Scam letter(s) from Elena Griaznova to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Charles! I am very glad to receive the letter from you. My friend chance is that we with you in are loved in each other in this world all probably and I do not exclude this fact that we can in is loved in each other. I am pleased with that that In this world there is a man, who wishes to acquaintance to me.
Now I understand, that the people in your country really responsible!
I am shy, therefore I am not capable to begin acquaintance.
But I hope, that we can find out each other better. But if I start write to you, I shall write in this letter a little about me.
I shall also send one of my photos.
To me 28 years. I have blond a hair And green eyes.
I was born in August, 25, 1977.
I live in the house with my mum.
My father has died, when I was very small. He has got in automobile accident.
It - huge loss for us.
With 2 the mum years one lifted me It was very heavy and I very much love her.
Today it - closest and favourite man for me.
I have no any brothers and sisters, and I have no any own children I want to have own family. I want to have own children.
I also dews in Kirov city.My mum works in Kirov to urban hospital as the medical sister.
I shall inform concerning my parents you in the following letter morere Now, as I spoke, I shall write concerning me directlyly As I spoke already, I was born in 1977. Up to 7 I years has left by a children's garden. . AS my mum could not be constants with me. Since 7 I years began to go from school.
I studied very good.When I has left school with Red certificate in 1996, and I has left in n Nizhniy Novgorod medical academy.As I had the perfect certificate concerning my completed school.I could study in Institute "free-of-charge". . In 2001 I have finished to be trained in academy.Since that year I work in Kirov in children's urban hospital.
It - is close to hospital, where works my mum. It - difficult work, and physically, and in the psychological attitude, but I love this work. My task at work is to define the diagnosis of illness and to nominate processing.If necessary I have sent to my patients on various medical test.
My work with children compels me to be closer.
My work with children is more difficult than with the adult people.
And my work is more pleasant me. And I have pleasure, that I can help children.
I frequently see young pairs with children, and I see, as they are happy, I am sincerely pleased for them, but thus I remain without fond the man In me there was one friend, but it - little bit sad history, I shall inform to you concerning it little bit later.
My girlfriend, my comrade the worker has offered me to find acquaintance to the help the Internet.
And now I write you from cafe of the Internet.
As I have no any the own computer. It is expensive very much. And I can not allow this luxury.
In our country not so many people have personal computers of a house.
Probably level of our life does not allow to live so that to afford much.
- present, I do not complain of bad life in Russia. I earn, what to live in Russia enough.
Let's try to study each other better and to give, to try our chance.
I have a question for you. Whether it is valid you are ready to have the attitudes with the women from Russia?
I am going to close my letter, but I hope to receive yours, soon answer with the answers mine Questions and your history to write to me It is more concerning you directly and all, which you would like to be divided with me. I would be very much Pleased to receive your letter, I expect to receive it soon.
I hope, that you understand my English language
Care. The best regards.
Sincerely yours, yours new familiar Elena.
Letter 2

Greetings my love Charles!
I have received your letter, and I understand, that I - only start to live.
I am glad that we have understood, on the account of our letters. Forgive if I in what was on rights. They me have encouraged thanks for your words I is happy that you want to be with me.
In us with you still only begins. Now I find sense in a life. As I also promised I all have learned concerning the visa.
I have asked concerning moving to your country, and I have received the answer in which I need in the visa, The foreign passport and some other documents for registration.
We have defined type of the visa, and it is type which allows to marry in the future This visa allows me to be in your country within 90 days.
I think, on which will know each other and in a consequence enough to marry.
If we marry during legality of the visa, I can remain with you for many time.
If we do not marry, I should leave your country from the end of legality the Visa.
I have asked concerning the prices, and have been very much surprised, The visa costs approximately 370 dollars, both the passport and necessary Cost of documents of 79 dollars.
It - does me little bit suppressed and disappointed. I have no any so now.
I was, declare, but I should pay it.
I have asked my mother concerning our savings, she has told, that money should not be a barrier Between two people which like each other.
I considered my sum, and I have learned, that I have only approximately hundred dollars and my wages. There will be no speed.
I have asked my friends concerning the help to me, and they have told, that it has not in a gift the moment.
I have asked advice my mother, and she has told, that you can probably help me.
I have asked her as it can help me because it is far from me.
My mother has told, that you can send money through the company which dothis serve.
I have asked be relative it, on my work, and I know now which reliable and fast company is, Which does remittances in the world, and it is the western union.
I remember, that I saw advertising this company on TV.
I have left there, and I have asked them concerning service.
They have told, that the sender should go in the western union, give them the information: the name And the surname of the receiver, the country they really transfer and bring these ten secrets of figures the code to the sender.
The receiver should know ten figures for reception of money.
They speak, which branches it should be everywhere all over the world.
There is an information concerning me: The country: Russia
Name Elena
Surname: Griaznova I should know your full name, the full address.
You should know, that I decide to ask you concerning it because I love you, and I trust you Very much.
I think concerning sense of money, and I am very sad, if this paper can prevent people To meet each other.
In most cases money play a leaging role in a life, but it - is not correct! I am confident.
And the quantity of money was, and it will be not important for me, I always did not aspire to material enrichment and to not search for especially rich person. I estimate human qualities and the attitude, and I love you Charles!!!
You do not think, that I solve it spontaneously, I very for a long time think of it. I do not want to pass happiness again.
I spoke with mum, and she is very happy for me, she even blesss me.
It can be silly sounds, but today I have presented our meeting.
I examine many interesting pictures.
In the street there is a perfect weather, and you support and wait for me at the airport and anxiety For my arrival. Then you arrive closer onboard the plane, we look, around And we search for eyes the friend the friend in crowd, then With to become piercedby hearts we find each other and to rush into strong embraces.
We cost a covering, and everyone looks at us. And for us as though nothing exists. Only you and I!!!
Every day I think concerning our meeting, and I think, that it is real, we should use this chance From destiny.
As I also promised I to you I shall send new photos.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Your love Elena.
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