Scam letter(s) from Lisa Marson to Bruce (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi Dear....
How are you doing today?... i hope you are doing just fine and good at the moment....well i must say i got your email and you really sounded so nice and very much interesting to me ...well i think you made many points about the fact of life and i think they are all right and correct cos i must say you say all that out of the heart.
Well dear if you care to know some fact about me here they are...... i was born there in Canada and if you really do care to know.... my mom is a half Nigerian and half dad met her when he went to austria for some trip and let me say business then they started from there and became lovers ..... and they both came down together to the Uk where they had me as thier first child and only child before dad died..... i grew up there in docksland school for some time .... till i was 17 when my dad died everything was not so easy for me and mom we both had to get back to nigeria where she had some relative who really do care much about her..... we are at the moment but shall be getting back to the Canada before the end of next month and nothing will be able to stop me from getting back execp for the lord.
Well i am a very new person on this computer and this dating thing but i learn and know that it has brought many souls and couples together who are living happily together now... it also happened to this my very friend who introduced me to try this online dating that it will definately work for me just like the way it did to her ...cos she met her soul mate right there in the states. and they are right now living very happily together now with a 5 months old baby and i think thier lives a greate there... she met him online just like this way they were coresponding i saw that but i was suprised that this happend to someone thats so close to me but i was not soo much supprised about that cos i learnt and knew that this computer internet dating thing is now the fastest and the very best way to meet that soulmate who will want and also be ready to spend the rest of thier lives with you....well who am i to doubt todays technology and also saw it happen to someone thats very close to me. She was the one who even told me to get online and try this online dating that it will be good and also better for me cos since i told her i shall be getting back to Canada before the end of next month i should try it and also it for sure that i will meet someone that will be very close to me when i get back even that person can take me to places since i will be little bit new to things there.Well if you care to know i was in Canada 2 times when i was 20 and 21.. i stayed for some time but then i was to young to live and depend on my own there so i had to get back to mom here cos then i was moms pet.Lol.
Well if you care to know... i dont really have a very specific place to get to when i get back to Canada .. that was one of the reason why i came to see if i will get that one who can be very nice and close to me when i get back to the states so that things will not be that much new to things and will not also be so lonly when i get back there.... i can go to anywhere i will find that one and only special one to care for me and also ready to spend the rest of his life with me...distance does not really matters at all but its just a mare discribtion of space between two people but caring, loving and also dedication matters most.
If you care to know .. i do work with mom here in her store where she sells cloths and i think i really like working with her cos i dont think there is any better place for me to work more than here with mom cos i must say its one of the best place to be i think its nice working with that special one who cares much about your life. Ilike working with her and some times travel with her when she have excess funds with her.Well i can come to meet you there if you want and that would be if you want a veyr good reletiohip.
i have been so single for about 1 year and almost 7 months now and did not find that one who will love me for whom i am. but we can make it together if you will like that..... i can come to any place where i will fund that one and only man that will love me till the end of time.
Well i am also looking for a man that will be able to care for me , be loving, kind , and he must always be very ready to be there for me and also do things that will always make both of us very happy towards the future.... cos as for me i am planing to get married just once and no more cos i will never want to get any divorce so i will take time and to know that one in my life will always be ready for me anytime no matter what. thats why i will want to take my time in everything i do at the moment . Well dear if you care to know dear i do have a blond hair, a blue dress size is 1/3... my shoe size is height is 5'8" my bust u is about 35" my waist is about hips is about 35.7" and am about 54 kg that part of my body apearance for you.Well dear i will be hoping to send you some pics that i took last month ok after reading from you again. ok.
Well i think i will have to get going for now but i shall be hoping to read from you soon ok.... bye for now and always take good care of your self ok.
Letter 2

Hello Dear,...
How are you doing today? .. i was really so glad and happy to be able to read from you again i got your email and i must say its always as lovely and as new with thoes caring and lovely words at me.
After reading your words i always wish and say to my self that it would have been much more better and also lovely if you were close to me saying it at this moment. Well actualy Saleem i dont know that hotel that moms friend who is in Uk has i dont know the adress but i do think the name is called the Radisson hotel .. but right now moms friend who ones it is right there in the states as she had told us but she will be back in about 2 months tim from now.
But if i do want to come anytime all i just need to do is to tell mom to make that contact with her and tell her when i will be arriving there so as for her to also call her workers to come and pick me up
So dont worry ok since you will be the one to pick me up from the airport then you dont have to worry over anything ok.. you will surely know the place that i will be going the hotel so as for you to come anc check me at anytime and i will also love to visit you more often so as for us to develop a good and strong relationship that can last for a life time no matter what.
Yes dear here is the information on where you will have to use the western union to send the funds donw here.... you will only have to use the western union money transfer cos its the fastest easiest and also the best way to recieve funds mom used it when she was in Italy so there is no other thats better than the Western Union. The Name Is............... MARK MOORE
Address Is............. 23 OPEBI ROAD IKEJA
Country..................NIGERIA :Zipe Code 23401. Thats where you will have to send it so as soon as gets it he will just have to call me to come and pick up the ticket at once .
so i think i will have to stop here dear and i will be hoping to read back from you soon ok... always take good care of your self and i will always remain that caring lady for you even till the end of time.
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