Scam letter(s) from Elena Mustafina to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Thanks for a prompt reply... You know when young that seems that all world at your legs and it always will be so but when ñòàíîâèøñÿ is more senior.
Is more adult, it would be desirable already house cosiness, heat, the native person which will be for you all world. And it becomes the most important.. But where to meet such person..And I very much would like to become independent.. At me too mum, the daddy was lost in failure... And I wish to find good work very much now.. What to help mum.. Or to meet such person who would help with my problems.You know was in many countries of the Europe... About your country heard that beautiful city and very lovely people.... I shall send a photo next time.. I Wait for the letter Lena
Letter 2

Hi..Charles. Thanks for the letter... But you sent me it.. Already time:))... Yes I would like to continue dialogue.. I shall tell about that for what I was placed also what purposes,I search for the real person not for letters and for attitudes, for a life. I do not want for the husband while but I want serious attitudes based on love understanding. I first of all require love, I am afraid of loneliness.I wish to find first of all the present the man, I worked in rich firm, on sale by Oil but it became the bankrupt and all my actions, and it is money were simply lost,I have lost all the money.. I not such as many girls are placed on the Internet and ask money and then vanish, no. I serious.. BUT I search real for the man which now will incur the responsibility for me:))I now live in Kiev, I rent the apartment for 150óå and I learn there English, but to me it becomes now heavy at me simply there is no opportunity to pay, but at me so it is a lot of aspiration and desire to work, but I do not trust more to Russia and I would search for the man which could provide me,I write fairly, I simply wish to feel the girl, I wish to buy an apartment in Kiev for mum and it is necessary to me 32.000óå even the credit.. I would search for such person êîòðûé have given to me it.. I agree work all day long..I hope that I shall find such person, well know very much I want hopes that there is such a man, with opportunities kind... I really want ïðåíàäëåæàòü such to the man strong, present ready to the aid and love.. Here, These are my desires and real dreams.. To You to decide to write now to me or not:)) But very much you would be would be desirable that such.. You have really liked me.. It is fair.. I Wait and hope that you will answer.. Lena
Letter 3

Badly that I do not know English.. Thanks that you really are interested... I worked in Ãåëåíäæèêå in Oil firm.. To me ïðåíàäëåæàëî 50 percent of actions of this firm but it became the bankrupt.. I really wish to work... But where.. I do not know..Yes I as well as you search for the favourite person, but real which really was.. êîòðûé would be mine ïîëîâèíêîé... I am ready to do any work.. That êîòðàÿ it is well paid also stable.. Because at me the purpose to buy for mum in Kiev an apartment..
Letter 4

Hi Charles, excuse I could not write at me there was no money for the Internet... I of still so am bad when did not feel. I really wish to arrive to you to England, and know about me who when did not care to me so your words are pleasant.. That you will help me with work... And probably be your woman it is a fairy tale in which it is necessary to trust, I had one person, we met it five years while I studied at University, but then we have left. I on the first place had a work, it to me ïðèíàñèëà pleasure, is a lot of business trips, good money.. And I am fair as that did not reflect on the man, but I wish to tell that sensual, gentle and I wish to be true to really good kind person. To me simply now it is really heavy.. I have lost work, and money, I now am on óêðàèíå as on rates I learn English language, but listen I think constantly as to me to pay for an apartment how to buy a feed and clothes... Excuse that I write to you it it was not simple earlier such situation, Charles yes 32.000óå it is dollars.. But to me have simply offered the credit, there you pay the first payment 32000óå and every month on 350 óå, the apartment turns out costs 44000óå, but certainly it is possible and is cheaper, but know at me there would be no work what to pay this sum or at once to buy. And at me to you the request.. Though to me it is simple íåó conveniently, I in 2 days more precisely the day after tomorrow on August, 29th need pay for an apartment 150$ I can to ask from you this sum when you will employ I shall give..:)) Charlesÿ I understand that you do not know me but it would be desirable to trust that in this world really there are fairy tales and kind people... You will help me? Also tell to me and as I can arrive to you to England.. It without problems, freely, under the visa, I when flied to have a rest last time to Spain.. Has got acquainted with the girl at which friend teaches in England at the Oxford University.. They long did to it the invitation.. And I really do not want long correspondence. I would want that I had such friend as you... You really present the man. Charles I hope that we really shall meet, and you only trust me and I to you, I do not pursue easy dollar, I search real for the man which will appreciate me my youth which I shall really respect and love.. Also I Ask help me and as always I remind my phone +380663279566 I Wait for a call or the letter or ñìñ Lena
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