Scam letter(s) from Olympia to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
I am easy going and down to earth. I am very active and love to try new things. I am a great cook and baker. I love to go out dancing. I have a great sense of humor and I am very attractive. I am looking for an intelligent man that is romantic and looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. He must also be fit and like to keep active. I am not into playing games. Email me for more details
Letter 2
Hello! Thank you for taking a moment to look at my profile. What does a woman say to get a mans attention? Well, I feel that in life you must take chances and put yourself out there to be noticed. So here goes... The most important thing is for me to be honest about myself. I am a down to earth girl. I'm easy going, fun loving and free spirited. I enjoy the outdoors, writing and photography. I love going dancing and having a good time. I feel I'm real easy to get along with and talk to. If anything, I am a friend first. I like to depend on me. I always have a smile on my face. I always look at both sides of things and try to compramise. I'm NOT a very jealous girl. Why waste your time on being jealous over someone. If you have trust, honesty and communication in a relationship, then there should be no problems. Also I am stimulated by great conversation, humor and I am a very good listener! I have many great friends that I enjoy and love to laugh and have a blast with! I love all types of food, and I especially love cooking! Sitting by the poolside, listening to music, floating, soaking up the sun! I love to entertain. It is a real joy for me! To give, to share is to gain! Hmmm, I'd like my match to be a gentleman!
esther. Hello my dear, How are you doing there ? I hope you are doing good and all is well there. I thank you so much for your mail, my dear it is easy to get to cape verb and it has a flights from Europe to that place and i was show some in school and also learn it when reading story books, I sale in the supermarket with my mother and took my picture from a professional photographer, am 5:6 fit tall and what about you my dear and I will like to tell you more about me, I am with a soft heart, well educated, communicative, loyal, kind and honest. My perception of an ideal relationship: respect, mutual understanding, desire to be near with the beloved person, care of each other, love, trust, kindness .
I love to meet new people. I do tend to be a little shy when in group situations until I've been introduced. I guess you could say that I like to figure out the personalities in the room before I let mine shine! I can be a little overwhelming at first. I love to laugh, mostly at myself. My sense of humor tends to be sarcastic. I try not to hurt anyones feelings. Although, sometimes I can be taken the wrong way. I am quick to apologize, when I'm wrong, which does happen I assure you. My friends say I'm a giver... I enjoy doing things for people I care about and hoping to hear from you soon, Take care. Esther.
Letter 3
Hello my dear, How are you doing there ? I hope you are doing good and all is well there. I thank you so much for your mail and want you to give me your email for me to add you and for us to exchange mail there too,take care for me okay.
Letter 4

Hello my dear,
How are you doing there and hope u are doing well there.I am telling you more about myself, my name is vida and i am kind cool easy going person. i care so much for word love caring.i will like to meet honest man that knows the value of love. and a man of his word. some one who knows the value of his wife and will love to be with a man who is caring, trust worthy, understanding, gentle, God fearing and most of all a man whom we can share our good and bad times together, who will be there in terms of needing a helping hand, who will stand by me all time and who I share my whole heart with, I do hope u possess such qualities. I would love to hear more from u. I have few pics incase u would love to see, hope to hear from u real soon and hope we get acquainted soon hate lies and I love truth and understanding.
I hope you are healthy enough, have a stable job with a stable living place. No matter how great your job is, how big your house is, but I care how kind you are and how big your heart is.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jon,
How are you doing there ? i hope you are doing great and your family are also doing good there.I thank you very much for you nice and wonderful mail you sent to me, also thank you very much for teling me something small about you.I want you to give me your email address so that i can send the pictures and also if you travel to alaska you can be sending me mail in three days a week and also want you to take care of yourself and stay blessed for me and i also feel so good and excited whenever i see your mail. Ohhhh,yes my dear i want leave cape verd for a funeral about my dad and want to ask who told you that my my dear? if no one then that is why i want to leave cape verb and am sorry if it will affect you and am sorry i did not tell you about that but dont worry okay.
Letter 6
Hello my dear,
I thank you for you mail you sent to me and am happy to see your mail and will be doing the funeral at a country called Ghana that is the place he live and don’t think they will allowed mum and i to go to cape verb again and am sorry about that because i have not seen my fathers family before since i was born so maybe i will be with them for some years and want you to give me you email address for me to mail you through that if you return then you also mail me bye that okay. and hope to hear from you my dear.
Letter 7
Hello Jon, thanks so much for your nice mail you sent to me, I am also trying to let you know more about me as well and so sorry as I thought you didn't got it so I decided to resend it again but then I am so sorry again as it seems you was not getting me write on my mail I sent you about my family, As I said saying my father was born in Cape verde but was raised in Ghana as he got job working and saw my mom as they got married then later born me as the elder then my younger sister Joyce and brother Mike as that is where I am living but then I do believe to myself as my father is from Cape verde I am also half Cape verde then Half Ghana as my mom, and the reason why I am saying we will not go to cape verde for my father's funeral is that, all is going to be done here as he stated before lying in state. So all his family there will be here to join us and burry him safely but infact I am so sad and all my wishe's for him is to rest in perfect peace in his grave and hope you will understand me now. And will much happy hearing all what you want to know about me as I am also willing to tell you so we could get to know more about each other very well and see what the future brings about us.. Take care too and will be looking forward to hear from you soon.. Yours truly,
Letter 8
Dear Jon, Thanks so much for your respond to my mail, It is okay as I pray for him to rest in perfect peace there in his grave. He is 71years now. Oh I am so sorry to hear that from you too that you also lost your dad when you was young.. and pray for him to rest in perfect peace too.. Oh I see my dear Jon for all that but will be much happy if you can repeat me all the questions you want to know the answer from me as I sometimes dont get you well. My plans for now is to get some sleep as it is late so I can wake up early to classes as tomorrow is friday and I am living in Ghana as I told you in my last mail with my mom and my younger sister and brother. and my interest are singing, dancing, listening to music, reading and also love cooking as well too and also do like out door games like swimming and also some times go to cinema too. I do like soaking up with the sun when I am the beach side.. I dont have that one but do have some other ones and will try to scan them and send to you on my next mail to you. and will also love to see you too.. I like to cook continental dishes, like egg castard,berger, fried rice with chicken, vegetable sauce and many more and then also some local dishes here too.. And will be also much happy to hear from you soon as it is late here and need to get some sleep, take care and be safe there.. Yours truly,
Letter 9
Dear Jon, I also thank you so much for your nice mail, and do understand your dad and thanks give to your mom for doing good job as well too. Well I am taking Nursing classes as I want to became a nurse to help my people who are sick to be in health with the help of the almighty God too. I am going to nursing training school and my also my dreams is to meet my right man to spend the rest of my entire life with him and also the one who is going to treat me like a woman all the time too. I want to become a nurse as I said in my last mail to you if I do anything I want it to make my true love happy all the time for him.
Well yes I do like living here as that is the country of my motherland but also willing to relocate to any where I found my true love who want us to start our lives there. I do like dancing salsa dance and what about you? What are your dreams and aspirations? and also what kind of dance do you like as well too.. I will be looking forward to hear from so soon with much happiness, take very good care of yourself there and this is my email address .. Yours truly,
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jon,

