Letter(s) from Tatyana Yakimenko to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Patrice! I am glad, that today have received news from you, I thankyou that have written to me. The truth I never in a life communicatedwith the person who does not live in Russia. I am very glad, that youhave written to me because I know, that the majority of foreign men isafraid gets acquainted with girls from Russia. In the beginning Ishall tell a little about myself. I hope, you will understand all thatI shall write to you. To me of 30 years. My growth of 170 centimeters,weight about 57 kg. I work in one of fitness of the centers of ourcity as the instructor. For me it is good work. I very much love walkson fresh air, I love the nature. I love the sea. At us in the city ofKazan where I was born many reservoirs. I love a life, I the optimistand I believe, that all of us are expected with the fine future. Ibelieve in the God and destiny and I wait for the happiness. I believein family and in love and I search for the person to whom I could giveall heat of my heart and to be with it always together. I wish todivide with it sufferings and pleasure. I clever enough, strong spiritand magnanimous, I concern kind to people and I wait from people ofthe similar relation. My ideal the man is that which I shall like alsowhich will love me. He/she is the person for whom the reliable familyand fair relations is necessary. Send me the photo please. I do notknow why, but it is pleasant for me to write to you this letter. Iwant that you have answered him as soon as possible. Write to me aboutitself, I want to know about you as much as possible. Ask me aboutthat that interests you, and I with pleasure shall answer yourquestions. I do not know that expects us, but we shall look ahead withhope and a smile. Your friend from Russia Tatyana!!! P.S. I want toset to you some questions, I hope, that you will answer them. You arefree? It is very important for me because I search only for seriousrelations and I do not want to prevent another's relations. You hadrelations with foreign girls? If yes, as for a long time they last?Beforehand words of gratitude for answers to my questions.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend, Patrice! Again pleasantly for me to receive from youthe letter. Probably our correspondence will make our attitudescloser. I at once wish to warn you, that I search only for seriousattitudes, instead of time entertainment. Therefore please it is notnecessary to play with me and to deceive me because to me it will bevery sick. Earlier my heart has been broken also I only recently wasrestored after that. And you I hope it was pleasant to learn about melittle bit more. Under your letter I see that people identicalirrespective of the country and for me there is no difference in whatcountry my future will live the man. I know that when I will have afavorite person, I shall arrive to it to any place in the world. Itrust, that good people can live in any place, especially when theylove each other. I shall try to write about myself those things whichcould be to you interesting. And if you will want that that to ask atme, I with pleasure shall answer you. If me ask, I have only twochoices: to answer the truth or to not answer. I never shall be to youTo lie and I shall fairly answer all your questions. In exchange Iwant that you too were fair with me. I shall try to tell to you aboutthe especial qualities also. Only that you knew that from me toexpect. :-) I hope has not frightened you it. I the kind, good woman,not bad look, I care of the body. In Russian my name sounds as Belief!I like to dream. One of my hopes - to live in full family where be ina good place, to have reliable friends and that we were not disturbedwith strange things like a political and economic situation and, etc.:-) I want family in which all members will live the friend for thefriend. I love the open people, which do not hide the truth. I ampatient enough, but if something will annoy me, I can be veryrevolted. My friends speak about me: " It is very difficult to wake akind sleeping bear but if you have made it, it is better to you to run". :-) In the life I seldom become angry, but I became angry when myformer young man spoke one, and did absolutely another. But about it Ishall write to you later. As to all other world there are 2 parties:my family and all other world. I like to be ready to anyunexpectedness and to create stability in the house. I always try tocreate the happy house and I really wish to have beautiful family :-)for the sake of which I would live with that who will divide with meall pleasures of a life and will support in any situation. I very muchlike to travel. Earlier I with mum traveled across all Russia when theprices for tickets were not such dear. Sometimes we have a rest withfriends about city on lake. I spend summer with friends. It is veryinteresting, at us very beautiful district. All year I wait summer. Awood, a guitar, tent, unless it is not fine?! I like to go to acinema. I like to listen to classical music, especially Beethoven andTchaikovsky. And what music is pleasant to you? Sometimes I like tolisten to modern music. Now I live with mum. Her name is Elena, itvery interesting person. I always share with it grief and pleasure. Itwill always give me advice. I do not know that I would do without suchfine mum. You would see as it learns children! In its lessons mainthis understanding. My daddy was the good person and I very much on itmiss. I think you me understand. Unfortunately I do not have hometelephone number, therefore I visit the Internet of cafe tocommunicate with you. On it I finish the letter, it and so it hasappeared is little bit more, than I planned also I hope, that have nottired you with this letter. Write to me again as soon as possible. Iwith impatience shall wait for news from you . Tatyana! P.S. I hope,that it was interesting to you to read my letter :-) and if you notagainst, I shall set to you some questions. It is interesting to youto communicate with me? How it is a lot of girls to you writes? I wishto communicate only with one person. Only with you. It is veryinteresting to me to communicate with you and to learn about you more.

