Scam Letter(s) from Margarita Sorokina to Johny (Australia)

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Letter 1

Good day my darling John!

First of all I want to thank you for your nice letter! It is very interesting and I appreciate what you share with me. I do hope that we will become more than just friends as I like you a lot and want to take the chance to build my future with you.

I don't believe about asteroid. It's nonsense, dear and I advise you to get it out of your heard too.
Thanks for the picture, I liked it very much.
I was glad to know that you would like to have children.

I like to dance. I want to dance with you, looking passionately in each other’s eyes, holding you in my arms. I look forward to waking up with you by my side, running my fingers through your hair, gently kissing you. I adore flowers. I have many plans at home. I like lilies and black roses. For me the greatest pleasant would be a bouquet of flowers from my man. I think, it’s the most romantic present, which speaks a lot about feelings of a man. To give a woman flowers not only shows that a man cares, but that this gift from nature is meant for his lover. To admire a woman is what inspires love, flames romance, and ignites passion between them. It’s pity that our men can't be romantic and attentive to their women and they don't present flowers and make pleasant surprises for their women. I like pleasant scents and perfumes. My favorite perfume is “Donna” by Sergio Taccini. It’s difficult to say what is my favorite color .I like different colors and I can say that I prefer red and pink more in clothes. I often like to dress in bright clothes as they rise my mood and make me feel better. What is your favorite style in clothes? What kind of clothes do you prefer in your woman? In clothes I prefer things, in which I feel comfortable, but it have to be very feminine outfit and sexy, but not vulgar. I like high hills but usually I wear them when I go out. How do you imagine your woman to be dressed? And what about make up? It’s very interesting for me.

I would like to write about love and share the views. I think that life is meaningless without loving someone. We always should be given an opportunity to love. Love is magic, which, in turn, sometimes will make our lives magic and wonderful. I hope that there will be a lot of such moments in my life... Maybe even with you...

By for now. But I hope to hear from you soon.


Letter 2

Hello my darling John!

All I want to do is write to you, to let you know what I'm doing, how I'm feeling. I just can’t stop thinking of you and when I saw your letter, my heart began to beat faster and faster, in expectation of the wonder and pleasure to communicate with you again.

No, I really don't have many men knocking at my door. Actually I am not searching for many men. I am searching for the only one man, with whom I would spend the rest of my life and who would make me happy. I don't speak English so far, and unfortunately because of it we will not be able to chat. But you can write me whatever you want in your letters, the same what you would like to tell me in chat. I will start learning English since the beginning of December. Dear, I will try my best learning English because I dream to meet with you in person in the near future.

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep either. After I got your letter I couldn't stop thinking about you. Last night, under the vanishing stars, with a somewhat chilling breezes blowing, I sat silently by myself, outside, looking at a deserted field. I was alone under a picturesque sky, so calm, so peaceful and so quiet. I was lost in my thoughts. I was lost in my dreams. Images of you were beaming. I did not know what came over me. Completely unsure whether it was a reality or was it just a dream. Was our contact for real or was it potential? Or was it an in-between?

I imagined that I was with you on a sandy beach. On that deserted beach, I have drawn your strong but tender hands on the wet sand, a silent face, smiling at me. As time passed ever so painfully slow, you looked so handsome as you look so motionless. On that beach, you teasingly invited me for a dance, the last dance and the best dance. As slowly we danced, you seductively passed your gentle fingers through my silky hair as they flew in the air, caused by the gentle breezes of the sea and I pretended to be helpless in stopping your wandering hands, unstoppable hands moving from my soft hair, downward along my curvy shoulders and smooth-skinned back towards my thighs, as a clear sign that I have long ago decided to remain forever yours.

The signals I gave invited you to chase and as reward you pour me a glass of wine, and I allow you to feed me chocolates, piece by piece, holding them with your lips. As you fed, you deliciously gave me an irresistible kiss for each and every one of those pieces of chocolate. As two loving birds, deeply submerged in the sea of passion, I voluntarily became your most loyal and willing accomplice in "your criminal attempt to corrupt my heart and my mind". Without ever uttering a single whisper or a lone murmur, I wish, I hope and I dream that from now on you will forever remain mine.

