Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Plesovskih to Mario (Canada)

Letter 1
Hellooo ! It's me, Betty from LavaLife. I like your profile more interesting than others. Now a little about me. I am 28 years old, also friends name me as Betty. I was never married I live with my parents. I have good job. I work as medical sister in hospital. I very much like my work. The most intense days it is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tell me about your work. Do you like your work? I love amusement parks, outdoor activities, sports, travel, listening to music, concerts, movies, swimming, some socializing with friends at bars but not too often, I love comedy movies the best I like romance,action. I like a lot of different music. I like some top music, disco music and some romantic music. I like to dance very much. I have sports activity i prefer healthy style of a life. 2-3 times in week I visit the fitness - hall. I hold my body in the healthy form. And you have any sports in the life now? I send you my picture i hope you like. Also i want that you send to me some your pictures. Tell about you, about your interesting things what you like to do, your hobby, what your character? What qualities do you like in women? I hope we shall have time for writing other interesting letters to each other. We shall look what will be... Write to me, I shall wait your letter. Your friend Betty.
Letter 2
Hi Mario! I am glad to receive again your message, every day we shall learn more about each other and it's an interesting. I had usual day but i have received your letter and now my mood became much better, it is really pleasant for me that you write to me. Thank you for yours some answers to my questions it helps me to learn more about you and to understand you. I send you my picture . Mario tell me more about your family. Do you have many relatives? How often do you visit each other how often do you gather? I have very good family. As i already wrote i live with my mom and daddy. We live in a house. I have my own room. I have loved mom and loved daddy, i one child in family i always wanted to have the younger brother or the sister to look after them. My parents are very good, careful and kind people, they always understand me. They love me very much, I love them too ....... My mom's name is Helen, she is very sensual and kind woman. She is 50 years old, now she does not work. My daddy's name is Nicolas. He is strict, but fair man. He is 53 years old. He does not work too, because he long time worked as fire fighter. I love my family very much we frequently spend time together. In my private life i have emptiness. I have been never married, my last boyfriend was almost my age, we were with him together almost 2 years, but he appeared the rascal, he deceived me though pretended, that everything is all right, that always with me is fair. I thought, he loves me, but he was a fool (sorry for expression), he frequently deceived me he was the liar, for him friends and were more important than a party. For him there was no important we relations, and I with him have said goodbye and not how many I do not regret about it, therefore, now I search for more serious and sincere really " adult man for serious relations". There are no anybody for serious relations. In the beginning you think you have met the good suitable person, but then you understand that were mistaken in the person. Likely therefore I also use the web service of date. So it is possible to study an internal side of the person, Probably here I can find the person who will be to love me, appreciate and understand me. For me not important his financial situation and work he makes. i hope to find who appreciate women and who can care of woman. I shall be ready to give all myself, well I shall be brief Mario, write to me about your ideas of that. I wait your letter. Yours Betty.
Letter 3
Hi Mario, it is pleasant, that you were interested in my some ideas in messages. Mario, usually i do not tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but i has written to you, because i has felt desire to open it to you. I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am necessary that there was one man, which i can to open and trust - sometimes it happens hardly to reflect all these things. I am glad, that has found your understanding you see it happens not frequently. Thank Mario , that you have written to me some details about your life and family, I closely studied it. It has helped me more well to understand you and your life and you become closer man . Mario It is time to me to go to do some businesses and it is necessary to meet the friends. By the way I told them, that i got acquainted with you, and parents too. Have good day. I wait your letters. Yours Betty.
