Scam letter(s) from Marina Lebedeva to Al (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend!!! How are you doing? I hope fine. I am very happy to receive your letter and to see that you really to be interested in my first letter. Really it is very interesting to me to learn you more and to study you. I as would like to tell to you about that that I really lonely woman and I very much would like to have acquaintance to the man for serious relations. For this purpose I to address in agency of acquaintances and to give them my letter. To me to tell that I can really find the man through their agency and they to allow me a little e-mail. I to choose yours and you are very pleasant for me that to answer my letter. I hope that we can study more about each other. I to understand that to you is interesting where I to take yours e-mail, but now I can not tell you it precisely because I to not have contact to travel agency. When I have received yours e-mail, to me have told, that you search of the person for the serious attitude. I to not know whether to want you it now but if it is the truth, please to write to me the letter and then we shall have our meeting. But if you to have the wife, or the girlfriend that please to inform about it, and we to finish our correspondence. I to not know you as the person, but I to want to learn about it. I very much want to have acquaintance with good the man. I as to have some questions for you. How there is your life? In what country you live? What city you live? What you to think about our meeting? You wanted that I could arrive to you during a week? I hope that this day to pass well for you and you to have good mood. I wish you good day and success. I wait for your letter. Your friend
Letter 2
Hello Oliver! How are you doing? I'm so glad to get your answer:) This is Marina. I did not write to you for some time because I have been busy lately. And the other reason is that I do not have computer at home so I have to go to the internet cafe. I would like to tell you about myself. First of all, I have write to you because I know and heard much about your country. I have chosen to talk with you because I know English, I have been studying it in university and I have been studying it in school for 3 years. so I have decided to write to you Oliver knowing that You will understand me without problems and between us there will be no language barrier(I hope it) :) Other reason, and probably it is the most important reason for a writing of my letter to you, it is that fact, that I now am at a stage of registration of the visa in your country. I long time worked without holiday and now I have many paid days for rest. My colleague advised me to go to travel agency and to choose there travel for relax. I have filled all necessary documents for the tourist visa and I look forward to hearing from embassy which is in Moscow. To me have told, that the answer will be ready in a one or maximum two weeks. I am glad, that I can soon see other country with interesting culture and people. I think it it would be interesting to learn you, at that time, while I wait the visa. There can be we shall interest each other and then we can meet in the person. I can be naive, but I think it very interestingly to meet somebody in other country. Whom you knew before only in letters. I wait much from this trip because I am very tired from work and loneliness. OK, Let me tell you more about myself.I'm 29 years old, my height is 15 ' 7 and my weight is about 50 kg (i dont know how it will be in pounds). I was born on the 11th of November in 1978 and I'm Scorpio. And when were you born and what is your zodiac sign? I think it's quite important to know this because we can learn the person better when we know his or her date of birth.:) I'm white Russian girl. I'm orthodox Christian so I believe in Jesus. I'm single, I have never been married and I have no kids. I'm an open-minded person, I'm very sensitive and sociable. I love to meet new people and learn something new about different countries, different nationalities and so on. I love to read. My friends and family say that I'm very communicative and kind-hearted. (If they have not told so. Probably they would be not friends for me :) LOL) What can I tell you about the city I live in? I love my city. It is very small. It is called Izhevsk. it's situated about 1200 kilometers from the capital of Russia Moscow. My city is very beautiful. But here it happens very coldly in the winter. I think, that in city practically there are no such strong frosts as at us and does not drop out so a lot of snow. In the winter everything is covered with snow and people have to wear warm clothing. We have a lot of fun at winter. I go skiing, skating and sliding with my friends and family. But my favourite season is summer, when the trees are green and there are a many different flowers. I often go swimming in summer. By the way mycity is located on one of the most beautiful river in Russia. It is Volga river. And what is your favourite season? What is the weather like in your city right now? Also I want to say you couple words about my education. I have completed college and I got the diploma of book keeping and Audit. Well, it's pretty long letter:) I did not think that I would be able to write somuch! Once more I was happy to get your letter and I hope to hear from you soon!!! By the way I'm attaching my photo and I hope you'll like it. Good bye! Your Russian friend
Letter 3
Hi Oliver!!! I was anxious to get your letter. I like to read your messages a lot. I like to learn more about you. You interest me a lot!!! I want us to be closer to each other that's why I want to tell you about very important part of my life, about my family. I have Mom, one brother. I don't have dad , he died 10 years ago right after my little brother was born. My moms name is Irina, she works in the hospital, she is a nurse. She have chosen this career because whe wants to help people and she likes take care of people who need her help. My mom and I have to bring up my brother. It's so expensive to do this with our salary. My brother is 15, his name is Sasha, and he is teaching in school now. I love them to death. We spend a lot of time together and we never argue. I'm so proud of my family and I think that my brother is very smart kid and he will have awesome future and I'll try my best to help them! It is a lot of time, I give to my work. I work as the bookkeeper in small firm. There can be it's not top of dreams, and I can do more, but I very much love this work, I love my colleagues and we have very fair and kind boss. Anyways don't think that because of my work I don't have time for my family or friends. Some how I manage to go for a walks with my family and friends. We go skiing and skatin in winter and we usually go swimming in summer as I told you in previous letter we have very beautiful river near my city!! I told my Mom that we write letter to each other. She is every glad for me. My mom wants me to be happy and to find a man that I will truly love and who will love me too. She is happy that I write letters to you because she knows that I'm glat to this dialogue. Of course she wishes me happiness as any mom does to her daughter. She and my brother say hi to you. Oh, excuse me, probably it is boring to you to listen about all that.
