Scam letter(s) from Jane Lucia to Ferry (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Thanks for responding to me! I am excited to hear back from you! I really like what you said & how you describe yourself.How are your family. Am new to this. Well I think I have to describe myself, Am Jane Lucia by name, 29 yrs old single.. Beside the fact that I think you are a very handsome , attractive man. I really like what you said about being honest & wanting to find that one special woman for you. I feel that honesty is a very important quality. Without honesty,you can't really have the trust thats needed in a healthy relationship. I too have a tendency to want to see the good in people. Always have.I am very easy going, lighthearted, adventurous, energetic, very romantic,and passionate about most things that I take on in life.I like to go out, but not all the time. It is nice to find someone that you like to spend quiet time with, and don't always need outside stimulation and a lot of other people to be able to enjoy each others company. I like to plan and choose things to do. I like to approach people and life with a positive and optomistic attitude while still trying to keep a good sense of humor through it all! I can easily relate to the diversity of personality styles and cultures. I value the process of learning and appreciate the benefits. I am open-minded to new ideas, other beliefs and new experiences. I am a caring person with a big heart. I like people in general and I find it easy to see the good in people. I have learned to communicate pretty well in relationships. Family and friends are the most valuable things in my life, I have a great mother and lost her early this year, I've spent more than half of my life without a father..I was raised by my mom and its very tough, and I am looking to enjoying myself more and meeting more of my needs. And am willing to do the same with the woman I am with. I left Canada while i was 12years old was brought up in the United Kingdom..I attended DeMontfort University,Leceister city,bedford for my graduate degree and studied Business Administration..I worked with my mom as a sales rep before she died..I found both of us 99% and the only 1% missing its that right now am stuck in africa.I am not happy being here at all and it makes me sad everything i wake up to still find myself.How i got here is a long story and am going through alot here right now.I am also looking for someone to get me out of my present problem.I am looking for someone to start a new life with and have family with..I love kids and cant wait to have mine.I aspire to be self employed with my own kids and wish to have a successful business and a loving family 5years from now.I hope you and i can work to male this a reality...
I would love to find that special man to have fun with and share all that life has to offer. I'm a very private person and am not in to bars or the "swinging singles" scene.. I prefer to be a "one man" woman and am hoping to meet a man that shares that same goal. However, I am a very patient person and am willing to let a relationship grow over time so that we can first become friends as we get to know each other better. I really want to meet a man that I can treat special and let him know that he's the "very best" as far as I'm concerned. Bottom line, the man I'm looking for will first be my very best friend and then lover and soul mate. I will know that special man when I meet him and am determined to find him. I was taught well by my mom and know how to treat and respect a man. I love doing special things for him. I think I have a high set of values and morals. I am looking for a man who enjoys the simple things in life. He should be able to put family first as will I. Must be very loving and like walking hand in hand. Someone who knows that in order to make a relationship work it takes alot of work and be willing to do that, I believe that relationships are 50/50 and they take communication and commitment to keep the spark alive. I like showing and giving affection as much as I like receiving it. I also like doing the little things for you to let you know that you are special, It's always a big plus if you smell nice. Also very important is humor and light-heartedness. Let's be silly, make each other laugh, and have fun!...I can't promise my man the world, I can't promise him the sky I can't promise we won't fight, or that I'll never cry.But I promise him my heart, And that I'll give you all.I'll be there when you needs me, And lift you when you falls.No matter what happens, I promise to always care, And wherever you is, I will always be there.Through good times and bad, Happy and sad, I will always be true...I want you to know that There is no long distance about love it always finds a way to bring hearts together, am a kind of woman that can go any where on earth to achieve my aim. ....Hope to hear from you again
Letter 2
It was a pleasant surprise to receive your email again Dear Ferry. I really liked what you wrote...The way you described yourself is a lot of what I am looking for in a partner. A few things that I am looking for, that I need, in a partner is; trust, honesty, being faithful and someone who is willing to communicate with one another to keep the love and relationship strong. I'm not a difficult person to get a long with. I am looking for someone to share my life with ..I believe in marriage and would love to have that with the right person. I love to travel and would love to meet someone to shares my rest for life, fun and adventure. I am stress free and fun to be around, I love to laugh and I am also a great cook who enjoys a variety of foods.I like to do things with the other significant person in my life, but I also encourage him to go out and spend time with friends and pursue his own interests and hobbies as well, I want him to be always be there for me as I will give same in return and always make him happy, Oh Ferry I would like to take that journey with you and be that right woman for you if you can give me a chance to come into your life....
