Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Rudy (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello, how are you doing? My name is Kseniya. I the girl from Russia On my e-mail several days ago there has come the message from your e-mail in which it was spoken, that the man wants to get acquainted with the woman, and I have decided to answer this message.
I certainly am not sure on all of 100 percent, that it is real, but it has very much intrigued me.
I know, that in a network of the Internet there is a numerous dispatch of mail (spam), whether also I want to know you are real the person, or it is simple spam!!! But I all have small hope that you actually the real person, and I want to tell a little about me directly.
My growth 5, 6 and weight 126 lbs., and I am a 26 years old.
I also send my photo together with my letter, and I very much hope, that I shall like you as the friend if certainly you not against to correspond with me in a network of the Internet.
Actually I am interested in that search of relations to find the man from 30 till 65 years for development of pleasant relations and meetings..
If you are interested in such relations I shall be very glad to communicate with you. What is your name? Where you live? I want to know from what country you be!
What do you make in the free time? You have any hobby in your life?
Please tell to me about you as much as possible, and I accordingly shall tell to you about myself in my following letters. Write to me as soon as you can, and I at once shall answer you your letter without any problems.
So my personal email:
I wish success!!! Bye. PS. If you the real person (not SPAM) tell to me about where you have found my e-mail?
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