Letter 4

Hi. Mario i did not inform you earlier my address because i not enough knew you. I live in average area of Russia, in city Zvenigorod. It is located in the Moskow area. I have never been there where you live. To my regret it is far from you, else it was not necessary for us much e-mail, to learn each other. We could meet, talk, to spend some time together and good learn each other. But for us it will be not a fast way. But if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it will be not a problem for us because earlier I travelled to other countries. I was in the several countries of Europe. I traveled as the tourist. Therefore Mario, you should not have excitement be relative that we not beside. I am woman, that if I shall like man for a meeting i shall reach him. Besides in our days it is not a problem to travel. I don't worry about it and I can do it, it is possible to have relations with the person of other part of the world. It is very interesting - other culture, thinking, traditions i like new places, probably you Mario can learn Russian woman. I am confident that you are able to give tenderness and able to care of women and if we have decided to meet i hope i would be surrounded your attention. well i finish my letter now. I wait for your messages. Yours Betty.
Letter 5
I reading your letter and it is interesting to me to find out your opinion about my ideas that i spoke last time. We have good our exchange of and i think, that now i can make some opinion of your character. If you not against someday we could speak by phone a little, i would like to speak with you, to hear your voice. Thanks again for some answeres on my questions. I hope it not tired you. I hope you like this picture as well as other my pictures. Also i hope to see another your pictures. Dear i would like to learn, how do you like to spend free time. I very cheerful person also i think out various entertainments for itself and the friends. I like to help them to make life interesting. It can be different things: dances, cinema, parties or entertainments on the nature. But if to speak frankly in last time these entertainments give less pleasure. I frequently dream about romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a supper or simply walk . I think, that in it there is a lot of charm. Do you think, sometimes, of such things? Mario , excuse for a question: do you have there now any woman? I think, that you are good man and many women see you as good man too. You like to me. What your private life now, please tell me about it. Write to me more about your feelings and desires, i like always to read, when you tell about yourself. I wait for your messages. Hugs and kisses. Your Betty.
Letter 6
I am very glad to news from you. Mario, I had no opportunity to access to Internet. We haven't phone in our apartment is and consequently my computer has no input in a network. Usually i write down the message to you on a diskette, and then I go with it to the girl familiar to me, she live almost near me, Her computer have input to the Internet and I send to you my letters from there. But yesterday she was absent at home. I hope, what you Mario did not lose me. I missed without yours e-mail. Today on work I thought of you and, it was pleasant for me to know, that there is a person, which thinks of me too, reads my ideas and writes something for me. And how you Mario ? did you miss me these days? Today i with friends plan to have some entertainment. It will be possible some club or a disco, or some concert. It is a pity, that you is far now. I think, we could spend perfectly together evening. I hope, we'll do it in the future and we'll can well have fun. I am sure, that it will be good time for us Mario ! We shall drink easy wine, then to dance, while our legs can maintain it. And after that we probably shall reach somewhere else....., and where we'll make some things. Ideas about it me beforehand raise. My imagination very much advanced and I can represent many details of ours appointment. I think it is time to me to finish this letter, otherwise I shall write a lot of superfluous and I shall have then confusion before you. I wait yours e-mail, my lovely. Hugs and kisses!!! Yours Betty.
Letter 7
Hi my lovely Mario! I hope you have good day! i wish it to you. At me all still but my mom is sick a little....Today I cook food. By the way, dear, what you usually prefers more in food? What you prefe : sweets, meat, a fish? Inform me it Mario . My parents and friends very much like a meal which I prepare on kitchen. Who knows, can once you will try my meal :^) I love many dishes and to select something concrete at once difficultly (but it is possible). Since the childhood I love mother's cutlets with a mashed potatoes, the stuffed pepper. I love salads such as " Winter salad " is very popular salad in Russia, there are always on any celebrating. Also I very much love salad "Relish": tomatoes and cucumbers it is finely - finely equal to cut. The onions, are better dark blue, too. In very deep salad dish to spread all over again cucumbers a layer, then tomatoes, then an onions. Then a brynza to cut fine squares and from above. To submit separately sauce "Elefaim" is a mayonnaise mixed with orange juice and something else. Salad can be salted a little from above, but it is unessential. I very much love salads with fresh vegetables, I love a chicken - grill and a potato fried, muesli and every possible nuts, yoghurt a pie and chocolate, ice-cream, bananas and ... Meat - fried, baked, as shashlick (barbecue) and as different meat delicacies, chops. I love a fish red, white, everyone. In any kind, but not crude. The society of protection of animals would chain me to a pillory. (the Joke! :) I love a pizza, all from the puff test very much I love - both sweet, and unsweet. Still I love a water-melon, any apples sweet or sour-sweet apples, a strawberry, and others fruit. And still I adore sweets every possible. But, I always control myself because from sweet it is possible to collect excess weight. I love natural juices, and Coca-cola, Pepsi. In general I like to try new dishes, for example national dishes. Only do not think, that I the glutton, simply very much was lost in day-dreams (a joke!), I always hold myself in norm and I do not allow to prevail to the food instincts over me. Mmmm well i think i must to stop, now I shall give an opportunity to you :) By the way, we in russia have proverb: " the way to heart of the man - passes through his stomach! " I was many times convinced of it when observed of my father. my sweet kisses Yours Betty.
