Letter(s) from Elena Maksimova to Andrew (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely.
I am happy to receive your letter I see that you are in my heart and I would like very much to be with you. I have never met such man as you before and I believe that we can be together and I hope that we will find our happiness. I want to come to you from all my heart and my soul. You are only man for me in all world. I feel you in my heart. My lovely I have good news. Today, on my work I talked with my director about my vacation. I have told him that I to go to you and he has told that I can take a vacation when I shall want!! he very good person he has understood me!! And today I was in travel agency to learn about trip to you. But it all made me sad. Trip to you is not very easy. Yes, I want it all my heart and hope that we will find heart and soul of each other when we will meet. But I was sad from cost of trip to you. I need Very much many papers for trip. Visa to UK with medical insurance, Very much many documents for visa, international passport, The inquiry from work, And many different documents. My love when I have learned about cost of these documents I was afflicted. It to cost 540 Pounds I want to come to you and to have my happiness and love - you. In travel agency I was told that I can get all necessary documents in 7-10 work days. But my sweet, I do not know about money. May be it is wrong but, but may be you will be able to help me with cost of trip ??? My love, you think, these are big money for you??? Lovely, please tell me can I hope for you, can you help me with it. I want to come to you as soon as possible. I miss you very much and I am sure that now my love, my happiness is close to me as never before. You are close to me and you are in my heart, I dream about us and live with hope that we will be together soon. I very much wish to arrive to you my prince, therefore I to ask you. To me does not give pleasure to ask money from the person, but I love you very much now and I wish to be with you. Therefore I cannot make anything. My love if you will agree to help me in two weeks or earlier we shall be together. I so want this moment when you to meet me. It is really fine!!!

My prince, I shall stop to write now the letter for you. Kiss you million times, my sweet.
Forever yours Elena.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend.
I am very glad to receive your letter. It is very pleasant for me, that you have written to me. And I am glad, that we can begin our acquaintance.Well, I shall write to you a little about myself. If I shall overlook to tell something about myself you can ask me any questions. I with pleasure shall answer your questions. my name is Elena. To me of 27 years. I was born December ,15, 1980. My growth of 170 centimeters and weight of 60 kg I think that it well for girl. I keep up for the my figure and on it I on a regular basis attend fitness clubs and pool. Earlier when I was younger I I went in for sports played volleyball for a combined team of our city. I have Brown hair and Green eyes. I the Harmonious, attractive, decent girl with remarkable sense of humour and gentle disposition. At leisure I like to have a rest on a nature to go in theatres and to visit exhibitions, art galleries. I like to read book about romanticism, me very is pleasant to look at stars. I like to go with my friends to cinema, weekends, I very much love youth comedies and romantic films as I love cognitive films. I do not love films where beat and insurgents kill people for example It is awful for me. my favourite color blue. I do not smoke, I drink only on holidays and only red wine. I to a kind a healthy way of life. I keep up for my health. As to my hobbies I very much like to prepare, besides usual dishes I like To experiment in cookery, and usually it turns out is very tasty. I I like on the TV to look figured driving, channel discovery and Culinary films. read interesting books, But most of all me to like to spend time on Fresh air: I like to spend time for the nature with my friends. In the summer I like to spend time on a beach to sunbathe and bathe. I love a life - I am an optimist, and I believe, That the majority beautiful the thing expects us in the future. I trust the God and destiny, On religion, I'm Christian and I believe in God Jesus. I think to you I will be very interesting to know about which person I search! I search simple for the man which can understand, estimate me all my merits and demerits. I to search for the man which to not be afraid of serious relations. I to want that he to make me happy. Appearance, Color of a skin and religion for me not the most important. The main thing for me in relations this understanding and support on the part of the favourite person. I would like to meet a honest, reliable, sincere, kind, caring and loving man. I want to find my soul mate who will also be my best friend, a loving husband and a person that possess a loving heart that needs to be loved. I have a lot of love i want to give and share with someone who can receive that love and then give love in return. I very much want to find loved person who would love me sincerely and with all the heart. For me the most important qualities are honesty and sincerity because without these qualities it is impossible to create strong family of which I always dreamed. I search for person with whom I might be quiet for the future and the future of our children. I want to present to my second half all love, tenderness and caress. my husband Should be: kind, with good sense of humour, tender, clever, Careful, loving the wife and children, And I would not want that my the husband was greedy!. I think it dreams of any girl I would like, that you have written to me about yourself. It would be desirable to see from you is a lot of photo. I hope, that you too share my point of view and too want to find such person. With which it is possible to live the rest of life with the favourite person and to be happy with him. I shall be very happy, if we in fast with can be together and go on life together. I hope, that you understand it I do not accept simply the correspondence and familiarity. I search for serious attitudes. I have no children, and I never was for the husband. But I very much want will get acquainted with the person which further my husband. I hope, that you will write about yourselves naturally too, only the truth. I do not want to spend all for nothing time with the person which Me deceives or only for entertainment. Interestingly I at all have not noticed that have written to you such big letter!!! I hope that you will not be tired by reading of my letter and it to like you. I shall wait from you the letter as soon as possible.Your friend Elena.