I hope you did not yawn, when you read it :) Well Oliver, I do not wish to hurry event, but I have some questions to you. These questions are very important for me. I would like you told to me about that, what you are realy looking for? Tell to me how you see your happy life how you see your future woman? I have family, I have my little brother, I very much love my mum. But I wish to have my own family. I wish to have the house and the husband. This house would become for me silent harbour, coming in which I could forget about all troubles and problems. I wish to give my heat and love to my husband. May be I'm old-fashioned. But I very much wish to hear a phrase every evening: " Honey I'm home!!! " Tell to me about all this Oliver. Tell to me, what you should have in a life that you could tell "I'm happy on 100 !!!!" I hope that our desires and our dreams will be similar. I for a long time wish to find second half of my soul. Soon I will have the visa and I cann manage my travel. I cannot approve, I do not wish to do hasty decisions, but I think, that if we will meet with you in the person, It will be wonderful!!! Tell to me please more about your country, about your city. If I shall visit it what interesting places for tourists there is. What can I visit? Also tell to me please the name of the international airport which are nearest to you. I have no concrete destination of my travel, therefore, if for this time, while my visa is made out, we will become closer to each other, there can be I shall arrive in this airport. Well I have to go. But I really hope that we won't stop writing to each other!! I have so much to tell you about myself and I want to learn much more about you!!!:) Good -bye!!!! Yours
Marina PS: I do not know, whether you think about serious relations or you looking for funn only and you dont need serious relationships. Tell to me in your following letter, whether you consider an opportunity of ours meeting for real? It is very important for me, I shall wait your answer. Thanks for a photo, you on it very beautiful.
I never was abroad. It is my first trip.
Letter 4

Hello my deares Oliver!!! I was very glad to read your last letter! I am very raised by our dialogue. I often think of my forthcoming travel and about you. I think of it in a day long and most for all I think of it before laying down to sleep. I very much wait this moment. Today I went to travel agency, I filled there some papers (about the insurance). To me have told, that my visa will be ready next week. There is a chance, that following weekend we shall spend together. Oh Oliver, I am very happy. I feel myself, as the child, which opens gifts under a christmas fur-tree. Tell to me what you think of our forthcoming meeting? Do you think it's not so soon for a meeting. There can be I hurry events? I hope, that it's not so and that our meeting will be happy time together. I very much wait for this moment. But if this meeting will be not convenient for you, you can tell to me about it. I shall understand, if you have no time for this purpose or if I am not interesting to you. When I'll receive the visa, I shall buy the air ticket when I shall have the air ticket, I shall send you the information on my flight.It is very interesting to me, how our meeting at the airport will look? I very much wait it. But all this time i'm very afraid of it. I cannot write adequately, ideas are confused in my head. I hope, that you will understand all that, what I wish to tell to you. I think, that you fell same mixed feelings of pleasure, happiness and fear and doubts. But I think, that all these doubts will disappear, when we will look in to each other eyes. I go on empty cold streets of our city and I think of how I shall meet you in the person. When I went by our city park it have reminded me a fairy tale from the childhood of snow queen. All trees stood silently in hoarfrost, it was similar to snow kingdom, it is very beautiful, but is very cold and dead. Strange... Even the death can sometimes be beautiful. I am cold, and this cold feels not only my body, I felt this by my soul too. Emptiness and a cold. I want, that this cold empty place in my soul was filled with somebody by his heat and care. I think, that you could be this person. I speak you all this and I am afraid a little, that you will not understand me dear Oliver. You probably think, that I'm naive woman.