Letter 8
Hi my dear Mario I am glad Mario, that in our relations there is a promotion and we became more close people. I tell often about you to my parents and friends. They hope, that will get acquainted with you someday. Mario they insist, that I would acquaint you with them, my parents are especially. I have told him, that i seriously treat you Mario, also that you the good person. You know Mario, that parents always wish children only good and are pleased, when their children are happy in all. By the way my dad loves fishing and right now he goes pleased here and speaks, that now he has person, which can be invited for fishing. I laughed for a long time and i have told to him, that I do not know, would you like it and that he early is pleased. And know, what he did answer? he has told, that in the summer he will make for you good fishing tackle also he will learn you to cook good fish soup. And did you tell to close people about me? What they have opinion? inform me please it. You have any plans concerning our relations? I think, that for us will be very much it is good, if we can spent some time together. It will be to strengthen our relations and will help us to learn better each other. Probably the next month we can meet. For example in Europe or the other place. Understand me correctly Mario, i cannot yet to invite you here to me. I live at the parents and for the present not enough I know you for this purpose. We had only messages and I think, that it is better for us to meet in the another place. I very much would want to be alone with you, to see you and a touch to you! Dear so we can make full opinion of us to learn about many things. Let's be to discuss it Mario . I wait for your opinions, I miss you i kiss you. Yours Betty.
Letter 9
Hi my lovely Mario! I am glad to see yours e-mail. To me pleasantly to learn, that you support idea to meet and also want to see me and to spend with me time. I think, that in our following messages we can discuss in more detail our meeting and establish time and a place for this purpose. I want to tell you dear, that it is very pleasant, for the woman to be convinced that exist the man which waits her also wants to hold in the hands. Such idea influences opinions women and her behaviour. Therefore thank you Mario, that you have given me to feel it. And what you have ideas and imaginations about that day, when you will meet me? Inform me please it. Dear, at me there is a plenty of ideas, how we can spend together our time. Also I shall prepare for you some surprises I think, you will be pleased it. I'll tell you Mario , about some ideas in the following messages. When you will be in my hugs you can't get out of my embraces. well ... i shall not write now about that I shall make with you, but you will remember for a long time it !!! Now I finish the letter. I shall wait for your messages . My gentle kisses! Your Betty.
Letter 10
Hi my dear Mario! Have good day! I am glad, that my letters pleasant for you. How do you feel? I 'm very good! I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an idea about our meeting. It is joyful event for me from i have much emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and expectation of this day . You have brought the whole sea of emotions in my life Mario, and it is difficult for me to consult with it, but I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push and the purpose for life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us to arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have some days free for me. Mario, and will your work be to allow you to make it? Probably you have the intense schedule on work also you should be busy. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could arrive to you for some days. For me there is no problem to make long travel. If such way more convenient for you and my arrival not will create inconvenience for you Mario , let's choose this plan. It for me even it is more good, because I can see as you live, your friends, you can show me where you live and different places loved for you and if sometime you will need to visit your work. My work not so important also also here can manage without me, therefore I do not worry about my work. Inform me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way for you too I shall make preparations for travel. My hugs and kisses Yours Betty.