How are you doing today? I hope you doing good and everything is going on well with you there, I thanks for your mail and lovely picture you sent to me, am very delighted to hear from you cos i have been thinking of you all day long and see if i will get an email from you. Thanks again for having time to write me back and you really look great and very handsome in the picture you sent to me. To be honest with you I think we we give it a chance God will make away for us and you will never regret falling in love with me. Love is base of committements, Honest, trust, understanding and faithful. true love can be found at any where and when you find your true mate you will know it by yourself so i think we should take this chance to get to know each other much better and i will love to tell you more about me family as well, I am living in flat house with my mom and my younger ones and the name of my mom who is called Azara and my dad is called David and the younger ones are also called Joyce and Mike and also I start studying 3 years now and i am in final year of completting as we was told on the nex coming month..
My dear, I will help you anything that you told me to do for and i am realdy to anything the cooking, Iron, washing ,cleaning okey Love is a very special act between two people who care about each other deeply. It means that the two of you being able to take whatever this world has to throw at us these days and being able to get through it by being there for each other. Knowing how each other feels about certain things and to trust one another and being opened and faithful. And no matter what you have to deal with you always love each other more in the end.
Love is when you can feel your hole world falling apart and then you look into his eyes and the world dissapears. Love is when he brushes your hair out of your face and holds your hand when he knows your scared. Love is trust. Love is thinking of his smile and it getting you through the toughest day. Love is when the thought of loosing you shakes my entire world. Love is when throughout the day you are all I think about. Love is stronger than any force in the world, and it if you get caught up in it, you are in for an adventure.
In everything i do i pray to God cos i pray to God that he should get me a man of my life to share the rest of my world with him and i promise to him that when he find me the man of my life i will never let him down, thats the vow i made to God so am very honest and sincere with my words and mean every word that come out from me. Am very lonely and taking this opportunity to get a man of life and make him very happy. I would like to work with my man and raise a good home together with him and have a better life for our future and family..
With God all things are possible and i know and hope that one day we will be together to share our life and i say to you that you will never regret falling in love with me. I think we should get to know each other much better and see what comes from it. God will make away for us and have a better life for us together cos he really have a plans for us together.I think with this we can be a perfect match, real love can be found at along distance. I like everything about you and what you and am much interested getting to know you much better cos we are meant to be that is why we write to each other. Love is about faith, friendship, laughing, and adoring. Love is a powerful word but such a word can mean so many things that I could write a book but I just summerized the meaning of love is to you, Pure and beautiful.I think love is what I have for this one person who I think about all day. He makes me weak in the knees and always can put a smile on my face. He is everything to very caring and honest person, faithful and generous. Let get to know each other and i have some feelings that we are meant to be cos when you find the through love God will show it to you. I would like to end here and hear from you soon. I took my time for day to write this letter for you and have a lovely weekend for me and I have attached some photos of me for you and I hope you are going to like them too, this is also a website to know more about my country too : Take care and bye bye for now.. Yours truely,

Letter 11
Hello my dear Jon,
That is great to hear from you and so happy you like my mail I sent to you with more about me, you don't have to be flattered as you know I have no one apart from you and need to tell you all about me and my family. It's the middle of the night and I was thinking about you as I always do, I want you to know how much I sincerely miss you and thinking of you and how happy am i as i have found you now in my life and the time we spend talking. It means so much to me and will like to ask you if I am the right woman you are looking for? All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and i am praying for our relationship to keep so stronger and stronger all the time.
Oh no I am not a religious but do believes in God, Oh I see and that is right as it wouldn't affect what we have for each other. Oh no I don't have a children and that doesn't mean I want children as I will like to hear from you if not. Yes David is my step father as I am living now with my mom and younger brother and sister and I hope you did not got me well in explaining as I said my mom is a Ghanaian and my dad is South africa but was working here in Ghana as he got married with my mom as I was born as he suddenly when I was in my first year of my nursing training which was really so painful and but then I have nothing to do and all I will say is for him is to rest in perfect peace for me. I do know that you want a partner not a servant as I am also looking for the same too. Please I want you to take very good care of yourself there for me when you are on the trip and be at home so safely. I will love to end here, Hoping to hear from you soon. Take care and stay bless for me.
Yours truly,
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