Scam letter(s) from Aleksa to Redha (Algeria)

Letter 1
friendly hey from russia. to be honest, it's really kind of u to not pass by. how r u?... i dont know even about how i can name u? please forgive me for taking a while in order to be back, i was without internet access, i hope you still remember me. i was in the next city for visiting with one my friend. i hope you don't get angry with me. thanks a lot for writing to me at that web-site. i was really happy & i do want to keep on writing to each other. well.. let me tell u a little about myself. u can call me Aleksa, i like this name very very much :) i m 24 years old, almost 170 sm height, 52 kg weight & in fact i live alone in rented one-room apartment. my family is small, no.. i'd like to say "too small" & it consists of me & my dear mummy. i & my mum, we live apart bcz there aren't any places to work in paranga village where i was born.. by the way, i was born on july, 10 1984 & this makes me a cancer but i may say i dont have claws. & at once i want to ask u to not call me as "ms. claws" :) ok? likely, i sound funny or not so serious but it's not true bcz my life was hard, anyhow i faced a lot of bad situations which took me with my mum totally by surprise... bad surprise... when i was in mum's paunch my daddy was killed. he worked by trucker &.. i dont know this story fully, i m sorry.. it's not so easy to speak but if u do want to know, of course i'll let u know of it. life has forced us to stay submissive & a bit of vulnerable even. 4 now i live in yoshkar-ola city & here i also work. i dont have own habitation & consequently i m compelled to live in the rented apartment being far from my good mum, from my real home. frankly speaking, i've been taken aback by writing to u bcz u r new person 4 me.. well, i've not traveled much, just to other city nearby, 4 example to moscow, st.-peterburg, saratov bcz i dont fly bcz of not having any friends in far places:) i think it will be interesting 4 u to know more about my character. i dont know about how it would be better to start writing. well! i should not be cold 4 telling. i m easy going, kind, gentle, giving. i m not a jealous person. i think i m very romantic woman. i like to communicate with people, i like good humor. i appreciate such the qualities in the people as a fidelity & honesty very much. i believe in real love with uncontrolled desire to be longed, to take responsibility 4 ur beloved & i think it's very important in life. i like when i m presented 4 compliments & i m ready to listen it indefinitely:) i like when there's cleanliness around of me, no turmoil of course. i often do a cleaning at my home. also i like cooking, especially some tasty dishes 4 relatives, 4 friends of course. i like viewing romantic relations between a man & a woman but likely, it's everyone's dream.. to be fascinated by a loving. i dont tend to waste time in general, especially since some wrong people which aren't serious & they play with human destinies. before now i looked at my girl-friends.. how they were with their guys, some of my friends r married already & i m getting a shame of course to say... but i was not at destiny's disposal to be in love.. & so i was never married, i dont have children but i m ready to be eager 4 ideal relations, 4 seeking a good, in some way "impeccable" man. i m sure that's my dream ? 1 currently. i m still a single woman & now i m in such the age that i m full potentially 4 beginning true relations, to stay shoulder with shoulder 4 ages irrespective of whether we'll face any hard situations. well, here is i stop to write more & if u do want to know something else, it's free 4 asking. u can look at my photos in the appendix & i'd like to receive some of urs too in order to look at ur face, body each time when i want. ok? i've some questions which wont cause any difficulties & pls dont avoid the answers. Do u really seek 4 serious relations like i do? how do u imagine ideal relations? pls write me back all possible about urselves, just utterly truthfully. hope to hear from u soon. take care, aleksa!
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