Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kozyreva to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Jose!
I am glad to that you have answered my letter. I will be glad to speak and gets acquainted with you. I hope, that between us there will be a good dialogue which will probably outgrow in huge feeling as love. But about it still early to speak, but I will tell to you the purpose of my acquaintance to you. I wish to find that unique man with whom I can build serious relations. I wish to be happy and to make happy that man with whom I will be all the life further. I hope, that at us with you good and pleasant dialogue will turn out. I hope, that to a smog to find in you the good friend and the interlocutor.
Jose now I will tell about myself. After all you it interests :)
As you already know my name - Tatyana. At present to me of 27 years.
But this year on December, 5th to me 28 years will be executed. I live one in the apartment. I work as the Manager on advertising.
I will tell the qualities of character. I the sociable girl with humour. Many people who know me, say, that at me good character. But say, that sometimes I happen is obstinate a little. :) But I do not consider, that the obstinacy is a negative quality. Because to obstinate people it is is easier achieved in the objective. Jose as you consider? And what at you positive and negative qualities in character? Jose tell to me about the character, about the interests. It is interesting to me to learn about you more information. As set questions. I with pleasure will answer them.
In this letter I send you my photos which I have made recently at me in apartment. I hope they will like you. I hope to see your photos in yours the following letter.
On it I will finish the letter and I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your new acquaintance Tatyana!
Letter 2
Hello my love Jose!!!
Jose I so am glad to receive your letter... We with you correspond already very long time and I consider, that our relations have reached such high level that time for personal meeting has come. Jose_ I am assured, that you that person with which I wish to live the life rest. I so strongly love you that I do not can to grow fond any more of anybody another. Other men do not cause in me any interest. For the first time I so have strongly grown fond of the person! Jose_ I to anybody so strongly did not feel. And now I understand, that such love between two people. And after all we with you are familiar only under our letters! Only present what love will absorb us at a meeting!!! I am assured that you that person which are necessary to me. You - my ideal!!! I love you and only you!!! I so strongly wish be with you that I can not to transfer words! The feeling to you occupies all my thoughts! I cannot without you!!! I wish to be with you! I love you!!! The darling, I said to you, that I descend in travel agency and I receive particulars. I already descended and have received particulars. The passport for travel abroad and the visa. My visa is tourist and it operates 3 months. As the ticket is necessary for flight. I have learnt ticket cost in your city. The cheapest ticket costs 890 EURO. If to take even the cheapest ticket for me it is the rather big sum, but I will put a maximum of efforts that ours with you the meeting has taken place. I think, that you too want ours with you of a meeting. You can help me with arrival to you?
Jose At me on work holiday soon begins and I can arrive to you, in it there will be no difficulties. But it is important to know, whether you can will meet me in the near future? After all has put still that my visa will be comes to an end soon. And consequently I want will meet you this month... But a problem that at present I do not have not enough money for the ticket. With you feelings have reached ours of certain level and we with you a meeting will be a push to stronger and serious feelings. I think, that you too so consider also we soon we can will meet. Jose I love you and I consider you as the man, I am glad to that we could find each other, not looking on that distance which between us at present and will be very fine if we with you reduce it to a minimum. Jose I know, that you too wish to be with me nearby and it very much pleases me. At us such fine relations and on it it is not necessary to stop and they should be developed. Our meeting will help us to develop with you our love.
I send you the documents that you could look at them and understand, that I can arrive without problems to you.
I will wait for your letter with your opinion concerning all that I have written to you.
I love you. I send to you many the kisses!!!
With love yours Tatyana!!!
Letter 3
Hello my love Jose!
So it is pleasant to me to realise, that I again read your fine letter. It brings to me a lot of pleasure.
It is very pleasant to me to know that I have such remarkable man as you which loves me and to care of me. Jose I am very glad, that we could find each other. But I am am upset only with one, you are very far from me... But I am assured, that it for a short while. I am right?:) All my hope only on you!!!
My dear Jose_ I went today to bank and to me have told, that I cannot temporarily create the bank account. To me have advised to take advantage of services Western Union. I never used the given firm but as to me have told, that this firm has very well proved. They transfer money very quickly and without any problems. You heard something about this firm? You are ready to transfer me money for the ticket through Western Union?
The darling, you can speak with me in msn only at 12 o'clock in the morning? At me it too late and I doubt, that to a smog to speak with you in on=line at this time. Whether probably before to speak with you?
Jose Ours with you the love represents two half which try will incorporate and to be together. At first our half were weak, but with each our letter they all became stronger and became stronger and stronger and now our love very strong and I think, that we with you can overcome all difficulties which can arise before us. Jose we love each other also I know, that we can overcome distance which divides us... When our hearts will be together to us with you it will be very good because we love each other also we we know it very well. It is very a pity to me, that we yet together. Jose I very much want, that we were a number that we with you could see sights each other that we could will touch to each other. I so dream of it, because I love you. Jose I all life dreamt, that I had a beloved with whom to me it will be good to which I can present children which I will love also which me I will love also at last have found you and I am very glad. For the first time I have found such man who understands me with which I will cut all thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas. For me it is very important to know, that I am expensive on the present to someone except the girlfriends and the native. Jose I am happy, because I have met you on the course of life. I think, that our purpose it to connect our loving hearts. I think, that you consider as. It is the truth?
My mum sends you regards! It so is glad for us with you and hopes, that between us with you there will be fine relations...
Jose I send you a kiss!!! But I hope, that I can shortly kiss you at ours with you to a meeting...
For ever yours Natalya!
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