Fidelity would be very important for both of us. Our expression of love for each other would be tender, caring, ****** and multi-dimensional but not extreme and in poor taste for either of us. It would be important for the two of us to have some common interests that we can share together, but not in a situation of needing to outdo the other. The need to be, "right" would not exist for us because we would always look for the rational and fair solution that would be as mutually beneficial as possible. The truth of the matter is the underlying value that would sustain us through that questioning period. Factual and rational reasons would be our tools to figure out problems, not yelling or screaming of opinions with no substantial basis in fact and evidence. We would not assume what the other is thinking, feeling or doing because we understand that we may not know the full circumstances of a situation.We would ask each other if we have doubts in order to find out what is really going on. Our actions are congruent with what we say: what you see is what you get. No hidden agendas. We would love to laugh & see the humor in almost anything. After all, our lives together is fun for both of us because we are together and love each other very much. We are also responsible individuals and our word can be counted on, no false or unrealistic promises. We both believe in God and follow Christian teachings in our lives as much as possible. We would take turns reading to each other, listen and watch favorites. Explore the new things in life.I will love to come to you and start a new life with you...I am not happy being here and am not ready to hide things from you.I thank you for your willingness to be there for me and i really appreciate that and i promise you wont regret being there for me and will want to live a happy life with you.I have been through a lot and just cant wait for the right man to come my way because i have so much to offer to the right man..I would love to talk with you on phone but this is the only means of communication i have for now and we'll get to talk on phone as time goes on..Ferry as am talking to you..I am presently stuck in an hotel in Lagos,Nigeria..I know its early to start bothering you with my problem but want you to know all about me..I have no reason to keep things from you..It will benefit me if you know my problem and you are willing to help.Love is all about that and will gladly await your reply..Take care and have a wonderful day. . .
Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Jane Lucia
Letter 3
Hello Ferry..,
Firstly am deeply sorry not to have let you know that I am stuck Over here In the Hotel right now at the Moment here In Nigeria. i should have tell you this in the first place but was scared and don't know how to tell you cos i don't want to loose you. But been for your honesty then i made up my mind now to let you know sound so good and nice caring and honest i believe if we work in hand things we move fine for us. but as i have said about my heart broken recently.Thats about the death of my mum..You know that already it as brought me in sadness i cry everyday praying that one day i will get over this one day..Well i just want to tell you how i ended up in africa and if truly you are interested in me,i know you will love to help and you will not avoid me simply because am stuck in an hotel Africa,Before the death of my mom,she told me that some years ago that my dad traveled to Nigeria to work with a Chinese company,so after the death of mom,i couldn't help myself because the feelings was becoming something unbearable for me,3weeks ago,i came to Nigeria in search of my dad,reaching Nigeria i was attacked by some Hoodlums,they took away my bag which contain the address to locate my dad,i was almost killed in the process,i was left with nothing and now am stuck in a hotel,right now i cannot even go back because the hotel manager has seized my ticket and my passport simply because am owing the hotel some money....All i need now its to settle the hotel bill and if u can help me settle the hotel bill i will be very happy to relocate to u and start a new life with you,because right now i have know were to go,u all the hope i have left in the whole wide world, i promise not to let u down and never to make u regret this if you help me settle the hotel bill,I am presently not happy telling you this but i believe you are God sent person and you can make me happy again.I will want you to reply with the nearest Airport to you and will also want you to be the one to pick me at the airport..Heres the hotel contact info...
Managers Name....Mr Williams Paul
Phone Number... 0112347031853186
Room Number.....08
I hope you will have it in your heart to make me smile again cuz you've caught my feelings so close to you and promise you will not regret helping me out of here.I will be expecting your mail..
Letter 4

Hello Sweetness..Thanks for the quick reply..I understand all you have said in the message you sent to me..I really appreciate your honesty and i don't know about the woman that first contacted you thats from africa..All i could say is that this could be a chance for reward of all you have went through and your quest in looking for the right woman.I have all what a man needs..And promise you that you wont regret helping me out of here.I am not deceiving you and you'll be the one to pick me up at the airport.I am not happy being here and need someone to start a new life with.I am owing the hotel management total amount of 850usd..I will be glad if you can make the payment as soon as possible because the hotel management are really bothering me.I cant wait to get out of here to come to you.I have my ticket and its still valid.In will come to you as soon as the payment is being confirmed by the hotel cashier..Thank you so much and cant wait to be with you.Take care and have a wonderful weekend.
Letter 5
Hello Sweetness...I got the money already.Its a pity you thought am scamming you..I will never scam you of your money despite all you have been through..I just wish am never in this mess..I am writing you from theairport,am not feeling good presently and dont know how to tell you..Ihave been at the airport for 5hrs now and i dont know what to do with my life..I have been crying honey and dont know what to do again..I never wish to bother you because you have done enough for mealready..I am making use of a airport staff to contact you so youknow whats going on..Baby when i got to the airport, i was told that my ticket has expired..I dont know what to do but am being told i canrenew my ticket..I was told it'll cost me $1700 to renew it and getting a new ticket is $3500,i know this is so hard for you but am hoping you wont give up on me,if truely we are meant to be together,we will overcome this..I will lodge in an hotel close to the airport.I already book a flight for tomorrow my love and i have dropped my passport at the airport so the processing can commenced very fast but i will need to pay before i can have the ticket.I am hoping you can have it settled so i can leave tommorrow.I am not happy staying here.Pls try and get the money so that i can leave here tomorrow..I know its hard but need to renew theticket..Honey you can use the info i gave you..I'll call the hotel cashier.They will bring the money to me.......I want to know more about you baby..I want to meet you and cant wait to be with you and take care of you and set up a family with you.. ..I want tohave kids with you..Take care am not happy with this..I will be waiting for your reply Jane
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