Scam letter(s) from Natalia Aleksandrova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Loved Jose
Well that in this world there is a person, to which I not The indifferent. It is very pleasant for knowing to me, that we are mutual
Understanding each other - the most important fact in our relations.
It is very good for me as I, to meet you in my life. I was not so
Happy nevertheless. Anything it is not necessary for me except for your letter and
You. I thought of our relations and about our feelings. I become
Already enclosed to you. I think, that we are necessary for each other.
I constantly think of you, you took a place in my heart. You
As I and I think, that our relations can be deeper. Your letters do
My mood is high. To me it becomes joyful on a shower. I understand that ours
Relations everyone became more serious and more serious. Your words
Heat up my soul and heart. You in my heart every minute. A strong kiss you
Olga! P.s I AM very happy that you are going to help me and to send me money 400 euro what I have paid documents and the visa and soon my love how you can soon send me money arrived to you? I very much WAIT for our meeting when I can embrace yours hot a body and gently kiss your sweet lips and to enjoy - to make love ETERNALLY and to LIVE HAPPILY, today I learnt as you can send me money and to me spoke that exists WESTERN UNION - fast and reliable remittance (there is in everyone mail and bank) as I learnt that you require to do and me spoke you require correctly to specify my name and a surname and the COUNTRY Russia and I can receive your money
Loved please inform me as soon you will make this miracle? I Am grateful to the God that it has connected our hearts in this world, you sense of my life and I do not represent a life without you In THIS WORLD,
You could send me money this week?
Here my ADDRESS: My full name - Natalya Aleksandrova
And my home address:
The Russian Federation
Republic Mariy-El
city - Volzhsk
Street-. Katazova 82 apartment 54
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