Letter 11
Hi my lovely! It is pleasant for me to read your words. I am glad to learn, that you are ready to accept me in the house. Thank, that you trust me , my dear. Mario, I want to tell to you that in the past the message I wanted to check, as far as seriously you treat me . Forgive for this lovely, but you should understand me. For me it was very important to know, whether will you agree to accept me in the the house. If you insisted, that we met somewhere in hotel or in the other place, - that to me should to think, you don't want to invite me at itself because you have the wife or you not is serious enough to me, and you want to meet me only for fun. It check - was small precaution. I heard, that many people get acquainted to have only *** with the new person, though in the profile inform, that have serious intentions. I hope I have not offended you, I know you understand me, Now I am sure in you Mario, and I am glad, that you appeared really that the person whom I want to meet! Loved, I with big pleasure, I shall stay at you during one month. Soon these days I shall reach in agency of travel and to receive the information to reach to you the next month. I shall inform you all details in following e-mail. I wait your messages. I adore you my dear Mario ! My kisses!!! Yours Betty. PS This photo has been made the last summer. It will be possible to like it to you. I hope.
Letter 12
Hi my dear! I am glad to your message and thank, that you understand me . You are, one of those few people Mario, in which I can find understanding. Dear how was your day? I think very well! I have some news to you Mario . Today I went to agency of travel. They have told, that to receive the visa of the tourist in your country difficultly, but they can help to me. The agent did not discuss all details and we have appointed the meeting on tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall meet them and will discuss about visa. I hope, lovely, that all will be - well. I have some excitement concerning all it, but also I have firm intention to meet you dear! Therefore any difficulties and monetary outlay, will not stop me. And we'll meet. Write to me, dear, give me many forces and energy. My gentle kisses. Yours Betty.
Letter 13
Hi my dear! I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your message. Mario, my day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. In conformity with the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently I will need to reach to Moscow, and therefrom to you by the plane. My agent needs some information for a route of the plane, inform me dear, your full address (and the nearest airport to you to which I shall arrive) Write all in details... This information is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop route and to establish all cost of travel. Today i paid to him the first part of money, for the visa and other documents for travel. It was in some times more, than I thought. I planned, that the visa will cost for me about 100 USD, but because of difficulties for its reception is was for me 180 USD. dear, it is possible, that to me you will be required the help for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have some money still, and also took some money at my parents, but i think them will not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for insurance and tickets. It will be known after the agent will develop a route. The second part of cost I should pay by the contract, before to take the visa. I shall inform you Mario, if to be necessary for me the help. I hope, that it will not be a problem for you and I can not worry about it. I informed you all news about promotion of our meeting and now I go to have a rest, I am very tired today. I hope, what I can soon embrace you Mario . I wait for your messages my loovely. My hugs and kisses. Your Betty.
