Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to S. S. (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, Friend!
How are you doing performance?
I have very much liked to receive your answer, Friend!
I am happy so much,that you have written I, Friend! Also, I hope, for what my e-mail was so the big surprise You also, really? I have found yours E-mile on
I sober and the girl for non-smokers! Simply, I think, that I have no any harmful habits! Also I Want to speak, that concerning words of other girls, people from Other countries, are very good, and They can to estimate and respect women as essential people also.
Let me To inform you me, it - is more...
During the beginning about my age to me.
Though it is not accepted to speak approximately age of women, But you should know it - me 22 years, I was given birth October, 21 1982.
And when you gave rise? What is - exact date, yours Happy birthday?
Inform me, well? I - the White Russian ******* a nationality. On religion, I The christian, and I believe in God Jesus. I never have Married, and I have no any any children, I am a unique girl. I- Sensitive, kind, thoughtful and easily surprised. On opinion From my close friends and relatives, I - a kind, cheerful, clever and The intellectual, purposeful, sociable. About my City, where I working?. I Would like to inform you, that I live in City of Ioshkar Ola here in Russia.
Our City of Ioshkar Ola - one of beautiful cities of Russia, I love mine Remarkable City very much. It is on distance of 800 kilometers in northeast from Moscow.
There are many beautiful streets, squares And other sights in our city.
But it is so cold here, force of People of frosts to continue streets in warm clothes, And it to be relative your weather? It for a cold or is warm? Most of all I want to speak You, that my favourite season - summer! I like, when the sun shines In streets, it - is many voices of birds, it - is romantic so much.
And you love summer?. Also I would like to inform you about mine Formation. I have higher education. I studied in Kazan, and have finished economic ability.
I have. The completed university in 2004. Also I want to speak you, that I Has learned the English Language when I studied at university, me Can speak English without any problems, I think so... But I can see That I do many mistakes of record, I think so, I hope that You will be, can to understand my English language without any problems?
Really, Friend? Please, inform me about it in your ambassador of e-mail, well? Also I Would like to inform you, that after end of university, I have received the diploma of "Economist" of a speciality. But now I work in Style the house, as the stylist the hairdresser. I was trained in it as very difficultly To find work as the economist. I always dreamed about, which to do beautiful people. And I have Achieved it. Also I want to speak you, to that I write you from The Internet cafe as I have no any computer in mine the house.
Wowww, I have written so much! I did not think, that I can To write about me, this direct so it is a lot of, really. Probably, I finish mine Send e-mail to you. Friend, I shall be grateful so much if you will write to me About you this direct so it is a lot of, as I did it. I would like, if you inform me, For example, about your family, whether really your big family? About your city Where - you, æèâÿ, I never was in other countries Also, and I shall be pleased to know about your country. Well, let me to finish My e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! I placed my photo, me The hope you will find my photo good. Well, good bye, Friend, hoping to See, that your message is fast!
Your new Russian friend, Ekaterina.
Letter 2

Hello my friend SS!
I am pleased so many to receive your answer again! It is very interesting For me to read your messages, from them we study more about Independently, and I start, I know more about you, SS. My dear SS, Certainly, there can be you want, studying about our correspondence, about Essence of the correspondence also, really? I never was abroad. I never travelled.
Yes, I very much love sports. You borrow with any kind of sports? Many thanks for your photo. You have pleasant and nice appearance.
Possible, we shall be together in future time, we can be, I would like to The sight a marriage also if you will want it, I does not want to disappear It so the important fact, but we should to study many things about everyone Another more and more, it will be reasonable and correct to be valid, SS? I hope, that you agree with me with this fact also.
Please, inform me about it, well? But in my opinion, again and again, we Should study about the friend of the friend more and more, I repeat it! Please, Agree with me, SS! The my dear friend SS, I would like to Inform you about my family. I want to speak you which I have small Family. It - my mum Elena. And my daddy, it is difficult for me to speak about it, was lost on accident, It was brought down by the ***** driver. It were two years back. Also I have The sister, names it Anastasia. My sister Anastasia - 17-years.
On branches my mum - the seller in shop my sister Anastasia - the student University, she studies on the lawyer. Our family lives without any conflicts also, We have good understanding between our members of our family. As, I think it Our parents have trained us good formation. I think, that it is so good and I am so proud, that we have my mum and my daddy. Also I want to speak You, that I live with my family in one apartment. Also I want to inform That I consulted to my mum about my account Acquaintances to you through the Internet, she has estimated it as Positively, because she cares of my future life certainly. Mine Mum wants it, I have happy life, and I would like it Will find my person. As I have told you earlier, I was never married SS. So already I spoke with you earlier, I work as the stylist The hairdresser in Style the house here in Ioshkar Ola. I love my work for which I work 3 years and Me it - not existing difficultly. Most of all I like to do hairdresses to brides.
It is very charming moment. And it very much Responsibly, as it The important item in life of any girl. I am very much interested to study about yours Work, SS, also that you do in free from operational time? During ours Óèêýíäû, in my free time, we - with my girlfriends, sometime, leave on walk to city, we like to sit In cafe also for a cup of tea. I love my girlfriends very much.
Also I want to speak you from which I never was outside of From Russia, I never was in other countries, but I would like To travel at once, it - so romantical, I think.
Well, SS, I should to finish my e-mail to you, I hope, that we shall be Continue to correspond with each other, and you inform me much more About you this direct, and I shall try to inform about me directly as more as Possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about a plenty of things, SS, and I hope, that you will understand my questions, and will be Answer me for them. The big congratulations of the friend to you from my family.
I hope to see your message soon SS. Bye-bye... YES the GOD WILL BLESS YOU,
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