Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Zhuravleva to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello! Peter is this your full name?
I like that you had interest in our acquaintance. Thank you very much that you write me.
As you know my full name is Nadezhda, this is Russian name which mean "hope".
I live in Russia, in small town, but tell you about this a little later, ok?
I have not husband or boyfriend, I tried to find man for myself here, but could not and my girlfriend told me that it is able to find man in this way, I mean Internet acquaintance, I thought why not and I came to the Internet cafe.
Manager of Internet cafe asked me to write something about my self and sent this short my letter for you, really don't know how he made this but I like to see result, that you write me:)
I search man, with hom, I will have common interest, which will be part of my life,as me, which will be clever, honest and open with me. I really would like close relations.
I hope you will tell me about yourself, ok?
And I will try to tell you about myself too, because I want we imagine each other.
You already saw my photo and you know how I look. My new photo will help you to imagine me better.
I have not computer at home, that is why I use Internet cafe, but I think it will not problem to find way to communicate if we will continuer our talking, what do you think?
I am 29 years old already and I work such as bookkeeper about charge of the salary in police.
I studied at University and I have supreme economic education. Here in Russia people studied at University 5 years and this time I lived in Nigniy Novgorod because University takes place there, now I live in my own town Ardatov.
I live with my mother, my father has died, because he was militarian, and he was lost on war in the Chechen Republic in 1996 year.
I live with my mother in small flat in the middle of our town.
I have not bad habits, I don't smoke and drink alcohol, of course I agaist drugs.
Because I look after my health and I would like to be well, but bad habits can make you sick.
I like to spend time with my girlfriends, but they all are married already or have boyfriends, but I could not find man for me here, the reason is that may be he live not in Russia:)
I will tell you about all this, if you would like, ok?
I want to know about you too, please tell me about your job and your family.
I worry about my English a little , I want we will understand each other well, but my English is not perfect, I learned English at school, but last 12 years I did not use this language, my own language is Russian, and what about you, what is your own language?
I think I will finish my letter for you here for today, we will talk more in next letters, ok?
I hope you will write me reply.
Yours Nadezhda
Letter 2
Hello again Peter!
Like to see your reply, I can not tell you that I did not wait your reply, it will not true, I think about you and wait what you will write me next time, when I will open my e-mail box.
Hope you had not problem with understanding my letters.
I would like to know how you spend your usually day, it will help me understand you better, I will tell you about mine, ok?
Today is usually day for me, I got up at 7 o'clock and I had easy breakfast, and also after I got up I had shower, I like to eat vegetables and fruits very much also I like soups, I tried don't eat a lot of meat, but I like eat meat.
Todays I had strong cafe and buckwheat cereal with milk, and what about you What do you like to eat and how do you like to start your day?
After that I left my home and went to the my work, it takes near 30 minute to come to my work on the bus, I have not my own car, but I can drive, because when I leaned in University I received driving licence.
Usually I work 6 days in the week, and near 8 hours in the day, and what about you?
Also I have free time for the lunch each day.
I can not tell you that I have usually day today and the reason is that I visit Internet cafe to read your letter:)
I don't like noisy clubs and parties, it is not for me, I dont drink and I like quiet and useful pastime, that is why after my work some day in the week I go to the sport hall or swimming pool, sometimes I go there with my girlfriends.
They all have husbands as I told you before, so I don't see them very often, but we meet each other and spend time in cafe or at home, also we meet each other on birthday party of each other, you know they all are very happy to be marry or to have boyfriends, but I am very sad, that I have not man in my life, you know I tried to make relations near 3 years ago, but man was alcoholic, and because of this bad habits our relations was broken.
I think each person have their own partner for the life and I see that you are very nice and good man, even we don't know each other very well, but for me to feel that you are good person is very important and I think that we can be good friends, what do you think?
Write me your opinion.
I will wait.
Yours Nadezhda
P.S. I would like to see your photo, please!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my lovely boy!
First of all I am very happy that we met each other here and soon we will be together, my girlfriends told me that I look very happy, and I am really very happy, what can be better, I don't know, now for me the better can be only our meeting!
Peter, as for about yesterday, when i went to the bank, they did not want to give money, because adess was written wrong in the bank's computer, after they gave me money, they told me that your city was written as Linkoepingse, and because of this problem was.
But now all are find, tody I went to the travel agency and put money there, they told me to come there in the middle of this week and they will tell me how all goes there, they made me sure that all will fine.
My love I gave telephone back to my girlfriend before I came here, so if you would like send me sms or call in Wednesday.
My love, today is so cold here and it is rain, I am a little tired because of cold weather and busy day.
I wish you and me nice night and nice sleep, I need to feel your warm!
Yours always Nadezhda
Letter 4

Hello my Peter!
I am so happy receive your letter today, thank you very much!
