Scam letter(s) from Alena Muravjova to Marcantonio (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello the darling marco.
Now I am in the Moscow airport.
My situation really very pitiable and I do not know that to me now to do.
I have faced very serious problem on the customs control.
Now I cannot carry out the start to you.
It is valid very strongly me upsets.
I could not pass the customs control and carry out planting in the plane.
Employees of the customs control have told to me about that that I am not the decent tourist.
All problem consists in that that I leave the country and I carry out the travel to you leaning on the status
of the tourist and having the tourist visa which obliges me to adhere to the certain control.
That now to me to pass the customs control I should have in the presence 1500 euros.
It is the minimum sum of money which it is calculated on stay in the European countries.
And presence of this money necessarily for each person staying abroad using the visa of the tourist.
Now I do not have money.
All money which at me was I has spent for registration of the travel and purchase of necessary tickets.
I do not know that to me to do are lovely!!
All is a situation really very strongly the darling upsets me.
Employees of customs have explained to me about that that necessity of presence of money is provided on the customs control as the law.
And to argue with it at me now there is no possibility.
Employees of the customs control asked me about the purpose of my visit to your country.
I explained them about that that meal to the beloved.
All it became very suspicious for workers of customs.
They have told to me about that that in such a way as now I try to stay to you leave our country of the **********.
It has very strongly touched me the darling!!!
Now I am in very desperate mood.
My documents are on consideration at federal service.
Now they check my status of the decent citizen.
marco all it very strongly is not pleasant to me.
They think that I am going to leave the country to be engaged in prostitution.
Now all that to me is necessary for having for the problem decision it is presence of money.
1500 euros should is the sum of my entrance money.
Only having in presence 1500 euros I can convince employees of the customs control of that that I am the decent tourist.
The darling now I am near to the girl-friends.
We do not know that to us to do.
My girl-friends do not have this sum of money and we do not know where now them to take.
marco now I have only one hope of that that you can help me with this necessary money.
Understand that this money is really necessary for me only to show their presence on the customs control.
I am not going to spend this money.
Now all my hope is directed on that that you can help me with this money.
We have learnt about that that near to the airport there is a Western Union.
marco understand that transfer of money now is really necessary.
Really it is very a pity to me that now I should ask from you this money.
But understand that it important!!
Otherwise I cannot be near to you.
Cae?an to operate it is necessary promptly and resolutely.
I send to you data for transfer.
My full name Elena Pribylskaya
my adress
The Nizhniy Novgorod area, city Bor. index 606440
Street Sovetskaya, 56 ap. 74
With love Elena
Letter 2
Hello my loved marco
marco at us here in Russia already late you will make nothing what copies
You the darling marco can on credit will take from whom or and I having arrived will give tomorrow you them
The darling marco please make so, I to a smog to receive lips and during the lunchtime already to arrive to you marco I want to you, 1000 euros have gone and I will arrive to you
Your Elena
Letter 3
marco for operation it is necessary 3000 euros
And you have sent 2150 euros
I still need 850 euros
Here I search for money then after that as I will find and I will begin to cry and will perform operation to my son...
Very much the distance that so happens with you, the darling if at you is conscience that I think you will understand me I for the sake of the child is ready on all
Letter 4

marco I really ******* a photo, and all life I have told to you, but I have a child to which money for treatment are necessary
Thanks for your money
You have almost rescued my child
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