Letter 14
Hi my dear Mario! Loved, I was very glad to receive your message. Dear Mario, I miss you. I very much want to embrace you and to nestle my body to you. I often present as we for the first time see each other. As we carry out together our night. I think, that we will not sleep this night. I shall try, that you did not forget it never and I hope, that you will make too it for me. We shall make a break only for coffee and sandwiches. Also, lovely, i wanted to take a bath with you. We could rub a back each other and still something. I very much wait this time and I am glad, that it is necessary to wait already a little. I often think of things which we can make with each other. I think about it in full details. I do not write these details to you, my confusion does not allow me to write it. I stop my ideas that there was no big excitation. I have good imagination. Even now I have some shiver in my body. well well well i stop now this theme in my message. Now about main .... Mario, I shall inform to you some news which I learned from the agent. He informed me, that they do not accept, for payments, bank moving of money to the account, from private persons. They accept such payment only from the organization at travel by groups. Therefore I should make the second part of payment by cash. The agent has told, that in our city some banks are engaged in moving of money from other countries. He has told. That they make it quickly, it demands for them about one day. There are in our city some systems for moving work. It " Western Union " or " Money Gramm". To make it, you need to go in bank in which is office " Western union " or " Money Gramm". In bank to me have told, that such offices are available in each city, therefore for you the problem will not find it. When you will send money, you will need to specify my full name and the address. My dear please not be confusing, as you already know Betty is my nickname , my friends name me so , but my first name is ANASTASIYA , last name is PLESOVSKIH. My the information for transfer of money: My First name: ANASTASIYA
My Last name: PLESOVSKIH
My adress: Urinskaya Street 29/284
My city: Zvenigorod
My state/provinve: Moscow area
My zip/postal code: 143180
Country of course Russia Before I can receive money I should specify your full name and the address. Also, I should inform in bank confidential number (MTCN.) This number to you inform in bank at sending money, and you will need to inform this number to me in the messages. Also me informed in bank, that you could send me a copy of the questionnaire which you to fill in bank that there were no problems with reception of money, also to write the full address of bank from which you will send me of money. All moving will borrow some hours, but it will be necessary to pay for it some money to bank. I think Mario , that it is a reliable way of moving money. Dear, be ready to make it. As soon as I shall pay services of agency, the most nearest days we shall be together! Favourite, now to me is time to go, always wait your messages and write to me more often. Inform me also, what lady's wear for you more ******. Probably I shall prepare something for you, my dear!!! My kisses! Yours Betty.
Letter 15
Hello my love Mario !!! I was glad to receive your letters!!! My dear, I have received your information, all is good, I am glad, that we soon shall together!!! Unfortunately, at us already today the late evening and consequently banks are closed!!! Therefore I shall go in bank tomorrow in the morning and to take away money after that I shall go in agency and to pay services of agency!!! I am so happy, that all is good also you are capable me to help, I so want to be with you, I very strongly love you, I adore you!!! Mario, tomorrow, as soon as I shall take away money, I at once shall write you all news, about my travel which I learn from my the agent!!! Now, I shall go to have rest, I shall wait for your letter also!!! I shall have dreams of you!!! My gentle kisses!!! Yours Betty.
Letter 16
Hi my loved !!! Mario how weather at you? I expect division of your strong embraces in Morning, stretching my back. Good Feelings. Ah! I can see you, sending magic air kisses a hand! You - such happy, delightful person! I imagine our lips concerning also with breath Excitement as you write. My blood rushes through My veins! I caress your cheeks with my hands. I examine me so successful to meet such a The remarkable, playful, happy person it is similar to you. You here with me for ever. I VERY MUCH MISS YOU, MY LOVE!!! it IS always PLEASANT for ME TO THINK Of YOU, MY LOVE!!! YOU the OWNER of MY HEART!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! YOURS Betty!!! P.S. Also I want to tell, that I do not understand one thing. Why your friend has written to me the letter??? I did not answer him because I do not want to write to anybody more, except for you. It e-mail address and his letter.