Letter 3

Hello Patrice, wash LOVE the friend! I can so you to name? I already alot of time spoke nobody such words. I more increasing also it is moreconvinced, that at me feelings to you wake up and I wait for yourletters with Impatience. Your letters treat my soul. :-) There can beI represent a fairy tale, but I feel very well about you and me, Ihope, that you feel too most, I think, that you place in words less,than you think actually only because words, probably, do not transferall our ideas. Certainly, I know, that for the sake of love I shall goto any place in this world. :-), finally I think, that in Russia thereis almost nothing, that holds me here. Really, if to think, whatconnects the person and the country? Friends, but the present friendswill be are happy for me if I shall find the present love. The family,yes, but crossing to other country will not break my communicationwith mum. Work, maybe, but not for me. I do not think, that I can haveproblems with work in other country with my specialization andformation. I really live for the sake of the person who will bepleased to me and which will surprise me also. :-) I dream as we couldspend together time and take pleasure in it. I really want, that Ilived for my only thing of the man which will love me as I it. Todayhas begun with bad morning weather, bad mood and only an idea, that Ishall see your letter warms me this day. I wish to tell to you alittle about my childhood. Mother and the father very much loved meand have brought up strictly enough. But when my father has died, allcares by my formation have remained to mum. And I am grateful to itfor that that it has brought up me. I had many friends with whom Iplayed in a court yard of our house. It were carefree years, we lived,we did not have those problems which have appeared when I have grown.I went to school on well and perfectly. I always remember my firstteacher (Tatyana Andreeva), it have opened for us a lot of new andinteresting. I am infinitely grateful to it for that feeling of humankindness which it has transferred all to us. And even now wecommunicate, meet and we talk. I also love pets and consequently Ihave my my loved dog "Rex"! And today I send a photo with it. It seemsto Me, that with each letter between us there is that that greaterthan friendship. We start to trust each other more, we become morefrank, you agree with me? I think our showers approach. I wish tocontinue attitudes with you and I hope, that all will be very good. Iwish you good mood all these days, and do not forget me. I shall waityour letter with impatience and to miss on you!!!!! Yours Tatyana!!!

Letter 4

Hello my favorite friend, Patrice!!! I am very glad to receive yoursletter. I hope that you correctly understand my letters. I so am happythat you all the day long in my ideas. I am glad to read your letteragain. How your business? How mood? I hope that at you all well. I askthe God that you were healthy and happy. Today at us solar weather andit is class. I wish to tell to you that my heart has started to fightmore often when I think of you. I wish to feel you, your smile, yourhands. I so require tenderness and care and I do not think that I askmuch. I search for pure love and romanticism in attitudes. I so amhappy when all beautifully gently, perfectly and romantically!!! Iwish to have the family, the favorite person beside, to feel care andconstant support a difficult minute, I aspire to what to aspire eachperson in the life. I was almost happy in the past, but my trust hasbroken my heart. I should trust the person with whom I shall live alllife. To trust its each word, gesture, a kind, a smile. Now in theworld it is a lot of meanness and a deceit, but it is necessary totrust people who surround us. I do not speak you, that it is necessaryto trust each person, necessary to know well the person to be in itassured. I know you not long, but I can tell, that you the fair andopen person, it very much is pleasant to me and gives hope that I canlove and be favorite!!! My mum always speaks me, that I should beopened. I have told to it, that our attitudes develop successfully andit is happy for us. It hopes, that I at last have found the favoriteperson and have created family. We far apart. But it does not stir toour dialogue. Though, I already thought, that through internetdialogue suffices for full mutual understanding. What do you think ofit? I would like to see you not only in a photo, but I do not know asit to make, because we very much far apart. You like me, and I think,that our attitudes can be deeper. I do not know as to explain itwords, I simply feel, that your letters Lift to me mood. To me itbecomes joyful on a shower. I shall wait your letters and to hope,that you will soon write to me. I think, that we shall meet you soon.I would like to arrive to you and to meet you, to look as you live. Iwant it because I start to understand, that between us there is thatthat greater than friendship, I think that this any high feeling. Youtoo feel it? I think of you much every day! I wish to spend with youtime personally, I wish to see your eyes and a smile, it will deliverto me infinite pleasure. I want that you were happy and to divide ithappiness with you. I wish to know, what does you happy? I shall tryeverything, that in my forces what to give you happiness. Please, giveme chance to make it!!! Give me chance to love and be favorite. I waitfor your letter, and I promise, that I shall think of you everyminute. About love your friend, Tatyana!!!

