes in name. She has the same address as me you know. We will need to know control number and your name again exactly as they will write in the receipt when you send the money. Also let me know the name of the town you will send the money from and exact amount you will send in dollars with your exchange currency there. You know it as you have already done it before. We will get the money and then I will buy the ticket and will pick everything here and will be ready to leave to you. I will need to pay about 800 dollars or near 600 euro. This sum includes ticket and all expenses to get to you. As soon as I order the ticket I will let you know all information about the flight. I can only hope on your understanding. Imagine dear, only several days separate us from hugging each other. I want to hug you, to kiss you and to feel you so much. You are my love and my everything. I will also find the way to write you from Omsk and let you know how is everything. Everything will be so easy after I order the ticket and then nothing will be able to prevent us from being together really soon. My love Andreas, I know that you understand me and love me. Tell me that you love me and that everything will be all right. I am waiting impatiently for your reply. I love you so much!
Your Olga.
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