Scam Letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Ronnie (USA)

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Letter 1

okay sweetheart,i would love to call you,but i dont have any money,and the only way you can get in touch with me is via the hotel number,if you dont mind,i will like you to call the hotel,they will allow you talk to dear i will be waiting to talk to you,i will never lie to you.i miss you

Letter 2

Hi, how are you doing again,i thought of you all day, i dont know waht to say, as soon as i get back am coming to you,and in will like to see your mom too,i never knew you have not grown,why would you call me names,if you dont have money you tell me, remember i never insulted you,it sucks anyway,it so fuuny how people change,anyways ,i ws just wondering if you have a change of mind helpme and we shall both surprise your mum ,or what do you think cos i love you,and i dont want to lose you,get abck to me.




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