Letter 17
Hi my Mario !!! My parents transfer you big and hot "Hello", And also warm hugs. They are very much interested "How are you doing?". You already simply a member of our family. My Mum of you very much love mine. Each day asks to transfer you "Hello", And also strong hugs. Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, And also my most passionate magic kisses, And also my hottest hugs from my heart of love. I very much miss you. You are absent on me, my charm? I very much would like, that you were close to me. Each day I dream of our meeting to you. Each night our meeting at the airport dreams me. I dream of the first kiss with you. When I shall arrive to you, I give you The longest kiss which very much is pleasant to you. I am sure, that our first kiss will be lasts very long. You trust in it? I dream of our first kiss in the airport. And also about the first strong embrace. I always present our meeting to you, as in a fairy tale. I very much want, that our meeting remembered well. I very much would like it. You for me an ideal of the person. Each minute of reflection about you brings for me huge pleasure. I shall expect your letter. I shall write to you tomorrow . I very much miss you, my charm!!! You are very necessary for me. Your Betty!!! P.S. Also I want to tell, don't worry. I not upset on you... I can write to you only once to day. Also I want to tell, that today I was in western union and to me have again told, that they have technical problems. They have told, that their servers have fallen and now for them it is necessary to restore it that they could work. I do not understand any word from what they have told to me, but I think, that it is really serious problem. They have told to me to go to them later 2 days and probably a problem will be solved. Also I want to tell, in this connection, I cannot fly to you on October, 1. The agent will transfer my flight for other day and after he will do it, I shall write to you the new information on my flight. I am very much upset, because for us it is necessary to wait still any time. It is very a pity to me. These days, will seem for me the longest waiting time.
Letter 18
HI my loved Mario !!! I am heated in heat of your letters and dreams about Day, that I can hold you in my hands and show you it I worry about you and I love you. I feel warm heat your soul, and I feel The strong need for you to have an effect and IS SHOWN, that you Like. Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure, my love? I feel to you a huge attraction and huge love, Which reduces me from mind. I so wait for our meeting with you!!! I dream of our meeting!!! I wait for our meeting with you!!! I want our meeting with you!!! And I want to tell you, that I love you!!! I finish my letter to you with ideas on you!!! Yours Betty!!!
Letter 19
Hi my lovely Mario !!! I very much miss you. You miss me, my charm? I constantly dream of our meeting with you. I very much want, that when I have arrived to you We have lead pleasant evening at any restaurant Also danced slow dance under music Robert Miles. You would like it, my love? I very much would want it. I so want to embrace you at first our meeting with you, my love. I very much would like to present you a longest kiss, That has felt all sweet of my fine lips. I very much want, that you have felt my gentle and strong embraces. I always dreamed of such person as you, my love. And I very much would like, that we were near to you, my love. I feel the small girl who has fallen in love with you without memory. To me it is very sad without you, without your embraces and gentle, tender kisses. I very much want to be with you, my Prince!!! I so want it!!!! With huge love and with all my tenderness yours Betty!!! P.S. Also I want to tell, I understand each your word which you write to me. Your English is perfect!!! I shall inform you on news as soon as I shall have it.
Letter 20
Hi my most dear person on light Mario !!!!!!!! Lovely, I am already valid I can not without you and without your letters. At me tears with happiness drip when I read your letters. I thank the god For that that he has sent me of such person as you, such gentle, quick-witted, And the most important loving me. And I am very glad to that that on light there is a love. Such fine and I her test this feeling to you, my honey!!!! Yes, I shall not cease To speak you, that I very much love you. I think, that the equation of love very simple As 1 + 1, but at the same time very complex because together with pleasure the love may To bring and tears and sufferings. And these my sufferings from that that we not together, my love, That we may not touch each other look each other in eyes still more many many desires which I and you may not execute the friend for the friend. I understand my honey, that for our meeting it is required It is a lot of time, but I sometimes at night reflect, that we can not be Together and I all life shall suffer from love to you. But I do not want to think About it because it not and all of us equally shall meet you. Honey, we shall be Together also we shall be happy together. I so want it, my love!!!!!!!! Mine baby, you for me became the most desired person. You are necessary for me as heart. I can not live without you. Now my days pass monotonously, because my head It is hammered by ideas on you, my body wants a touch of yours fingers, my lips Want passionate kisses with you. Yes, my dear, I can not hide the dreams from You because they concern only you. My sweet, I want to be your second half in life. I want to be your princess, Lady, I want to be your adviser to be your partner in life, and the most important I want To begin your wife and I want that you became my husband! I to give birth To you beautiful children also I want that they were similar to you. We shall bring up together them And to love them. You agree with me, my soul? Road, we may grant