Letter(s) from Anzhelika Unk to Tom (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Tom. Thanks loved Tom, that again have written to me. It is very pleasant, that you never to overlook about me, and each time to write your letter. As well as wrote to you earlier, I love all your letters because I need in them, always. With your letters, I always in good mood because I am written by the person whom I very strongly love, it you dear Tom.

Well, now about serious for us. As well as spoke you in the last letter, now I shall write to you the information, which I have found out to come to you. At once I want to tell, I did not expect to find out such information. Nevertheless loved Tom, I should inform you that you knew about it. Everything, what I shall require to come to you, it is the passport for travel abroad, the visa and air tickets. Now about it is more detailed.

The passport for travel abroad. Term of registration of the passport for travel abroad borrows 5-7 working days. The passport for travel abroad is given out for the period of 5 years. It means dear Tom, that if I to make out the passport for travel abroad, I can use him within 5 years. Cost of the passport for travel abroad makes 210 euro. All necessary papers, for registration of the passport for travel abroad, I can collect within 3 days.

Further, about the visa. Registration of the visa in your country approximately 6-8 days, depending on quantity of applications, for registration of the visa in your country. At this time year, few people make out visas, therefore dear Tom if I shall make out the visa, it will borrow from me not a lot of time. Cost of the visa makes 340 euro. Gathering of necessary documents, on registration of the visa, will borrow from me also, as on the passport for travel abroad, approximately 3 days.

Thus, if you attentively read the information loved Tom which I have written to you above, registration of the visa and the passport for travel abroad, will borrow from me approximately 13 days, can less. I think, that this not so long time.

Well, now about tickets in your country. Cost of tickets in your country, various under the price dear Tom. Why? Because it depends on an arrangement of a place in the plane and prestigiousness of airline. Nevertheless, the prices approximately from 800 euro and are higher.

Well, now about less pleasant, for me. I shall not complain to you loved Tom because I do not want to do it. I shall simply write to you, directly, I do not have such money. I really do not have such quantity of money which it is necessary for my arrival to you. These are very big money, and certainly, for such Russian person as I which earns few money, it is very difficult to earn such quantity of money. I do not want to hide from you, I earn 150 euros a month. Yes, it is possible now you smile loved Tom, because this very small quantity of money for your country. But, in my country, on this money it is possible to live, within a month: to dress and feed itself, to pay various municipal services and other, and, sometimes to go with friends to a bar, at cinema etc. Therefore, the quantity of money which it is necessary for my arrival to you, at me is not present. I do not know, that now will be with us gentle Tom, and whether there can be we together, at you in the country. Certainly, I could not think, that all this, will cost for me expensive. But, today, when I have found out concerning it, I have been very strongly surprised. Also I shall be fair with you, I am a little upset in this occasion because I thought, that we can be together, very soon. Certainly, if you have such money, and you could help me with arrival to you, I would be grateful to you for it. To help you to me or no? In my opinion dear Tom, it is a good question, but, it depends on as far as seriously you concern to me and as far as strongly you love me and want our meeting. I am very serious to you, and I many times wrote to you as far as passionately and very strongly I love you. But, it is a pity to me, I really do not have such money. Remember, always remember, helping me, you help us, our fine and remarkable future. Certainly, if I had such money dear Tom, I would not ask you about the help. Even now, it is inconvenient for me to write to you, about your help to me. Why? Because I never asked the financial help, from other people. Nevertheless, in an our situation, I do not have other exit if we want to be together. I hope, that you understand me. I shall not write more anything in this occasion. I shall simply write to you, that our destiny, our attitudes and our meeting, only in your hands. And if you seriously concern to me, really love me loved Tom, and want our meeting then I am sure, we shall be together. I am sure, it is not necessary to explain to you, that it is necessary to make in this case. Simply help me with arrival to you, and let us to be together, and to embody all our dreams and words which we write in letters to each other, in the validity. Well, I shall not be about sad. Therefore, to think seriously dear Tom, and to write to me your opinion in the following letter. Now, I again want to write to you about my feelings to you. You ask me why I do it? Well dear Tom, I shall make it because it is important for me that you understood as far as strongly and sincerely I love you. In my letters to you, I want to transfer my feelings which I check to you. For me as for any girl, it is very important that you knew how the girl can strongly love the man. I really very much frequently think of you loved Tom, about our future together. I lie down to sleep, and frequently can not fall asleep. You have taken hold of my ideas, and I cannot think about another, only about you. Yes, I many times wrote to you about it. But, as spoke you earlier, I can do nothing with it. I love you, and for me important our future, than the everything else. I do not know, why occurs such. But, I am precisely sure loved Tom, I cannot without you, I need in you, as never earlier. Earlier, I wrote to you, that I never fell in love so strongly, as now. And it really so loved Tom, it is sincere and truthful words which proceed from my heart. I hope, that you can feel it. I many times present remarkable minute when we can meet each other, we can touch to each other, embrace each other and certainly kiss. Why I frequently think of you? Because me to draw to you, it is similar a magnet to to iron. Yes dear Tom, probably this unique explanation at present which comes in my head. Yes, probably you think, that all this, these are simple words in my letter. But, for me, these words very much mean much. And I am sure, if we would be together, now, all this, you could experience, from me to you. Ah as it is a pity dear Tom, that I cannot be together with you, now, it would allow me to show my valid love and feelings which I check to you. Probably in the near future? I hope that so. Well, I shall finish again my letter to you. Please, write to me when you will have time and an opportunity for this purpose. I with impatience shall wait for your letter loved Tom because as wrote to you in the beginning of this letter, you the man which I very strongly love. Remember it because it is important for me. Take care and be good. With the big love to you and only sincere feelings loved Tom, your Anzhelika.