Letter 5

Hello , my dear Patrice!!! I am very glad to receive again news from you.I feel as with each letter you allbecome closer for me. To me it is very pleasant, that you have invitedme to yourself, and I with pleasure accept your invitation. I am tiredto live Here without the favorite person, and you unique who warms tome a soul, give me force to live. You see, that we became much closer,than ever before. You cannot present yourself that for me mean. Youmean much. You will probably ask me: why? I do not know. But I reallyknow, that you for me became very close person. I never met such finesoul as yours. If you have opened soul for me any more do not close itnever. I am madly glad to open the soul for you. I give you the heart.I thought of you last night. Now I Completely I trust to you, youbecame for me the close person to whom I can open the heart. I speakyou all this yours faithfully, I am not going to deceive you and toplay on your feelings, and I hope, that you also will be fair underthe attitude to me. I like to read your letters. My heart starts tofight more often when I see your letter in my mail box. I re-read itsline behind a line some times. You see, I become dependent on yousomewhat. I do not want, that my feelings have frightened you. Excuseme, if I too emotional. You probably did not expect it from me? Butsomething has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe that ityou. I think of you each hour and every minute. I know, that there canbe I hopeless romantic, but I really believe, that our meeting throughthe Internet - the best event which could happen with us. I wish youthe best day! Tatyana!!!

Letter 6

Hello my favorite Patrice! You one of the best people with which Icommunicated ever in a life. Earlier I ignored theInternet-communications, in fact I could not think how much it can bebright and is delightful. Before the first letter to you something haschanged in my consciousness and I have thought: why also is notpresent!? And now I am happy, that I have made it. And now I read yourletters, they are full of hot emotions and sympathies to me, I startto understand, that my life without you means nothing, because I loveyou, I think, that during our correspondence very much has changed andbetween us there were feelings, I think, that we are necessary eachother. I constantly think of you, very much I miss on you, you are inmy heart. I always think of our future meeting. Now I feel, that youmy second half. I wish to be with you most of all on this planet. Iwas lonely in this huge world, but now I have found you. I wish totell to you, that my feelings and words about you always contain loveand respect, I always felt, that we trust each other and that ourunion to be carried out. Now I am assured of it on all of 100 %. Youthat person who is necessary to me. When I read your letter, I saw init your sincerity under the attitude to me. Your letter for me hassummed up which can be expressed in five words: I LOVE YOU minePatrice!!! I talked to mum that I shall leave more likely, and it onlywas glad for me, mum has blessed us, it thinks, that I have found thehappiness. Today I weigh day thought only of how we shall meet. I havevery precisely presented as you will meet me at the airport as weshall find each other eyes and we shall rush into embraces each other.Today fine day, but me it is sad because you far from me. Between usof thousand kilometers, but I love you, you for ever in my ideas. Iwait your letter, it is the extremely important for me. For ever yoursTatyana!!!!!