It is late evening and I am tired a little, I would like you will come to me in my sweet dreams this night.
My dear, I would like my holidays will be soon and we will meet, I so want it will happen.
I have idea to go to the travel agency here too and find more about trip to you from my side, ok?
I will let you know what I will find here.
My Peter you are only one too for me and I want we will be together, this is my dream and I hope it will happen soon.
You know have so nice feelings for you, whch I never felt to anybody.
Thank you very much for the information which you found for me, but I will need to know more and tomorrow I will find about this here, ok?
I would like to hear your voice, may be we will be able to talk by phone, what do you think?
I have not cell phone, but I think about opportunity to use cell phone of my girlfriend, which works with me, the number is +79278849457.
You know, we are not together during the day and that is why you can send me sms first and after that I will let you know that I am here and wait our talk ok?
It will be not very long letter, I need to go home now.
Write me reply please!
Yours beloved Nadezhda
Letter 5
Hello again My love Peter.
After I received your call I immediately go to the travel agency.
I should to tell you that they will work on weekends, but not full day.
I also read your letter about sending money and some other information.
As I told you before travel agent advise me to make tourist visa, and I told youthe reasons, I asked him about hotel, we have private talk, he tell me that it is true and there is such rule, but they would like I will not spend much money for this, I explained them my situation, as for about our meeting, my love, and he told me that they will organize all such way as I will not need to order hotel from here, because for here it will be very expensively, I will come in your place and I will find cheap hotel and I will inform this in Russia in first days on my coming to you.
I think it will be better then to pay big money for hotel, in which I need not.
Today is full work day here, and I called my girlfriend in city, in which I would like to receive money.
She tell me that banks today work full day, and tomorrow they will work too, it is as for Western Union.
But as for about Money Gram, there is such system too, but as I understod it is used by few banks and this banks don't work in weekends, they will start work only on Wednesday.
My love, you tell me that there is limit in sending money, but as I have learned here, you can come to bank and send as much money as you would like.
If you will need to know town, from which I will receive money, this is the name of this city : Yoshkar-Ola, it is difficult even in russian language, I mean name.
Also my love, I would like to ask you, can you sents part of money for the papers already today?
Because the most long process is making my papers and I want travel agency will start make all already today, I want to pay them, for making my papers, and when for the ticket, what do you think?
It is not very late here and we have time for this.
I asked don't go on my work after dinner, so I will be able to cheack letters, please write me your reply, ok?
Yours Nadezhda
Letter 6
Peter, I hope you are near computer now!
My love you asked me, I would like to reply you!
We can talk by the letters in real time, if you are near computer now, because I am here and I can read whet you will write me, ok?
As for about my details:
My full name is Nadezhda Zhuravleva
The city in which I will receive money is : Yoshkar-Ola
Do you want to know the number of my Russian passport?
As I have learned before Money Gram will work only since next Wednesday.
Mylove you asked me about hotel, and I told you before that manager of travel agency will decide this question for me, for this I pay money.
But now I can do nothing on this moment, because I have not to pay in the tavel agency to start process of making my papers.
That is why I would like to start all already now.
I don't want waste time vainly.
My love I was born at the 27 of November and that is why I want we will spend my birthday together, to see you will be the best present for me!
This year I will be 30 years old.
My love this is reply for you.
I wait yor letter back.
Yours Nadezhda
Letter 7
Hello again my dear Peter!
I received your reply on my last letter about travel details.
My dear, I should to tell you about this more, I think.
First of all, as for about ticket, to visit your country I will need in two tickets, one ticket will be there and one them back, that is why travel agent will ask me 800 euro, ticket in Stockholm costs near 400 euro.
But there are a lot of rules in my country and my government will need to have garantees, that I will not be illegal emigrant. And I will need to have tow tickets on the planned dates.
As for about visa, for me more easy and faster will be receive tourist visa, travel agency asked about such money because if I will make visa without help of travel agency, first of all I will not have guarantees, that I will receive visa and second I will need to borrow papers by myself, I will need to go in Moscow, because embassy takes place there, I will need to give them my papers and after that I will wait invitation in embassy for the talk and receiving visa, after that I will need to come in Moscow again, and may be not once, and for me it will cost more and also it will take more time.
We will wait month or more, while my trip will make, but I will have holidays soon and I don't want waste this time and I don't want to spend this time making papers and so one.
Soon it will be X-mas holidays and there are a lot of people already now, which would like to go abroad, there are a lot of people in turn for receiving visa and passport, that is why if I will not pay money for travel agency for the fast, I will make all this till next year.
It is really will be more easy and simply receive tourist visa.
In this way I will be able to come to you and spend all my holidays with you, I hope you will understand all this.
I will miss you, hope we will talk tomorrow..
Yours Nadezhda
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