our desires and make our dreams yau?. At us all life ahead. I know, that with you at me other life full of happiness and love to you will begin absolutely. I believe In it, my honey and very much I hope. My love, I shall be very patient and I shall wait very much for our meeting even if it is necessary to me To wait for it all my life. My heart now on always belongs to you and only you of him The master. In your authority and I know all my body and all my bodies, that you will be cautious. Honey, I shall wait for our first meeting as the schoolgirl expecting for the first appointment in life. My dear, I completely trust you because I believe you. Honey, I yet do not want to write a detail about the body, because I very constraining, but I of you I assure, that all bodies of my body normal and all of them belong only to you. Lovely, I need in you as the lock in a key. I want you as the ground water at a drought. I am very strong you I adore and very much I grieve on you. Please, trust me, my desires and feelings Are fair also are pure as a drop of tears on my eyes at melancholy on you. But you do not think, that these tears from Burning, these tears of happiness. I am too strong you I like. My mum approves you and transfers you the greetings long as life. She is very glad, that we Have found each other and are happy. She sincerely experiences for us and too wants that we were together. My love, I very much want to be with you together faster. I very much need in you. My prince, I send you one million hot kisses. Let these kisses accompany You all the day. My body wants you, my heart is beaten more strongly from your letters. It is a pity to me that we not now with you Together. I shall wait from you for the letter today and very to miss on you. Remember. That I very much love you, my future husband!!!!!!!! Your future wife Betty. P.S. Also I want to tell, that I till now have not received your money... Please do not worry, because they have told to me, that within the next few days, they will remove a problem. I spoke with the agent and he will wait for payment to do my flight for other day. Also I want to tell, that it is very a pity to me, that I can write to you only once to day. You write to me many remarkable letters and I too would like, but I cannot. I very much miss you, my loved Mario.
Letter 21
Hi my sweetheart Mario !!! I am very grateful to destiny, that I have found you, my love!!! Each day brings to me huge pleasure when I see your letter!!! Your letters for me something the greater, than the letter!!! For me is a huge happiness to see your letter in mine E-mail! What for you my letters mean? When I wake up I think of you, my love!!! When I fall asleep I think of you!!! When we shall be together with you I shall be the happiest woman on the Earth!!! I very much want to be with you, my love!!! You want, that I was with you? I very much miss on you!!! You miss on me, my love? I think, that it is very good when you really like and appreciate persons! And for me the most important person is YOU!!! I LOVE YOU And I shall LIKE!!! I SHALL BE YOURS FOR EVER, MY PRINCE!!! YOU MY GENTLE And TENDER PRINCE!!! YOURS FOREVER Betty!!! P.S. Also I want to tell thanks for all greetings which transferred your mum, the sister and your boss. Really it is very pleasant for me, that all of them approve our relations. I very much miss on you and I want to be with you as soon as possible.
Letter 22
Hello my loved Mario !!! My loved Mario, that moment when we shall meet at the airport, will be in the happiest afternoon in my life and I hope, that that day will be as soon as possible. My loved Mario, now I want to write about the main thing. I already wrote to you, that you should move money for my name, but I cannot receive your money and it there was a problem until I have not talked to my friend. She agrees to help us. I cannot receive your money because I have no my passport because all my documents are in travel agency. My loved, you should move money for a name of my friend and we shall go together in bank to receive your money. A full name of my friend: first name of my friend: NATALIA
last name of my friend: RIZHOVA My loved, I know it all my life and she my closest and good friend, and she lives in the next apartment and on this we can trust her. I hope, that you will not have any problems in bank and you can move money. My loved, I want to tell, that as soon as I close eyes, I see our meeting and I would be very happy, that all this has taken place not closing eyes. I hope, that you understand about what I write. I very much miss on you and I shall wait for your news. I miss on you and the most important.... I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR MARIO!!!!!! With all my love, heart and soul for you... For ever yours Betty
Letter 23
My dearest Mario. I am very glad to receive your letter and very glad, That you at me are. I am very happy, that you could help me once again. I could not write to you I do not know other places from which I can write to you earlier because the Internet - cafe have been closed also I. As soon as I shall receive money, I shall inform on it as soon as possible. Your letter will calm me and makes by stronger. Last days I thought of us and about our life. And I understand, that our life leaves also we do not notice it, my love. We feel like young and we do not notice, that to us already more and more years. It may very good, that life goes so quickly. But she flows away as water in the river and back it to not return. I am very glad, that I have you, my second half, my heart. I want to tell, that only your letters support Me and my good mood because I without you so am lonely. I live ideas only about you, my love. I so do not have not enough your embraces and a kiss. But I know, that we shall be together and I very much wait for this time, my love. Love only for you. Yours Betty.
