Scam Letter(s) from Olga Pavlovskaya to Forrest (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello! My name is Olga. I'm 40 years old. I was born on June, 8th, 1968 inthe city of Astrakhan. Now I live and I work in Russia in city Kazan. I search for the person with which I can be happy and I will construct the present wonderful relations. I like to prepare and I like to spend time only with advantage. I am always fair and I tell only that that I think... I of anything and never hide. I wish find the person with whom I can to spend the life. I anymore the little girl and I want serious relations. If you wish to get acquainted with me and to learn each other more close that write to me only on mine email:

Letter 2

Hello Forrest! My name is Olga. I live in Russia. My city Kazan. I am very glad that you could to write to me. Thanks that you you have answered me I very much hoped that you will write to me. Write please to me on here on this email: because my former email the worker. So write to me now always here on this email: I am very happy that you have written to me. I wish to tell to you a little about myself. To me of 40 years, my birthday on June, 8th. I work as the manager in firm on sale
Various audio and video of the equipment. It is very heavy work but it is pleasant to me. I was married, but 12 years ago I have divorced. My husband was not the drunkard, but it very much was
Malicious and rough. Happened that it even beat me. I have a son to which 21 year and it is married. It very independent also lives already as 2 years separately from me. I the first time get acquainted thus through the Internet. Speak that here alot of deceit
Also it is necessary to be cautious, therefore I shall be cautious. I wish to tell that in my life there were men, but this all came to an end is sad. Can at ours
Russian men such mentality, and from for it they such lazy and rough. But you have very much liked me Forrest, and I very much wish to continue attitudes with you. But I wish to tell that I search only serious for attitudes, fleeting attitudes are not necessary to me. I really want I shall find which person to love and which will love me. With which I shall feel the protected and present princess :-) To me 40 years and I really wish be with the person with which I can live all life. Which I shall love and with which I shall be happy... I very good person. I like to prepare. You ate sometime Russian kitchen? What do you think about of me? I like you? Your answers to my questions are very interesting to me. I wish to tell that for me the beauty never was
Important. The most important in the person is its character, soul and kindness. And how you consider? On it I finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter about impatienceForrest. Olga.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Forrest!
I am very glad that you have written to me. Fairly I wish to tell that I very strongly waited for your letter.
I wish to tell to you about my family, about my work and my entertainments.
My father has died 13 years ago. It was the good person, it worked as the driver on distant
Transportations of cargoes. Also it was broke in accident.
My mum is alive. To it of 78 years and it feels very well :-) I very much I love it.
My son lives separately from me in other city. It has a beloved and they live separately.
My son the present good fellow, it works and studies at University and should become the surgeon.
I never smoked and to not take alcohol. Sometimes on the big holiday I presume to drink to myself glass some wine and all...
I like a healthy way of life, I like to walk on the nature and to do picnics.
My hobby is a cookery. I am able to prepare for absolutely all :-)!!!! Do not think that I joke :-)
I have necessarily prepared you my dear - for a borshch, pel'menis, chebureks, sauce on Ural with a potato.
You very much should like it. To me 40 years and I want at last that with which person I love also which will love me.
I have forgotten to tell to you about mine of the uncle with the aunt. They live abroad and constantly drive about on different to the countries in communication with the
Work. My dear I very much would like that you have as soon as possible answered me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
I think of you...

Letter 4

Hello my dear Forrest! How you? As your affairs. This morning I have woken up after that pleasant dream. In this dream there was you and I. We walked on seacoast, then we sat about coast and drank wine. Further to me I hesitate tell:-) there Can be I hurry up a little but it will seems to me that with you I am happy. When I read your letters my heart is filled with heat and happiness. I constantly think of you and itself I do not know that to me to do. I have told about you to the girlfriends and they are very happy for me. I have told that you very lovely kind and good. Tell that it is pleasant to you in me? Whether I am pleasant to you? Today to me girlfriends we on a visit come we are going to drink tea and simply to talk:-) Today simply exactly 3 years as we together we work in one company. And all my girlfriends from there. I do not know as you to tell Forrest. But I very much would would like to be near to you. I hope that at us with you all will develop well and we can meet once. After all when you will meet actually it perfectly. When you can see the person close, touch it and talk. I hope that such day will come also we can be together. I very much hope for it. I wish you fine day Forrest and that at you all was good. Big I will kiss to you in Forrest. Olga.

