Scam Letter(s) from Lilia Ahmadullina to Carlos (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello. It is a nice surprise for me to see your answer. Right now we know practically nothing about each other, we are like open books for each other. And i‘m glad that I have possibility to know a person from another country and to get to know how your life is. I think it is extremely interesting getting to know new people. As I’m sociable and communicative , I hope we’ll get along and we’ll find some common points and a lot of topics to talk about. So you know my name already and I know yours, and this is something to start with. Don’t you think?:) I’m 28 years old and I’m single and I have no kids. I live in a very small city it is called Sernur. It’s more like a village I can say. A lot of young people do not want to live in villages like min and they move to big cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Ekaterinburg and others. I have not been to all of these cities but I’ve been to Moscow and St Petersburg and I cannot say that I want to live there. These cities are beautiful and have a lot of interesting historical places but at the same time they are huge… and people live there not noticing each other. And for myself I want to have dear people and my friends around and I do not want to live with people that do not notice me at all. That’s why I can say that I like Sernur for its itimate atmosphere of a small town. And what is he city you live in like? How big is it? And do you want to stay there for the rest of your life or you wouldn’t mind to move to another place? As for me I wouldn’t mind to move somewhere but I need at least one true friend around and I think I can be happy in any place in the world. As my city is not big ,it is not easy to find a decent job. I think that I am lucky as I found one. I’m a shop-assistant in the furniture store. I have a normal 8hours working day for a Russian man. I work from 8 o’clock in the morning till 7 o’clock in the evening and I have 1 hour of a lunch break usually from 12 to 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I like my job in general but I’m not sure that I want to do that all my life and I night to try myself in other fields some time later. As any person in the world I have my family. Right now it consists only from my mom and me. we are happy family because we love each other and we always support each other. My mom’s name is Aleftina, she is 59 years old and she doesn’t work right now as she is too old for that. she is on the government pension. My dada left my mom when I was about 2 years old and I haven’t seen him from that time. So actually I don’t remember him at all. My mom told me about how he was when they were young but she herself hasn’t seen him since the time of a break-up. He seems to disappear somehow… I don’t really want to talk much about that as I do not understand why my father did that way and why I am turned out to be to blame in their break-up. I worried a lo about that a lot when I was teenager but now I seem to get over that. What is your family story? Is your family big or small? How do you get along? Do you have a lot of relatives in you city or live somewhere all by yourself? And do you visit your relatives that are live far away from you? I’m asking so many questions about your family because I think that this information might give me the basic knowledge about you as all of us are children of our parents and we are the “product” of our own family traditions. For example I do not drink or smoke and I can say that I have no bad habits and it is all due to my mom. She was always an example to follow. I’ have never seen her smoking or drinking alcohol. She could drink only a glass of Champaign or wine while celebrating big holidays or when inviting a lot of friends over. Also when I was small my mom always explained to me how harmful for our health smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and drugs are. So in my example the influence of my mom in my life is huge and what is in your case? How your parents influenced your life? Oh, it is 9 o’clock in the evening already and the internet cafe; is about to close. By the way computer with the internet is still a luxurious thing in our small town (it is different with big citites), so majority of population who need internet go to inernet cafe;. We have several of them in Sernur. Can you imagine that took me an hour to write this letter?I came to the internet cafe; when it was 8 ‘clock in the evening and it is 9 already. Time flies. It took me much longer than I thought it would , it is probably because ihave to translate everything I want to say in Russian into English and I want to say it right in English:) I don’t want us to have any misunderstandings because of he language barrier. So please if you don’t understand anything that I wrote feel free to ask me, I won’t be offended and I’m open to answer any questions:) One more in conclusion I want to say that I’m glad that to see a letter from you in my mailbox and I hope you would like to continue writing letters. It would be very nice to get the answer from you soon and to start getting to know you:) Anna.