Letter 7

Hello Patrice! I think, that during our dialogue we have very muchrallied and between us there were feelings, I think that we arenecessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken aplace in my heart. On work I became inattentive, my girlfriends speak,that I have changed, ask: whether I have fallen in love? I do not knowthat it to answer, I never was such happy, all my friends and friendssee it. And all this owing to you. I fly in clouds because I at lastcan trust in the person and feel, that to me too trust. I do not knowas you will react to this letter, can will consider me imprudent. ButI wrote to you, that I am very romantic and impressionable, and Ithink, that I LOVE YOU!!!!! I thought of our attitudes and ourfeelings. I always think of you and I can do nothing with it, I thinkthat I am enamored. Yes, I love you! I spoke about it with mum and itthinks, that I shall be happy with you. I have told to mum, that youthe man and that I completely trust the best to you. It speaks, thatwe should is better study each other. It very much loves me, it mynative mum. I think, you understand me. It wishes me happiness and thebig love. I think, that we should meet, we should look each other ineyes because the Internet does not reflect all emotions and sometimeshappens difficultly to understand each other. We with you became veryfrank, and I think, that you wish to learn about my sexual experience.In Russia all men only also dream to drag the girl in bed. But I shallnever be given the first comer to take pleasure. The love is a lightand fine feeling, but many men represent it only as sex. I think thatit incorrectly and I hope, that you agree with me. I wish to borrow insex with that person whom I shall love and feel favorite. I shall givethis person a soul and a body. We together shall study all depths ofpleasure. Our passion will strengthen and supplement our love, and weshall enjoy the friend the friend all life. Today we with thegirlfriend walked on city, have come into shops, all put I waited foryour letter and at last I have waited. I I feel, what our hearts fightin one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your new letter, for me itis very important to know, whether you divide my feelings. Foreveryours Tatyana!

Letter 8

Hello my love, Patrice! I so am glad, that you write to me, and each timeis happy to see your letters in my box. You a ray of light in myheart. I have understood, that you are important for me as air andthat I wish to be with you. Today the dream which was bright andbeautiful has dreamed me: I sit at home, you enter into my room and Ifeel your aroma. You cautiously and gently place me on a sofa, mydress falls also your soft hands start to caress my breast. And ourbodies merge in a single whole, and you compress me so strongly, ourhearts start to fight in one rhythm. Then we start to make love. Iwant that the dream became the truth!!! I think, that you will notobject, if I tomorrow shall go in Travel agency and I learn that isnecessary to arrive to you. I wish to meet you as soon as possible!!!At me such strange feeling inside. I very much miss you. You so arenecessary to me! That that I feel it not simply words. I constantlythink of you. At me never was such earlier. I did not see you Never ,but I cannot live without your letters. I wish to touch you, to feelheat and tenderness, to feel your love and that you have felt mine. ILOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you it is not frightened by myrevelation? It for me too is strange, but I swear, that my feelings toyou the presents. I love you and when I think of you, I become thehappiest. And I want that you felt too most. I wish to feel you allbody, I wish to feel a gentle touch of your hands, to inhale aroma ofyour body, the nobility that I only yours, and you mine the man!!! Iam full of desire, I want you, I wish to be your wife, your friend,your beloved and your dream. Understand, that you the man of my dream!I searched for you all life and now I have found you and I do not wishto lose. We shall be happy together and I shall make for this purposeall. I strong to overcome all difficulties. There is nothing, that canstop me. My love will overcome all! I shall overcome this long way tobe with you. I do not ask much, I only wish to look in your eyes, tokiss your lips, to concern your body. My love will suffice us to two!You know song Bon Jove "Always"? It is a song about my feelings toyou. What do you feel to me my favourite? It is very important for me!For me the truth, than sweet lie is better. Please, write to me aboutthe feelings. And I think, that time has come to define details of mytrip to you. I learn all about the visa and when I can arrive to you.I shall write to you about it in last letter. With love Tatyana!