Letter 5

Hello my dear and loved Forrest!
I so am glad that we to write each other and we do not get tired to learn each other. I feel the teenager when he the first time has met the love:-) But it is valid so. My heart to fight in one thousand blows a minute when I think of you Forrest. And I think of you constantly. You are very necessary to me I very much would like to meet you in a reality. Today I called to mine of the uncle and aunts abroad about which I to you told. At them the business and they live very well. I have told it about you Forrest. And they have told that are very happy that I have met the good and decent person. They have told that men abroad much better and more kindly. Because they love appreciate and respect women. And they have told that if I have problems with my trip to you they necessarily will help me. I very much am now excited, but I wish to write you verses from pure heart my prince Forrest : If will ask, who to me is more expensive and lovelier than all on light of everything And who most heart disturbs, Even I will give a life for whom For whom I Who dreams me so often in the sleep compose verses, And will ask to tell his name I it will tell about you mine Forrest, I Will tell, how is not slept at the nights Because there is no nearby you. About love that goes between us And as are happy together, loving! Excuse me if to you than that was not pleasant my poem, but I wrote you it from all pure heart. It is valid so. Women have such feeling when they precisely know that it is that person which it is necessary. And I know that with you I can be happy. I can be happy o to be only with you. I will look forward your letter. Your thoughts and words are very important to me.
Yours Olga.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Forrest!
My dear excuse that I did not write to you these days. But I very strongly was ill and I had a heat. Today to me on much better and I have decided to write at once to you as could. I am very glad that you wrote to me these days.
I so was glad to receive your e-mail. Every day, each hour, every minute I think only from you. I think of that bottom when we can be together. As we can feel each other, love and kiss on the mouth. I wish to feel you, your smell, your touches. A verse I write the knowingly, After all strongly I love you. My love is strong so What not to forget you in any way. I mountains for you will curtail Also all seas I will cross. I know you will not answer me with the same, On because I to you not so am lovely. You were pleasant to me still for a long time, And whether love to me all the same. You for me as a breath of fresh air. To me it is very good with you and I wish to be with you. I the adult woman and I precisely know that I wish to be with you. Only with you mine Forrest. I wake up in the morning very upset. Because I want that nearby there was you my loved Forrest. I dream of it... I want it. My dear I really want a meeting with you. My heart feels that you that person which is necessary for me. That about which I so long dreamt. A huge kiss.
Yours Olga.

Letter 7

Hello my dear and loved Forrest.
I so always wait for your letters. They for me it is simple as huge drinks of fresh air. You know my darling with you to me of not terribly anything. For the sake of you I am ready to throw all and to be always with you. I not the little girl and I precisely know that I wish to be with you. Yes it can be a little terrible to us, but it is quite natural. Than it is more we that we will be with each other closer we will be each other and our relations will amplify only. I very much would would like to be with you. Right now. This morning I have woken up, and on a window two birds sat. They so were lovely poured on the sun, and caressed, to me became so well. I have presented that it we with you Forrest:-) As I wanted that right now we became together to each other. Please answer me some questions:
1) I strongly am pleasant to you?
2) you want that we were together?
3) What meal most of all is pleasant to you?
4) what your favourite erotic position?
5) Would like that I was your woman?
6) would like that I arrive to you my dear Forrest?
7) What gift you want to yourself on Birthday?
I very much would like that you have answered all questions. I will look forward. I really wish to be with you, and I will be always only with you. My heart belongs only to you.
My dear Forrest I do not have phone but you can give me your phone number and I will call to you with post-office. As I spoke to you that I have a visa and I am ready to arrive to you. So write me a city and the airport where it will be better to me to arrive to you.
I always will be with you mine Forrest.
I Kiss you! Yours Olga.

Letter 8

Hello My dear and loved Forrest!
Here and still your letter which I waited with the big impatience. You know, at me now all so is fine. Because there is also I. Me draws to you as a magnet. I think of that that we will be together. I dream of that as we will love each other and enjoy our love. Once, probably, in the sleep, in the same light, I have seen you Forrest with love looking on me. You have leant against a brick wall of the house and looked half-turned. Your eyes shone in the light of the full moon. The shades rejected by foliage, slowly moved on your person. It seemed that the person constantly changes expression, but eyes continued to be shone by love. Mine Forrest as though I wanted that you were a number. Kissed me and spoke to me only as strongly you love me. When it was and whether was? Most likely, in other life. Or, probably, still will be, but too in other life. I never was in that place which dreamt. And the sky was then another. For some reason, when I look at the star sky always I search for a belt of Orion. I can look at it hours. Why? Can be because over a house porch in which there lived my dreams, the constellation of Orion, and a belt consisting of three stars always settled down, was shone between crones of old trees as though specifying a way somewhere. Can be to that house where under the full moon there was you Forrest, and your eyes were shone by love. These three stars always looked at night in my window. In that house where once there lived my dreams. The house remained, but there is no porch, there are no already old trees, and a window in which stars looked, has turned to a blank wall. But my feelings to you will be eternal. I trust you and I wish be only with you washing Forrest. I is ready to tell already to you it. I love you Forrest! And I wish to be with you. I wish to love you and to enjoy ours with you passionate love.My love Forrest at me is the visa and I am ready to arrive to you my prince. Tomorrow I will go and I learn on the flight account to you my dear. Please write me number of your mobile phone that I could call to you my dear prince Forrest.
I wish to be with you!!!
I love you Forrest! Yours Olga.

