Scam Letter(s) from Ulyana to Mark (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Mark! I am very glad, that you have given me the e-mail as I would like to get acquainted with you much more close! You are very interesting for me and if you not against to have with me dialogue you can write to me at any time on my electronic address:
I wish to tell a little about myself that you knew with whom communicate.
First of all I wish to tell, that I very sociable, cheerful and cheerful girl! I don't like to long, I try to be adjusted for a life positively! I very much love children, but unfortunately I haven't their. My dream - to create a strong, healthy family and to have own children. I wish to find the man with whom it would be interesting to me that he respected my interests and appreciated me. I wish to find the man who would not be afraid of difficulties as a life every day all becomes more difficult. I wish to tell to you, that many men in Russia don't appreciate women and it is bad with them address. I would not want, that the father of my future children was same as many Russian men. For this reason I have tried to come on a site and to me it was very pleasant, that you have paid to me attention when I have sent you interest. I am glad, that I know your electronic address and I hope, that we can have conversation every day. I wish to find out about you and your life. You can tell to me about the interests, about work and a family. I will be glad to hear about you this information as we only begin our dialogue and I would like to know about you as much as possible. As to a family. I wish to tell to you, that I live with mum in apartment. My daddy has thrown my mum two years ago and does not wish to come back to us. My mum has transferred a hard blow on heart. Some time to it was heavy, but I with sister constantly supported it and assured, that we always will be with it and never we will leave it as it was made by our father. I would not wish to recollect these sad moments of a life and I hope, that I should not come back to these memoirs any more. I have sister who already married and has the own child. The name of my sister - Olga, at it is the son to whom 6 years and it will soon go to school! My nephew call Kolya! It is very interesting to me to observe as the child of my sister every day becomes more adult and in a year it becomes the pupil of the first class. I very much love the nephew! My sister with the husband lives in a countryside in city Zelenodolsk. They live in very beautiful place, their house costs on a small lawn surrounded with dense trees and we is frequent with mum we visit them. I am very glad, that my sister is happy! I hope, that sometime I will have own child whom I could bring up and make of it the worthy person! It is my dream! I wish to transfer you photos that you could look at my family which I very much value.
Now I wish to finish the small story and if you would like to find out about my life more do not hesitate to write to me the letter! I will be glad to support with you conversation since I well know English language! I wish to tell to you, that I went on English language courses at university since I very much liked a subject of English language. Now I think, that these courses as now I have you were useful to me and I can well understand, that you will write to me. I hope, that you can support with me dialogue as I very much would like to communicate with you! Once again I wish to tell to you, that it is very pleasant to me to have such friend as you!I will wait for your letter with huge impatience!
Your good friend Ulyana!



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