Never before have I felt so lonely, so desperate, so hopeless, so helpless and so despair. On that silent place, during that silent night, during that cruel night, in this vast planet, at that lonely night, I wished you were here. If you were, I wondered whether you would be nervous. If so, I simply wanted to tell you that there is really no need to be nervous. At this moment, there are only the two of us. Should you have butterflies, I will tell you, "honey, you are mine". Kiss me tenderly and there will be no more butterflies – soon there will be a new life, another human being, the beginning of our family. You will be with me for the rest of the night. You will be with me for the rest of this life, in the mid summer night, for the rest of your life, in the cold winter time, and for the rest of our life, until the end of time. You should never be nervous again, my darling, because you are mine. There will never ever again be any more butterflies. During the many years to come and during those sleepless nights, there will only be pages of an album, a family album, an album you and I will put together. A family album is an art. After all, it is really an affair of the heart. Would you agree?

Deliciously I will kiss you, holding you tight, with my arms firmly wrapped from behind, you will never again be able to take flight, for the night, for the rest of our life, until the end of time, exploring every single inch of your body... With your help and capable hand guiding me, I will find the most secret of all spots that will lead me to your inner most secret and trembling body. You will give me the honor of always be mine. Once - definitely; twice - absolutely; three times - we can discuss about bringing in new lives into this world despite human cruelties in the midst of human beauty.

In the years to come, even when we will have grown old, even in a state of frailty and fragility, I will still love you, holding your hands, recapturing moments past, as if it is still our very first contact, from the start, full of sparks, in the dark, as we were once youthful, seeing you for the first time, meeting in that big world of cyber space, the moment I attempt to gain access to your heart.

Nothing I want more than the fulfillment of my hopes and my dreams.

Thinking of you,

Your Margo.

Letter 3

Hello My Darling John.

I am always so happy to get and read your letters.

I want to share some thoughts with you and I hope that you will like them. I want to tell you about my dreams about us, but I am afraid I won't have enough words to express them all. These are just some thoughts of mine and I hope, they won't scare you, as there are rather frank and intimate.

I have met a man, who is so far from me and I never thought that it was possible to have feelings to a man whom I have never met in person. I wish you were here how, and there were no a huge distance between us. It would be nice spending days together doing different simple things together and spending days enjoying each others company, like watching a movie cuddling up together and drinking tea or coffee. Or we could go out and walk along the night city, have a romantic dinner together in some nice restaurant, then come back home and make a passionate love. Often during the day I think about you and at night when I go to bed I think about you and how you would hold me in your strong arms, how I would kiss you and feel your warm body next to mine. I would kiss your sweet lips for a while, your neck, and then I take your shirt off and start to kiss your chest, seeing how excited you get. I feel love, fire, and passion in your eyes, while your hand begins to softly caress my breasts. You would kiss your way to my breasts and slowly take each one into your mouth and suck them gently, feeling them hard in your mouth and you would play with each nipple slowly running your tongue around them. Then your hand would slowly move down between my legs, feeling me wet there. You would kiss your way there and spend time licking me and making me feel good.... While you are doing this, I start to undo your jeans and drop them to the floor. I am rubbing your cock, which gets nice and hard immediately. As I see your hard cock, I start to kiss every line, every curve, and work my way to your balls, making sure you get all the pleasure I can give you, honey. I put my moist lips around your hard cock starting to go up and down, as I use my tongue to massage it and looking into your eyes at this moment I see that it feels so good for you. Then I would make love to you, honey, and when we were finished, I would fall asleep in your arms, having sweet dreams up to the morning…

I am waiting for the time when I will realize all my fantasies and desires with you. I hope you have your thoughts to share with me about us and how we would spend time together. I would really enjoy our closeness and sharing our fantasies.

So, I shall close for now and await your next letter.

A big passionate kiss from your


Letter 4

Hello my dear John!

I am so happy to write you today. It pleases me a lot that you do not forget about me. Honey, you cannot even imagine how much I miss you and want to be with you.

Your letters mean a lot to me. They give me the hope, that I have met my soul mate and that hopefully; in the near future we will meet and become a nice happy couple in real life.

I don't know how to start. I have a problem, and it’s a big problem for me as I don't want to lose you. I don't speak English and I had been using the help of translator from the translation company to read your letters and write you my in English. My account is over now and I am not able to write you letters any more. Now it’s necessary to pay once again for translation, and I really can't afford it as my income is so small that I have to restrict myself in many things. So, I am asking you for help. If you are really indifferent to me and don't want to stop our contact, please, contact my translator at It is the establishment, where I had been using the services of translation. There you will be given all the necessary info how to fill in the account and renew contact with me. It’s very difficult for me to write it, but inside of me there is a hope that you are a real gentleman, and you are indifferent to me and that you won't leave me.

With a big hope to hear from you again,




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