Letter 9

Hello my dear and loved Forrest!
As I am happy that you have written to me. Your letters heat my heart. Every day I think of that more and more as soon we will together. As I want it. As I want that we have met, you to embrace me and to kiss. I represent that day when you meet me at the airport and passionately kiss me on the mouth. My love you so are necessary for me. I so wish to be as soon as possible with you. My relation to you it not game. These are real feelings, a real life. Today I will prepare a huge pie:-) I very much like to prepare and I have thought that I did not prepare for a long time and have decided to prepare a pie. It very much would be pleasant to you washing Forrest. I keep mind and I think. That I to live all life and not could meet which man I will to love and to which I will trust. Till that day you mine Forrest. With you I yet have not met have understood that you that person which are necessary for me. With which I will feel freely and easy. With you at me wings grow. As I wish to be with you as soon as possible. For me now the big pleasure in a life. Hope with which I live that I will be with you and at us all will be magnificent. I precisely know it....
I love you Forrest! Yours Olga.

Letter 10

Hello my dear and loved Forrest!
I am very glad that you have written to me. I waited today for your letter. For me it as a breath of fresh air when I see your letters. I feel now as the teenager:-) your letters give me pleasure and a spirit on all the day. When I work I think of you. When I to go to bed I think of you. At me never was such careful and the clever man as you Forrest. I wish to be with you and it is not simple so... Not simple words. It is valid so. You know Forrest from the first your letter I have understood that at us with you that can that to be. When the woman feels that this men to it is pleasant, means will not be mistaken in the choice. And I feel that at us with you can be much more serious all. I wish tell to you that I can arrive to you. I have passport and the passport for travel abroad too. You agree to accept me? If you agree, I necessarily will at you as soon as possible. I cannot wake up in the morning one. I want that I wish to see you in the morning when I open eyes I. You smile to me and speak to me as strongly you love me. For me it is the present fairy tale. I love you Forrest! I love also I will always love you. Because for me it is a life!!!! I not play in games. I and so through much have passed. Simply I wish to love and be loved. My love Forrest I is ready to arrive to you in Logan in Boston. I was in agency and I have raised all money which is at me. I do not have not enough only 323 dollars to arrive to you. It not such great sum of money but at me really is not present it. Mine you are expensive Forrest will help me with this sum? I cannot accept money as my passport is on renewal and I will receive it only before my start to you. My love 323 dollars through western union addressed to my son have gone please. It can accept this sum of money and will give me it. Here its information that you could make it:
1) Andrey Ivanov
2) Russia, Cheboksary
My dear Forrest please make all necessary that I have made all for my arrival to you my love. My mum sends you huge regards and it wishes our with you of good luck and love.
To love you, and to be near to Forrest.
I love you Forrest! Yours Olga.

Letter 11

Hello my love Forrest!
How you? With each letter I feel as we become closer to each other. Your letters your words in them to me simply carry away me on love wings. I do not wish to create illusions or a fairy tale, I want a real life with you and with me my prince Forrest. Tell to me that you feel under the relation to me? Whether to be ready you with me? What especially it is pleasant to you in me? Really it is very interesting to me to know about it. Forrest today I have gone out of doors also me nearly the car though I went on green light has not brought down. This idiot has not stopped at all. I very strongly was frightened. To me it became terrible, and suddenly it would bring down me and I could not see you. I would lie in hospital and you were in absolutely in other country. I really was frightened. My dear Forrest I cannot without you any more. Every day, each hour, every minute to me it is bad without you. I want that we were together. I wish to feel you and I want that you loved me and kissed... I dream of it. At me never was such men as you. I never trusted that I can meet such person as you, kind decent and careful. I trust you and I love you. The destiny has helped us to find each other. I told the aunt about you. And she has told that is very happy for me that has met you and that that it wishes our with you only good luck.My dear I understand now all mistrust to you to people through the Internet. But this all pictures that is at me as I spoke to you that till now in many cities and regions of Russia there is a problem with electronics. I will call to you and we will solve all our questions.
You that man which are necessary to me... That which I love.....
I love you Forrest! Yours Olga.

