Scam letter(s) from Natalia Shumaeva to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hi my sweet heart!!!!
I was very glad to receive from you the letter today.
I am always glad to your letters mine prince. They always lift my mood.
For me was the big happiness to meet such person as you my sweet.
You became my ideal my star of captivating happiness. And I am glad that it
you have taken a place in my big and hot female heart.
Love mine I can not be without you for me it more begins torture.
I want to be near to you want to feel your gentle touches and kisses.
Want to hear from you gentle words of love.
Dear I want to prepare for our meeting. What you think of it my sweet prince?
I think we have learnt each other already enough and it is time to us
to pass to the following stage of our relations.
I think that we may learn about each other more if we shall lead any time together my lovely.
My love to you is very strong and serious I not so small girl to play games.
I very much want to meet you my prince. And I hope that our desires coincide.
My love you want to meet me at you houses?????
On it I shall finish this letter.
I wait for your fast reply my loved.
I send you a gentle kiss and strong embraces.
With all love your sweet Nataliya!!!!!!
Letter 2
The darling I wish to tell to you that I love you you my prince I want to you will tell that travel to you to cost 850 euros it is full cost of all trip to you! I love you I wish to be with you in wash the prince! I wish to be with you what to love you what to kiss you. The darling I wish you ask you to me can to send 850 euros on a trip to you? I wait from you the answer. Nataliya
Letter 3
My dear I you love greetings! To me have told that you can take advantage of service Western union this service of fast and safe remittance! This service is available in each country both in mine and in your country. For this purpose you need to descend in bank and to fill the form with my data and in to bear cash. Given to you now I give!
Country: Russia
Republic: Chuvashiya
City: Cheboksary
The postal index: 428000
Shumaeva The darling as to me have told in bank that I could receive this money to me it is necessary to know your full data which you will specify in the form. From which you will send a city and your postal index also which you will specify in the form and as it is necessary to know to me the sum which you have brought in bank and necessarily I need to know 10-place code. The darling have come better to me a x-copy of this form. So on it will be much more convenient. I hope you my dear Jose I I hope for your help favourite mine Jose I hope for that that we soon will together! You only one is necessary to me. When you can send me money? I love you yours Nataliya
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