Scam letter(s) from Justina Cortez to Andrew (USA)

Letter 1
Love Brings Us If I ever were blind, and day is dark
Love would guide me to your heart
It brings warmth between you and I
Shelters the storms, calms the skies. Love brings our every dream to life
Taking us to such beautiful heights
A heart whispers, with each rhythm
Speaks of a love softly if you listen. It goes beyond distance, So ever far
Brings the moon, to a night of stars
Reaches for everything so ever high
It brings the world to just you and I. It's as if I've found the road to love
To your heart, My darling, My love
It's as if heaven and earth entwined
Bringing me a angel I can call mine

I feel the essence of love earlier
while we talking mI GIVE MY
REALLY CAN'T BElieve that
we will reach this point .

I believe few lines Time or Year,
Monthor week,,to measure to find
Your soulmate ..If ur Denstiny come
especially in Love ,, It will soon , so
now we meet for two Days , we same feeling
that we feel inside now ,

Sweetheart imso sorry if was late to emailed you today i already call my Brother and he know's everything about us , and he said that..This is my life ^ i know what is wrong and what is Write and if he feel or he can see that im HAPPY'' HE WILL BE HAPPY FOR ME OR FOR US !
This is my sweetheart and i willbe there to you soon okay here my infornmation

name;Justine Cortez
address;25, Malvar St, Dipolog City Zamboanga Del
Northe Philippines 7100.

Got it sweetheart pls send me ur fullname and full adress to okay if ever u already have the informastion for the trucking numbr pls leave it true to yahoo messger leave me offiline to send i will rescieve ur messge to my mobilephone , becoz i appear mobuiel Devices
Ill be get bed earlier , so then i will get back early in the morning
i ve been tired baby ,






Letter 2
Hi Sweetheart , GoodMorning to you , I dont know where i am going to start my email
well sweetheart , thank u so much being good and
Kind, especially for your Trusting to me ''until now i really can't believe i met someone who sincere and willing to meet me and spend time rest of my life . and you ! Sweetheart it ve been long day for to me to do thinsg done here . especially to get my plane fare for me to get in manila alright,, i will leaving for
5 am in the morning here and i will get arrive in manila like 6;45 am so then ..and then ill gonna meet my Personal Council after lunch , so then
ill gonna give to hear mu Documents and payment for the paper , I pack things here .especialy my clothes and Girl stuff , and everthing that i need to bring there ,, and my Brother he is now .. he will be manage the appartment here especially those things here . And sweetheart like i said to you that i thinking hard for my hotel like what i said to you about the
Galleria Suite , i think i dont need that such a expensive hotel for me to stay .. we need to be wise about that . so sweetheart i will do my best to find
cheapest small appartment here or , especially safe place for me that really important . ,, and u know my situition im just alone here .. becoz i heard that there have a few bad people in manila . but Dont worry baby .. i can carry my self here .Did i tell that im Good Kung Fu FIGHT i am black Belter when i was on Colloge ? so u nothing worry about that! alright Okay sweetheart hope things doing ok there? especially the kids ,. tell to them that i miss them
and i really cant wait to meet them soon ..alrigth ?
and sweetheart as soon u read this email pls give me call befor ei get bed so then i can sleep well okay .im jst lyng here in my living room ill gonna wait your call okay i go to go . Have wonderful Day and may Godbless you . I love you. Kisses for you;mwpzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Flowers for you your sweetheart
Letter 3
My Wonderous Surprise I have been here before but it isn?t the same,
He?s genuine, he?s unique it?s hard to explain.
Many will profess many things it is true,
But this special person is definitely new! He's been a gentleman through and through since we have met,
And I know in my heart this I will continue to get.
Respectful and loving it?s hard to believe,
To find this gentle man who is caring to me! I dedicate this poem so you know,
To a man that my friendship continues to grow.
We have not met as yet and may never will,
But to meet him would be a fantasy forfilled. So you know, let start new Good relationship Honey i am thinking of you,
Can't wait to hear from you, I miss you
and i really can't wait to see you there all safe and sound,
To continue the special bond that we found! Well Sweetheart... i walking earlier and i try to find a cafe near here but there have no cafe near in the house wer i stay but . i dont care about that .. im not tired to find cafe as soon i found one well baby I ve been done to pay the whole payment for my Appartel . ,so tommrow im 10 am im going to embassy , i need to sign up paper well baby u know .. the process was so good and wonderful unlike before .. but now its really easy for me becoz ni know how to carry my self for me to do process my papers , so baby All u need to do is .. just keep healthy and pls take care of ur self and the kids and be patients becoz soon .. im one the who will take care of u there okay . .. the weather .. little crazy becoz its raining alot here .. i go to go . and i will let u know when my passport will be release and im sure this end of week my passport will be release okay . i have to go back now in my apparatel its kinda from here to my appartel .. so call me like about 11pm here okay ill gonna wait your call, pls be stay happy . stay happy . FAITH-TRUST-LOVE -HONEST KISSES FOR YOU ;mwpzzzzz ''''' I LOVE YOU ''''' FLOWERS FOR YOU Your Future wife
Letter 4

Hi sweetheart,

First of all im so sorry if u not reach my phone this morning here its just happen that,, im on the inside of the appartment,, so i dont have any signal ,thanks for you emailed

I also feel sad when i heard about the news , becoz im so excited to be with you but u dont have to worry becoz nothings change about what i feel for you
im willing to wait until your Divorce will be finalized ,let me know how long it will takes??
anyway my visa will expired for 6 months , and i can stay there for six months so if your Divorced will process for a month or two months i think i can be there and wait for your Divorce to be done . so we can get married ,

I already got my passport and i scan it so u can have a copy & i will having my Interview on Nov 5,6,& 7 , and after i need to have my Medical Certification ''
Then the releasing of my visa will be on Nov 10,so sweetheart let me know if how long will your
Divorced to be final? so we can plan for this .

Sweetheart U Don't have to worry becoz nothing change what i feel for you .
i wanna be with you & i wanna share my life with you forever , we will build a new family and your kids will be my kids as well , i will treat them ads my own kids.ok i have to go now stay safe always and Take care Godbless you,& kids.

Faith-Trust- Love .,,

I love you

Flowerrs for you

Kisses for you ,mwpzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Your Sweetheart
Letter 5
THOUGHTS OF LOVING YOU When you are across the world, and I know that you are asleep
I sit quietly at home and think of you, and wish with you to be I think of things you bring to me; your love, your thoughts, your words.
I keep these things locked in my heart, the most beautiful words I?ve heard. I know that these are my treasure, these precious thoughts you share
I know that you show me your love, and that you really care. How could I not love you in my heart; what would I be if I was not a part
Of the precious dream we share, that lives within our hearts? And then I think of all our plans to share a life between us
And quietly sit, hands in lap, waiting for it to be thus. Because you have brought to me a hope, a dream, a thrill
Of looking forward to the day when all of this, stay, will And be with us forever more, together through old age
Imagine looking through our message book reading through each page. All the words that between us pass, all thoughts within our hearts
All these thoughts will remain in our lives, a very special part. I am glad that you are my love, I choose you just for me, i will be there , my Love, my Darling, please, let?s start our life and Finally we will the reach that top and we will be together . I love you so much Kisses for you ;mwpzzzz Flowers for you always your Baby
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