Letter 12

Hello my love Forrest!
I so strongly love you, my prince. Every day with each hour I understand as you is necessary for me more and more. It is valid so. You are very necessary Forrest. I cannot without you. In my head is born only songs and verses on love to Forrest. Love, one love! As the beggar tax, As the wanderer, on a way overtaken by a thunder-storm, At a shelter alien asking nino?aaaiuy So I ask love with alarm and melancholy. I make a declaration of love to you my dear Forrest because I cannot live without you, it is valid so... My heart is torn to you and my body too wishes to feel you. You a gentle angel my keeper, the Artful, passionate tempter, You the prince from fantastic dream, With me will be only you. My beloved, a life washing, All without the rest I yours. I wish to belong to you, With you a dawn I wish to meet. I flare passion to you, Only you in my destiny. I am ready to wait for a half-life, That, at last, you could tell: "When us can marry?"
And the life will appear in new light, And it will not be better than pair on a planet. We also will not leave never. Happy to make for ever to the Smog you only I It you Forrest. You are necessary for me. I in a passion impulse, and you am very necessary for me. That to me it is necessary so it to be with you.... I want now only it. You are very necessary to me mine Forrest.
I madly I love you Forrest! Yours Olga.

1) Olga Pavlovskaya
2) Kazan , Bauman s 6-12

Letter 13

Hello My unique Forrest.
As you? How your affairs? Know I always did not think at all earlier that I can meet the person who will love me, to care about of me. But now I have met you and in my heart at once that that has flashed, I have understood that you that person which are necessary for me. That which I waited all life. And me never there was important rich you or not. For me the most important thing is a love. Love in heart and love in a shower. All that I want this calmness. Calmness in relations between you and me. I want that you spoke to me as strongly you love me and caressed me, kissed me on the mouth. It is necessary for me... For me it is necessary as air. I love you!!!! And I am ready to repeat it constantly. Because for me you meaning of the life. I represent that day when we will be together. When I descend from the plane and you meet me with colours, kiss me on the mouth and you speak as strongly love me. Here it really real paradise for me. I wish to love you,
to prepare for you, constantly to be with you here it is PARADISE for me. You are necessary for me Forrest and I hope what be already fast we can together.My dear Forrest I was in western union and me consultation there. To me have told that that you could send me money this information is necessary only here:
1) Andrey Ivanov
2) Russia, Cheboksary
As I require your information. When you will send money to me it is necessary that you have written the full name and a city of sending from where you sent money and as number MTCN which only will be known only by you and I. My love Forrest I already sent you a photo me and my son and I will send you it once again. My dear it is not necessary any photo to send money... I understand that you worry but I wish to calm to you. All will be good. I love you and I wish to be only with you. Go as soon as possible to bank and make all necessary that I asked you. I wait for your letter with all information to receive money which are necessary for my arrival to you. My prince Forrest please is faster... You are necessary for me my dear and I wish be only with you my unique love. You iaiaoiae to me. Please make all more likely...
With you I am ready to go at the end of the earth, with you to me it is terrible nothing.
I madly love you Forrest! Yours Olga.

Letter 14

My dear Forrest I have just returned from western union and to me have told that the photo is not necessary... It is absurdity. I understand what for to you a photo. It is necessary for you that you have made sure of that that all the truth. I understand you Forrest you worry but I want I will assure you that at you as soon as you will send money. I will be at you on December, 19th. My dear I called to you and your voice has simply dipped my heart in a love flame. Do not worry Forrest I really I will with you. Go easy to bank and make all that I ask. Here my information of arrival to you and this best proof:
Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Boston (BOS) Airline: KLM Flight:
KL902 Departure: December, 19th 2008, 05:50, the Sheremetyevo a/i Arrival: December, 19th 2008, 07:35,
Schiphol Arpt Places: the House-keeper a class, places is <<<<- a city of change Amsterdam (AMS)->>>> Airline:
KLM Flight: KL6059 Departure: December, 19th 2008, 08:25, Schiphol Arpt Arrival: December, 19th 2008, 10:50,
Logan Intl Arpt Places: the House-keeper a class, places is Time in a way: 13 h.
All depends only on you as soon as you will send 323 dollars I at once I will go in agency and I will pay for the arrival to you. Make all more likely while banks work and on December, 19th in 10:50 minutes I will be at you at the airport and we will passionately kiss each other. My dear Forrest I ask you please make all necessary more likely... I wait. I already have not enough time. Now at me in Kazan 18:00 minutes. I ask you more likely while banks not to be closed.
Yours Olga...



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