Scam Letter(s) from Jane Roger to Oliver (Germany)

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Letter 1

Dear Oliver,
Thanks very much for your mail, I've been thinking about you all night. Is it really possible that we can be together and happy? Please tell me what you feel.
If I took you to me, it would be forever. There could never be anyone else for either of us. This will be our chance of happiness. Our chance of normal life. Our chance of love. It's got to be right. Please, please tell me if you think it is right and good. Tell me the secrets of your heart. No one but me will ever know. I need to hear it from your heart. Tell me straight from your heart what you want. What you feel, what you need. Tell me what kind of girl you want me to be. Tell me what kind of girl you think I would be.
I'm beginning to reach for you. And if I jump, it will be by faith. And if it is by faith, you must catch me. You must catch me. Or I will fall and be a broken lady forever.
I will be quiet and listen now to all you have to say. I promise. Give me your wisdom. I'm sure you have it. I need to try to see things through your eyes.
It would be nice to hear your voice and you can call me at my cell phone number +27 787 140 040.
Stay Blessed,



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