Letter 24
Hi my love Mario ! At me the big trouble!!! When I to go from hotel in the airport on me have attacked two person and to plunder me. They to put a knife to a neck and to take away from me all money, they wanted to take off me even clothes but to not have time to appear in the street the passer-by the man and to see that me to plunder to run to me to the aid, criminals to see that to us the man that they at once runs to escape. It is man to carry spend me up to police where I to write applications and to describe robbers. The militia has gone to search for criminals while they not whom have not found. I to speak with the chief police I to speak him what to steal money which to me are very necessary today and that that I should fly to you and that that this money are necessary for me for customs house. The militiaman to me to tell that chances to find these criminals very small because Moscow very big city and will find them not so simply, he to me to tell that chances of that that I can return money very small. But he me will assure that searches to proceed. Also he to me to tell that if they will not find criminals now that they of them will find then and they will be punished only there is no guarantee that I can return money back. They to speak that basically people which steal to use drugs and that that money they most soon already to spend for drugs. It to tell that as soon as will catch criminals of them to judge only money at them any more will and confiscate at them property will not be because such people usually do not have property they him all to sell and buy on this money drugs. The court certainly them will force to pay to me money but before they it to make will pass not not enough time to me speak that on it there can to leave and not one year while they in will be arrested and be in custody they cannot to pay to me them and to them for it of a crime can give 8 years. My dear I I am very much upset to not know that to me now to do at me tickets already on hands but I do not have now money to customs house. I am very much upset because of it in fact I hope that we with you we can to meet very soon in fact to me of all it are necessary to come in the airport and to sit in the plane. So it is a pity to me that so has taken place. My dear I to not know as me to be now and what to do. I am now very much upset and to not know that to me to do at me now there is a ticket but there is no money to customs house, I to not know as me be to not want to stop and go now I back lady but also I cannot arrive to you. Whether my dear I now shall go again to a police station and I shall learn to find they criminals. My dear I hope to receive from you the letter. I shall write to you later yours Betty!
Letter 25
Hi my lovely Mario. How are you? How your health? At me all in the good, only very much I miss on you. I very much would like to be with you, even there be time to lead some with you. Loved, at me is very lonely and it is melancholy on soul, likely from loneliness. I very much for a long time nobody had also I very much I want to destroy the loneliness. Mario I want to tell you, that you for me became very close to me, I love your letters, they help me to transfer loneliness. Certainly around there are a lot of various men on any taste, but inside in heart it would be desirable the especial man, which would love me and was gentle to me. I sincerely would want, what you Mario Was this man. Write to me I wait. Kiss you. Betty. P.S. Also I want to tell, that all my documents are at customs house and I have no opportunity to do a copy my visa and tickets. But I have my passport and I did a copy of my passport for you. I hope, that it will be the good proof for you. Please do not doubt of me because I love you all my soul. I very much want to arrive to you, but all these barrier prevent me. Please try to find these 1100 USD and we can to be soon together. You asked about my mum? Father called in first aid and my mum have taken away by the machine of first aid in hospital.
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