Letter 2

Hello, CARLOS:) I wanted to say good evening but then I thought that I don’t know in what part of the day you will read my letter. and if you read it in the morning and I will great you with “good evening” it will sound strange , won’t it?:) Well, that is not something that I’m supposed to start the letter I guess… anyways… I was glad to see a letter from you again and I’m glad that you decided to continue our writing letters. Thank you for answering my questions. Maybe they were too frank for the first letter because family is something very personal and I want to thank for sharing that with me. My family is on the first place for me and it plays an very important role in my life. The second place takes up my job. My job is something that give me a chance to express myself and of course to earn money for living and it helps me to be independent. What is your job for you? would you quit it if you for example won one million dollars? As for me I think I wouldn’t because doing nothing is good for a while but soon people get annoyed by that and sooner or later they come to a decision that they need some kind of job. I hope you remember that I told you that I’m a shop-assistant in the furniture store. My job is not artistic, I’m not a designer of furniture i’m not making it. I just sell the items that other people created. But anyways I don’t think that my job is no important. My job is to help people to create the comfort in their homes and to give them advices if they ask for that. The store is not very big, but a lot of people in the city know it as we sell good and not expensive furniture. And not high price give us a lot of customers. They are all different and my job is to find a key to each customer that step in our store. This is some kind of psychological work I think. And I like it all. It is very easy for me to work with people. I enjoy the process of choosing furniture and just talking to people. And what is your job related to? Do you work with people or somewhere in the office with the computer? Could you describe your duties for example or your every day work? I had a funny customer a few days ago. He wanted to buy bookshelves. He didn’t want to get the ordinary ones, they got to be special in some way. At the same time he didn’t know exactly what he wanted and he didn’t have enough money to get the help of professional designer. So he was running arounf the sore explaining the size of the room and the places where the bed, the table and the sofa were, describing the color of the room and other details. And he needed my help, other shop-assistants came to look at that show:) and they were laughing at that man’s manner explaining everything ! that was very funny!:) after about half an hour of the show he stopped and asked if I can advise anything? I sowed him the shelves that were oval and he liked them. Yesterday he came with a box of sweets and told me that the shelves that I picked suited perfectly well in his room. I was very glad with him and with the job done too:) I told you that my job takes the second place in my life and right now it is so. But to tell the truth I want it not to be more important than love. At this very moment I don’t have man that I can fall in love with. And I was looking for that kind of man very hard in Russia but unfortunately I haven’t met any. Don’t think that I’m very independent woman who doesn’t need a man. It’s not so. I need someone who will protect and support me and who I can take care about. One of my friends had the same problems and a few years ago she met a nice man in the internet and after some time of writing letters to each other she visited him and didn’t come back. They ended up marrying and she seems to be very happy. I’m emailing her form time to time and I see the joy that is in all of her letters. Till the latest time I thought that I was to find my love in Russia but now I came to conclusion that it doesn’t matter which country people are from if they understand each other and if they have common topics to talk about. I have no experience talking to foreigner but I like it so far with you:) and let me know what do you think of it? Have you talked to a lot of different women from other countries? If yes, how was it? Was it difficult because of the different mentalities? Or may be this just added peculiarity to the communication?:) For me personally it is very exciting talking to you, to a person that have totally different life and another way of thinking though at the same time all the people no matter where they live in Africa, Indonesia, India, Japan or Brasilia have a lot in common: everybody dreams about true love, everybody needs to have a true friend, everybody wants to be successful in something and so on… I can name a lot of things that are common for all people in the world. So tell me if you are interested to know more about me after reading this letter and I will be happy to do that. I like telling about my life if one wants to know about it, I’m not shy or not talkative(I hope you have already noticed that:)) I can answer your questions if you have any and I still waiting the answers to mine:) Thanks for giving your time for reading my letters and writing the answers. I appreciate it. Anna.

