Scam Letter(s) from Anna Yamshikova to Kevin (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Ding! How are you?
My love Ding I is glad to receive from you the letter. Road Ding I have paid for the ticket. And such good luck. To me the distance ticketthe new. To me have reserved the ticket for December, 16th. It so it is healthy. We can be prepared for Christmas together. I send you flight details.Airline: bmi british midland, Flight: BD896Departure: December, 16th 2008, 06:30, Domodedovo Arrival: December, 16th 2008, 07:50, HeathrowTime in a way: 4 hours. 20 m.It so it is healthy. I 15 will go to Moscow and therefrom I will depart to you. It so is fine. My love you are glad? My dear only I was informed today by the agent that there is a small problem. For this purpose what to take off normally from the country.(I do not know what for they to me before it have not told) I should have at myself the certain sum of money. It for this purpose thatcustoms services would be confident that that I in your country to a smog of to provide and I will not be engaged in prostitution or larceny. My love Ding I at all for what I will not pay. I will need to show the financial side. That that I can provide myself. The agent has toldthat it to do all who leaves for a long time in other country. And I go to you for a long time and I would want that nothing has prevented me to meet you. Minimum as the agent I has told should have at itself 3100$. My dear Ding I know that it is the huge sum of money. Aching from them I willnot spend cent. I as called in the airport and all learnt. My dear Ding it is all because I leave for a long time. Customs officers shouldbe assured that I be able provide myself initially stay in your country. My love as we will look down? The ticket at me already is. But from the country I cannot take off without the finance. But I have all somehundreds roubles. And it will not suffice. What to do? I so dreamt to be with you nearby. My love Ding we should that that think up that I could to go to you without problems. What do you think of it?
Your bride Anna. A sweet kiss.
I love you!

Letter 2

Hello my love Ding! How are you?
My love Ding is glad to receive from you the letter. Forgive that could not answer earlier. I have been very strongly occupied on Iwork To me it was necessary to finish all affairs, that I could leave the country easy. My love Ding I so about impatience wait for ourmeeting. There were 4 days and I will be with you. Tomorrow early in the morning I will go to parents to village (I wrote to you that they live in village).I need to say goodbye to them. I after all long will not see them. I wish to say goodbye to the native land. With that place where I have grown also a vein long time. As I wish to say goodbye to all friends to the childhood. My love if I will be in time tomorrow that I will send you a copy of all documents. On Sunday evening I will arrive home and I will collect all remained things. In the evening on Sunday I will go to Moscow. There to meet memy close girlfriend I will spend at it all the Monday long. And on Tuesday on December, 16th I will go to you. So not enough time remains and so it is necessary to make much. My love I so will be happy that soon with you. I liked news, that you have found to me work. It is very good. Now I will be precisely confident that in your country is occupied by work.I will help you suit our house and our life. My love I think that I should pass interview. But I think that all will pass well. Ding I all in excitement. I so wait for our meeting. You even cannot present.My dear Ding, I so am glad that we can to buy the house in the centre of London. We will have a house. Where we can raise our children.I will tell tomorrow it to mum and the daddy, I think that it is pleasant to them. Then they to a smog to arrive to us, to stay for a while.Certainly your parents could arrive to us on a visit. My mum would be glad that to visit us your parents.My dear Ding I now need to go to bed, that tomorrow I could rise early and go to parents. I send you a photo. I love you Ding!!!!I look forward to hearing. Your bride Anna. Kiss sweet.



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