Scam letter(s) from Polina Dubrovina to Adam (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Adam! I'm pleased to receive the answer from you. For me it is pleasant to find the new friend from other country. I have seen your profile and have decided to write to you and now I am glad, that you have answered me. It will be interesting to me to learn about your life and to share with you histories from my life. So, I want tell you about myself: My name is Yuliya. I was born in Volzhsk, that the European part of Russia. Volzhsk is in 800 kilometers to the east from Moscow. It is big and very beautiful city with the big history.
I'm 29 years old. My Birthday on December, 15, 1979. Why I search to myself for second half outside of Russia? Earlier I had relations with Russian man, but among them there was no that person with which I could feel like happy. Probably therefore I was not married earlier and I have no children. Many Russian men are rough, they to beat the women. Even at me the case when my guy has struck me because of that was that I was late to him for appointment for 15 minutes. He has made a row with me to jealousy. After that I have begun to hate him and we have parting. I think that only the coward is capable to beat the woman. Also many men to use alcohol in many quantities and they do not know a measure. It is similar to a syndrome of the addict. I don't want to have such husband and the more so to give birth from them children. In my life there were not many men. I have decided to connect my life with foreign the man because they are more polite to the women. They are able to appreciate, respect and protect the women.
I have found out it from my girlfriend Oksana which also have found foreign the man on the Internet. His name is Mike, he lives in Cyprus, Nikosia. They corresponded on the Internet and he has invited her to Cyprus. There he has suggested her to marry and she has agreed, because they have really grown fond each other. She has carried out the month to her lives together with Mike. Now she has returned to Russia to finish necessary affairs on work and then she will go to live to Cyprus. Their wedding will take place in the beginning of October. I am very glad for Oksana, that she has found her favourite person. I envy them as I to not have my second half a little, but I hope, that with your help I can find happiness in this life. Now I also am concentrated on search of my second half. I hope our dialogue will be interesting also we can learn about each other a lot of interesting. I will tell to you about my family, work and hobbies in mine next letter. ok? You can share with me your vital problems, I am always glad to listen and help my friend good vital advice. I be able to store secrets, you can trust me completely. On it I finish my letter. I with big interest will wait your answer with information on you, your city, work, family. Also it will be pleasant for me to receive your photos. Sincerely yours, Yuliya.
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