Letter 9

Hi loved Patrice! Again it is pleasant for me to receive your letter! Ivery much miss you. I very much love you! Without you to be verydifficult for me. You my life, I want to embrace you so that to feelyour heat, to study your eyes, to feel as you is happy. I am sure,that all will be good. And we shall be happy together. I frequentlythink of us and I try to imagine our joint life. Sometimes you seem tome, that near to me, I even feel you on distance. I feel, when you areglad and when long. When you are happy, I am happy together with you.I so strongly want to be with you and I search for ways of ourmeeting. Today I went to tourist agency and have studied, that Ishould have documents to arrive to you. First I should have allnecessary documents: 1. The passport for travel abroad. 2. Twoblack-and-white photos, the size 5x5. 3. The filled questionnaire. 4.Documents, testifying, that I in Russia have work. 5. The documentsconfirming, that in Russia remain direct relatives. So, to arrive toyou, I should make some documents and receive the visa. It demandssome time to make these documents. Reception of these documentsdemands about three days! I shall make everything, that on me dependsfor reception of the visa. There is a visa of the Bride, but it notthe best variant for me because we did not meet never and at us is notpresent any documents and the photos confirming our meeting. For usthe Tourist visa ideally approaches. To us has very much carried!Mother works for my good girlfriend in tourist agency and she to uswill help to issue the visa quickly. I thank destiny for thisopportunity! Probably I can receive the visa within 4-6 days!!! Peoplewhich go in your country should know the address of their place ofresiding. As we are going to be together, I need to know your exacthome address and the address of the airport closest to your house. Iask you to send this information as soon as possible. When I arrive toyou I can be in your country within 90 days because I have the visathe Tourist. I think, that this time suffices for us that we coulddefine for us the general future. But there is one problem which verymuch upsets me: as to me will make the visa in the minimal terms, itwill be necessary for me of more money to pay for the visa. I do notwant to complain, but you know, that too small for this purpose and Icannot find my income 590 dollar USA to pay tourist agency forregistration the visa. I so want to arrive to you and only moneyseparate us from each other. I very much love you!!! Also I do notwant to lose you. Nobody can help me with money. Certainly, I can askmum, but she does not have such money though she very much wants tohelp us. I completely sincere with you, I hope, that you understand mysituation, I so want to see you, but I can not make it because I donot have such money. I do not know, that I should do in this difficultsituation. I do not want to cancel trip to you, however I have nodecision for this problem. It is very a pity to me, dear Patrice if itupsets you. We should trust each other and overcome all difficulties.Only imagine what be already fast we can together! I very much loveyou! You are the best in my life! And our meeting could become thehappiest day for us! Yours for ever Tatyana!

Letter 10

Patrice, I so worry about our meeting! I am full of feelings which woundnever tested. I hope, that this present Feeling which I so longsearched and at last there was you. We have found each other. I so amhappy, that we together, I trust in our happiness. All my ideas onlyabout future our meeting. I so wait for it. I know, that it will bevery important for both of us. I feel, that we shall be very happytogether. I represent the first moment of our meeting, certainly, Iso worry! I am ready to arrive to you and I know that you also areready to meet me at the airport. Today, when I slept, our firstmeeting has dreamed me: when I come to you, I start you to search,but I can not find. And suddenly I see you. You cost with a bouquetof red roses, during a next instant we run to each other. We embraceeach other and passionately we kiss. At me in opinion of tear ofhappiness. Then we go to you home and we have a little a rest from atiresome trip. In the evening we go to restaurant and at us aromantic supper at candles, we drink good wine and we dance slowdances all the evening long. After restaurant we walk on park, youembrace me that to me it was not cold. Your hands such warm andgentle. We together look at stars and gently we kiss each other. Tous it becomes a little cold also we go to you home together to take awarm bath with foam. I do to you pleasant massage. And then I havewoken up, I so did not wish to wake up, I wished to see the end ofthis dream. But I have not been disappointed, that have not watchedto the end this dream. In fact I know, that it will be fast not in adream, and in a reality. I have woken up in very good mood. I shallwait for your letter! Forever yours, Tatyana!!!

Letter 11

Hello my honey Patrice!!!I am very happy to receive your letter.Thank for your sincere and warm letters.It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man,Which trusts me. How you?How your days off have passed?I hope, that at you all is good. Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life.I want to inform you Patrice, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that youAlways will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me. That I have divided with you the life.

Letter 12

Hello my honey Patrice!!!I am very happy to receive your letter.Thank for your sincere and warm letters.It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man,Which trusts me. How you?How your days off have passed?I hope, that at you all is good. Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life.I want to inform you Patrice, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that youAlways will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me. That I have divided with you the life. Dear IWent today to bank and the manager of bank has advised me for a parcelMoney from abroad to take advantage of system of remittancesWestern Union! He has told, that it is a fast and reliable way to translateMoney! These branches are in each city of the world! My sweetPatrice, you know this system! To send meMoney you will need the following information: My full name: Tatyana YakimenkoThe country: RussiaCity: KazanBank: VNESHTORBANK When you will send money through this system from you to me alsoThe data are required! The full your name, the full address, and city fromWhere you awaken to send money. I very much hope, that in the near futureYou can send this sum of money for my trip to you and ours withYou of a meeting. On it I shall finish the letter with ideas on you and I shall beTo wait for your answer! I love and kiss you, mine Patrice!Yours Tatyana