There can be it the truth, but it's that way like I feel and I wish to be frank with you. Any way, we can understood whether we made to each other, only if we'll learn each other better. I shall tell to you more something about me. I hope it will be interesting to you read about my hobbies. I think that people who wants to know better each other should have some hobbies in common. But actually it's not bad if they don't because it's always fun to try something new! Do you agree with me Oliver? My favorite hobby is dancing!!! I love to dance!!! And I dance every moment I have free time:) it might sound funny to you but it's true!!! I did Russian folk dancing and ballroom dancing when I was at school. I tool part in different dace competitions and we often took first places. I used to do ballet when I was little but I don't do it anymore:( it's kind of pity. I still do ballroom dancing though. Do you like to dance? If we meet each other some time we will dance for sure!!! Also I like to do sports a lot. I'm skiing, skating and swimming as I told in previous letters. And I love to watch football!!! The first time I watched on tv it didn't make any sense for me. Then my friends explained me the rules and I become to love this sport. I don't have favourite team or something I just like watching people compete. Last year I got interested in aerobics. I do it from time to time. But sport and dancing are not my only interests. I love to read, to listen to the music and to watch different movies. I'm keen on reading Russian classical books like "the crime and the punishment" of Dostoevsky, and "the war and the peace" of Tolstoy. These are my best books!!! The first one tells about poor student who has no money to exist , he tries to teach kids to earn money but it's still not enough so he kills an old woman and robs her. Later he feels ashamed and goes to the police office and confesses in his crime. Also this book is about hard life of poor people in St. Petersburg. The second book is about the war of 1812, and people's relationships during this war. I like books about love in general since I like to dream about true love!!! I like to listen to different music. I like classical music, jazz, hard and soft rock. I love "the moonlight sonata" by Beethoven. My favorite Russian bands are "Chizh", "Chaif", and "Splin". Besides them I like Elton John, Aerosmith and some other groups and singers. From classical music I like Beethoven, Mozart, Shubert. I watch a lot of movies. It's getting more and more good Russian movies with years but Americans are still the best! I truly think so. For example last year I was taken by the movie about Christ with Mel Gibson playing the main role. I cried almost the whole movie! There is another movie I like a lot. It's called "Forest Gump". I can speak much about this film. It probably the best film in my life. One of my hobbies is food! I like to eat delicious food. I cook myself well (I think so :)!!!! I like to cook very much!!! I often invite my friends over to my house and they usually say that everything I cook tastes very good. I like our russian traditional food too. i like to cook bliny, borsh, Russian potato salad. I like fruits most of all because they are the most healthy food, there are a lot of vitamins in them. It is a pity but they are very expensive in winter.:( Well , that's about it my preferences in music, movies and food:) By the way my mom and my friends ask a lot about you:) my mom worries about me. Moms usually worry about their kids, don't they?:) So I better finish up. I hope you liked my e-mail:) and I want to know more about you!! I hope to hear fron you very soon. Every your letter is like a holiday for me!!! Bye-bye Marina
Letter 5
Hi my dear Oliver!!!! Last night I called to my tourist agent, she has told, that my visa will be ready in a 3 days. I was very glad to hear it, but it has added even more excitements in my ideas. I wrote to you earlier, that I very much wish to see you, but I very much worry before this meeting.This is my first travel abroad mine country, but I am not afraid of it. I very much worry about our meeting with you. I hope, that all those warm words which you write to me in your letters, it is the truth, I trust that you are fair and frank person, you will not cause me insult. Tell to me Oliver, that it is truth? Well, I should not think much of bad things. I trust in god. I trust in my destiny, and I trust in that, this trip and acquaintance to you is a gift of destiny and the god. I very much hope that I will find happiness with you after this trip and my loneliness will end. Yesterday I had unusual day, I went with my mum for a supper to my aunt Natalia. We spoke about a life, about people, about me and you and about my trip to you much. Oliver, you probably know how many it takes time when three women speak at supper :) My aunt was interested very much about you. She has asked me, whether I am afraid you? I have told, that you are very good, kind and gentle man, I have told, that I'm sure in you on 100 and I do not wish to hear more such questions. aunt has told, that I am right, heart cannot be mistaken and if I feel sure in my heart, then you are the Mr. Right. We spoke long and cheerfully, we laughed much and dreamt about a forthcoming life when I have come home, I had such feeling, that I already have with you a long happy life. It was wonderful!!!! I have already issued holiday on my work. Therefore these few days before a trip to Moscow I can lead with my family. I will be with my mum collect my luggage for a trip. I shall keep you posted the information on my trip. After tomorrow I will go to book a ticket up to Moscow. I shall reach Moscow by train. It will take 14 hours. Well my dear Oliver, I cannot wait longer, I right now will go cash departments of railway station and shall buy the ticket in Moscow! I am very happy, I am glad and I wish to embrace all people around because soon I will see you!!! I hope you'll answer soon!!:) because I will not be able to wait for your answer for long!!!!

Bye bye
God bless you Marina P.S. I wish to ask you that you to give me number of phone that I could call to you when I shall be in Moscow. I shall try to find also the Internet-cafe to see your letters to me. But me will be quieter, if I shall know number of your phone and I can call to you when I shall be in Moscow.