Letter 3

Good time of the day CARLOS!:) It is very pleasant to know that someone who live so far away wants to know about me and about my life. I mean internet does incredible things like we would never get a chance even to start talking if there were no internet. It seem s that due to internet the whole world unites and gradually becomes one huge country. I don’t know if it is good or bad for us people who live in this world but what I know for sure it is good for me personally because you and me began to write to each other:) I have now that many friends in other cities of Russia or abroad. I have one friend who married foreign man and went to live to another country , then I have a few friends who right now live in Moscow and St. Petersburg but most of my friends live here in Sernur. And what about your friends? Do all of them live next to you or do you have to go some distance to see them and to spend some time together? I love spending time with my friends, they make my life brighter and easier and more fun. I wish I could spend more time with my friends but it is not possible because fo the work and other responsibilities that I have. When I have free time (it is usually in the evenings) my friends and go to different entertainment places like movie theatre, theatre, cafe;. I just love to watch movies in the movie theatre. I like different movies starting from romantic comedies, dramas to adventure movies and action ones. Watching movie in the movie theatre can’t be compared with watching it at home: the screen, the sound, the atmosphere- everything is so different! Most of my friends have the same opinion so we usually got to movie theatre with a big company. Less of my friends like an understand classical theatre. To be more precise only 2 of them really enjoy it. As for me I like to go to drama performances better than to opera and ballet. I do not understand opera because singers sing in Italian and I do not know Italian at all and I can guess what is going on on the stage only by the actors’ movements.. and I believe that is not enough to understand performance. Ballet dancing is easy to feel as dancers express their feelings by movements but not by words so their movements is more emotional and expressive then those of opera singers. Anyways I prefer drama but I don’t go to the theatre that often. Another alternative to go out with friends are different cafes and bars. We prefer karaoke bars as there are more opportunities to entertain ourselves. And where do you usually go out? What are the most popular places in your city to spend some free time? My free time consists not only of going out with friends. I have some hobbies. For example I like to do jogging in the mornings. I try to jog every day. I think it is on of the best ways to keep fit and I don’t have to spend any money for going to gym. Jogging in the summer is very pleasant if it is not raining. It’s getting harder in the winter when it is cold, snowy and the wind is blowing. But even in winter I do jogging not when it is freezing but when the weather is not that cold:) I don’t really like any other sports… well, aerobics is kind of o’k. I can watch only one type of sport games. That’s football. But I have never played it:) that how I am with sports:) do you go to gym or play any sport? Maybe you did that when you were in school or college. When I was in school I did a lot of skiing during my PT class. I hated it but our PT teacher made us do skiing otherwise he wouldn’t give us good grades. I’ve never touched skies since the very time I graduated fro high school. But I like skating. I can’t say that I do that excellent but I enjoy skating on the ice-skating rink while good music is being played. By the way about music! I can’t live without music at all:) I turn it on when I wake up. I go jogging with a player. There is always some kind of radio station playing at work. And then I enjoy music going to concerts or to the bars in the evenings:) When I get ready to go to bed I listen to some calm music. I can’t say that I like particular musical style. I like something form pop, rock, hip-hope and techno. It just depends on what I do. Tell me what are your musical preferences:) I think I asked you quite a lot of questions already:) that’s probably enough for one letter:)))))) I hope you’ll answer them all:)))) and may be tell something more about yourself! I would be glad to know more of you. I have to say good bye because the internet cafe; that I’m writing form is closing again. And people who work here don not want to wait till I finish the letter and they give me signs that I got to leave… that kind of impolite of them.. Next time I’ll try to come to the internet cafe; earlier so I would have a little more time to write to you:) Anna.

