Letter(s) from Valentina Molkovskaya to Rudy (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello! My name is Valya! I found your profile in the dating-site: youforme.
I saw your profile and decided to write you. I don't look for games. I am looking for serious relations.
I have hobbies and job. But I don't have a man to love and be loved.
I am looking for the man, who will love me and who will take care of me.
I send you my photo with this letter. I hope, you will like it. If I got you interest, write me please on my e-mail address: mostcute@rambler.ru
I will be very glad to get an answer from you.
With the best regards,

Letter 2

Hello dear Rudy

It is very pleasant for me to write you, maybe it sounds banal, but in fact it is necessary to begin with something)) In this letter I would like to tell you about myself as much as possible and more precisely about what I am inside. In fact this is more important than to describe you my appearance. I wish to know your individuality, in exchange for it I can show you myself. It is unusual for me to search for the man over Internet, but I have thought, why not? Dear I have my own opinion about acquaintances and relations through the Internet. The Internet is only a way to have communication, to get the image of each other, but it is necessary to work hard that it can grow in feelings and relations. In fact there is a love at first sight.

I am a girl without any complexes and that’s why when I understand that you are important for me, I will start to think about the meeting at once. In fact the real meeting is a result of my search and if we will decide to meet, it will mean, that we are ready and at least we like each other. I think now I should tell you a little about myself.

Earlier I lived in Russia till 5 years old. My mother is Russian but my father is from the USA, I haven’t seen him for years because my parents have divorced. My father treated us badly, I do not wish to write about sad things now, but it is a part of me and my life and I think you should know it. After that I have left Russia for Latvia. I became photo model, but now I have finished this career because I have understood that I can achieve something more in this life.

I see my mother very seldom. She still lives in Latvia. She has a husband and a new family. I am very glad for her and I would like to see her more often.

I completed my studies in school in Latvia and entered the university. After that I started my career of photo model. But after my career was finished, I decided to come back to Russia. I hoped I would find a job. But the disappointment was waiting for me here. I searched for worthy work, but my search was unsuccessful. Now I have such a period in my life that I even do not know what to aspire because in Russia my opportunities are very limited. In spite of all these misfortunes, I have a great desire to love and to be loved.

So I began to look for my love in the internet.

By the way I want to know why you look for your love in Internet.

Are you able to love anybody at first sight? What is the most important for you in family relations? I would like to know it very much.

Probably I have set many questions to you but it is only because of my interest in you. I will wait for your letter and our meeting with impatience

Your Valya

Letter 3

Hello dear Rudy
Thanks for your answer. Your words have already given me the image of you.
I hope I write you everything what you are interested in me.
You know, many people try to get to know each other asking many questions but it seems to me too formally. I do not say I will not answer your questions which you will ask, I want simply find a creative way to correspond with each other. Therefore my letters will contain all answers and I want you to see the sense of what I write. I also wish to tell you a little about myself. I am a rather ambitious woman but time made me rather loyal and thinkable of the own family. My ambitious mind means that I am ready to enjoy life and try to achieve a happy life. I was very disappointed with it last time but I try to struggle it. It seems to me that I became so strong because of the model business where it is possible to become successful only if you have your own individuality. To tell the truth, I wish to leave this country and try to work in model business again. I only wait for the moment when the black strip of my life will end.
I am a big optimist, but in the same time I am a very romantic girl (only romantic can trust love at first sight). In relations I appreciate most of all honesty and absence of the motive of jealousy. If the person loves, he is jealous, I know it but it can offend the feelings of the partner. I think to show the love is better than to show the jealousy. I want to know what you think about it.
I want to talk with you about your plans to create a family. It is important for me because my age has already reached the time when I should find the happiness and certainly this happiness is concluded in love and family for me, 25 y.o. Tell me more about it, how do you imagine yourself relations and a family. I also would like to hear a little about the children. Whether are you ready to have the child or not? And I have a small question, I cannot keep and I wish to ask. Do you feel that we can have something serious? I will finish my letter now asking you this question. Now I will wait for your letter.
I hope soon you will please me with it.
Kiss you,
Your Valya

Letter 4

Hello my darling Rudy

It is very pleasant for me to receive the letter from you.

Your letters mean much for me. I read your words and I understand not only your gravity but also your tenderness and care. I am frank with you in my letters. I always try to show you my private world, my experiences. In fact it is very important that you can understand me.

I think of you and try to feel you. It is very pleasant for me to think of you.

I understand that your private world is very similar to mine and I think that our meeting will be very logical end sew the correspondence. I hope you, my darling, agree with me.

My darling, yesterday I had a call from my mum from Latvia. She told me that soon she wants to visit me. I was very glad to hear it because I have not seen her for 2 years. Therefore, when she arrives,

I will need to spend the whole time with her. Therefore, darling, I would like to meet you if you want it, I want to see you before my mum comes. During this month it would be great.

My Schurmann, tell me, please, what you think about it.

I will look forward to hearing from you with impatience.

Kiss and hugs,

Your Valya.

Letter 5

Hello my darling Schurmann
It is pleasant for me to get your letter again.
Sorry but my phone under repair now, but if you want you can send me your number and i try call you as soon as possible.
Thank you that you think serious about me.
I understand that you feel what I tell you.
And our wish to see each other starts to grow.
I start to test my feelings again when I understand that you think about me.
I got tired because of lie of people. I was bothered with men who write me.
They think only about sex or simply try to play with me. It hurts me. I want light and warm relations.
I do not know how to describe you my feelings. Simply I wish to ask you to be frank with me and if you start to love or you have already fallen in love with me, please, show it, be glad to it as I am. Now it seems to me that I will be hurt again if I understand that I have mistaken in you.
Therefore I hope your feelings are very warm to me and as I have spoken at the beginning, the desire to see each other will come and here it has come.
I understand that I cannot tell you everything in letters. I will tell you when I will see your eyes and I will feel your touches.
I hope very much that you feel the same. Your answer will fill my soul with happiness and heat.
I wait for your answer with impatience.
And I want to kiss you.
Your Valya

Letter 6

Hello my darling Rudy
I understand it is very difficult for you to come to me soon.
But nevertheless I would like to see you before my mum comes to visit me here.
Now I have enough free time.
I can come to you. Besides it will be very important for me to see you and to see the way you live, to understand your way of life.
I think it will influence good our future relations. But I think I need to make a visa to come to you.
It will be better if I go to the travel agency and get more information.
I will try to get the particulars.
And I hope we can be together very soon.
I will wait for your letter with impatience.
I begin to dream about us, my darling
Kiss you hot,
Your Valya