Letter 6
hello my dear Oliver!!!!
this letter brought me so much happiness!!! actually every letter of your do so!!!!!
i have russian favorite love poem which was written by Anna Ahmatova.
I wish to send it to you. I do not know how you will apprehend it in english, but in russian it sounds very beautifully. I'll try to translate it in english:) well in english it sounds something like: you are by my side and everything is wonderful:
and rain and strong wind.
Thank you my sunshine
that you exist thank you for your lips.
thank you for your hands.
thank you my love
that you exist. we are together but it could so happen
that we would never meet each other
thank you for your living
the only man i love. that's about it:) i hope you will like this poem!!!!! because it's my favorite poem about love. Tomorrow is very important for me. Tomorrow I go in Moscow. I cannot write to you tomorrow, but I promise to send you the letter or call you the day after tomorrow, at once, as I learn all details about my trip. I hope, that my trip will be safe.
I do not love a trains, there is a probability to meet bad people, I would be quieter, If on this trip, you would be a near with me. Oliver, I want, that you have understood me correctly. I am very glad, that I have met you in the Internet, I am very happy, that I can soon see you personally!!!
Therefore I wish to be frank with you and I want, that you will be frank with me.
You have now last chance to refuse our meeting. I trust that you as well as me want and wait this meeting, but I understand also, that I can be inconvenient for you, I can be inconvenient for your schedule.
If it's not so and you do not see any reasons for a cancelling of our meeting then I shall buy the ticket up to the airport nearest to you and I shall be glad to see you at this airport waiting for me!!! I will wait your letter very much!!!! With all my sincerity to you, yours Marina!
Letter 7
Hello Oliver.
All is good. I have arrived to Moscow.
Today I went to embassy that to me has given the visa.
Me advised and took from me interview.
Whether began consider they can to give me the visa that I could arrive in your country.
On Monday I once again should descend in embassy.
They will make all documents and will give me the visa.
As soon as I shall receive the visa I at once to you I shall call.
I so am strongly happy, that soon we can see each other.
I shall call to you when I will have all documents.
Yours Marina. P.S. I wrote to you, that I from Izhevsk.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Oliver! morning to run to the Internet of cafe and to write to you the letter. I wish to explain once again everything, that at me happen. First of all I wish to apologize before you that I to ask from you money, really it is very a shame to me, I know that I to speak you that I shall arrive to you independently, but I could not know that such greater sum is necessary to me that I could fly to your country. I shall explain all. I to arrive in Moscow and to go to embassy to have my visa. All was remarkable, I did some interview for embassy, me asked: the purpose of my visit, that I am going to do, whether there are at me relatives from another the country, whether I wish to remain in your country. It was really long. When to give me the visa I there was the happiest person. Then I should go to the airport to pass customs and to buy the ticket for flight to you. I needed to fill documents and some questionnaires that I could pass customs. But when to me the worker customs service has told to show money which I should have at myself when I there will be in another a country, I have been very surprised. It has explained to me, that under laws the countries I should have ours at myself 50 pounds for one day when I shall be in another the country. I have been very surprised, as I to hear the first time about it! To me to tell, that my visa will work in current of 30 days from the moment of arrival in your country and that thus I should have at myself 1500 pounds. Then I to speak, that I to not have such money with myself, I have only 1200 pounds and it will be enough for me to provide in another the country. But to me spoke that it is the law and that if I shall not have 300 more pounds I cannot fly to you. I to speak that is enough me 1200 pounds and it will suffice. Then the worker customs to tell to me that I to not worry, that this money should not be spent, that I should show only it and fill the declaration. Whether it to ask I know somebody from your country, I spoke about you, it has told that there are no problems, that let your friend will give you this money and when you to arrive to it you give it back as I should not spend this money, I only should have it at myself. Really it is very a shame to me to ask from you money, but I do not have other output, I do not know that to me to do, I very long to prepare for this travel and I do not wish to lose everything, I do not wish to lose you!!! I guarantee, that when I to arrive to you that I at once I shall give all of you as to me will be enough 1200 pounds. Then I to ask workers customs as you can transfer me of money. It has told to me that there is a system of remittances westernunion, it to speak me that it is very reliable system and that it exists already more than 100 years, and is very simple in use. To transfer me of money you should know only my full name, it is Marina Lebedeva and should specify the country Russia and then I can collect money from any branch westernunion which is relatives for me. That I could collect money you should me give your full name and the address which you to specify at departure of money. Also you should tell to me control number of transfer of money (MTCN) then I can receive this money. Also to me have told that you can take advantage web-page westernunion which is if it will be more convenient for you. I hope that all will be good and that soon we shall together. I once again to speak you many thanks for that that you to help me, I am very grateful to you. I shall wait for our meeting. I shall be in the Internet-cafe and to wait your letter. With love, yours
Marina. P.S. Here western union address: Moscow, street Kosygina, the house 15.
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