Letter 4

Good time of the day to you CARLOS!:) I cannot write to you in Spanish because I do not know your language. You can use the translator to read my letters. How was your day? Mine was good. It was rather active. I should confess that I skipped jogging today mornings as I wasn’t in the mood to work out. My morning started very calmly. I had a glass of juice and a wonderful omelet with tomatoes, ham and cheese .. I enjoyed not only eating it but cooking it as well:) by the way do you cook your breakfast yourself from time to time? Or do you prefer to have just a cup of coffee or a glass of juice and then you eat at lunch only? As for me it sometimes so happens that I drink only a glass of juice but then I feel starving at far before lunch and I have some snacks before lunch and then during the lunch I do not really eat anything… I know that it is not good at all, so more often I try to cook good breakfast at home and eat it all only that way I feel like I have enough energy to work till the lunch and then at lunch eat a salad and a piece of chicken or beef with rice or potatoes.. it’s interesting what do you usually have for you lunch and then dinner? Do you have some kind of favorite food that you eat very often?:) as for me I do! I just love chicken with rice and boiled vegetables for lunch. Of course I don’t eat that every single day but it happens often:) Well, I better stop talking about food as I came to the internet cafe; just after work and I haven’t had dinner yet. And I realized right now that it is difficult to talk about food when you are starving…:) Anyways today morning I felt ready to do a lot of work… and you know my feeling that I would have lot to do didn’t deceive me. Today was very busy day for me. there were so many customers today ! it’s just unbelievable, it seems that the half of the town decided to buy something new in their house at one and the same time:) Thanks God I’m not the only shop-assistant in the store other way I wouldn’t believe do all the work by myself… Actually I like when I’m busy at work and I can’t stand sit doing nothing. It’s boring for me. From time to time it happens that we practically have no customers then I try to do something useful fro myself. For example I read. Now at work I have a book in English. It is called “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen. I’ve started reading not that time ago but I like it so far. Reading in English is not easy for me I often have to consult the dictionary but I believe that this way I can make my English much better. Anyways today wasn’t eh kind of day that I would have time to read… do thing like that happen to you? I mean does it happens that you have nothing to do at work? If it does what do you usually do to spend that time? Going back to reading I like to read historical books too. The history of Russia is extremely interesting especially I like the period of tsars and tsarinas, the period of developing arts and sciences… I would like to visit some historical places that are as well known as Hermitage in St.Petersburg. May be it would sound weird that a modern woman is interested in history but I think that the history of my country is a part of my history and it doesn’t matter that right now I live in a small city where nothing huge ever happened… And do you know the history of your country? I don’t mean in details… but at least in general? Do you know how your country was created? And who did that? maybe you would give a short historical note to me:) as I’m good in the history of Russia and I’m very bad in history of other countries of the world::( It’s not possible to know everything.:) Not that long time ago I found another reason why I should know the history of Russia. It is connected with my future life. Before I though that I want to marry only Russian man but now my mind changed and I accept the thing that sooner or later I might go to live to another country if I meet that man that I will love. That would mean that my kids(that I’ll have in future) will grow up in another culture. But I will ant them to remember about their Russian roots and I will want them to know the history of their country where their mother was born and lived a big part of her life. I hope that the way how seriously I’m thinking about the future do not confuse you. As right now I’m at that period of my life when I definitely want to have a family with the man who I will love. I feel like I’m ready for that and I’m ready to give my all for the family. Oh by the way here is a funny thing. This letter I talked so much about I like history, historical books and historical places.. but the place where I live now is not historical at all… we have only one museum that tells about the history of Sernur… but to tell the truth there is nothing to tell about:) isn’t it hilarious:) During the period of tsars Sernur was a territory of one landowner who lived in St/ Ptersburg and practically never been to that land.. He just was sending people who took money from poor peasants . Then during the times of Soviet Union our city was a huge farm but this farm was totally controlled by the government and all people worked not for themselves but for the government. The city was not big at all, and after the collapse of Soviet Union the city started to grow, land became controlled by people who bought it from the government and since then our city began to develop. Well, that’s the history of my native city:) and what is the history of yours? I would wait the answer in your next letter:) and not I’m going run home and cook something to eat as I’m starving to death…. And I can think only about food this very moment:) I hope you will excuse me:) Talk to you very soon!:) Anna.



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