Scam Letter(s) from Kate Brandy to George (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Geo,

George i am missing your mail.
I just came back from church now.
Once you arrive hope this night please dont forget to mail me back and tell me how you went.
i am missing your mail.
and please make sure you contact philip the travel agent.

Miss you so much

Letter 2

Hello Geo,

How are you doing and how are you spending your week, hope is fine and great.
I am sorry for been so fast this time is just that some men are coming my way for marriage and I don?t like them.
I need someone like geo, I know that we are living very far from each but I believe that love can still bring us together.
Thanks for your caring and thanks for making me your lady and I am promising you that I will not hurt you.
Tell me where are you going to because you said that you are living on Thursday to come back on Sunday.
Well I am wishing you a successful trip but bear it in mind that you have a lady that her name is kate that is dieing for your love.
Well for me to come over it will cost like 1500 us dollars I have checked some airline website.
Geo i will like you to forward me your house address and the nearest airport to your house

Thanks so much Geo for believing on me.
I promise that I will never disappoint or hurt you.
Promise me that too.

Your love
Kate Brandy

Letter 3

Hello Mr. George,

Kate brandy came to my office regarding her trip to the states.
I am a travel agent if you like I can handle her trip to your country.
I am a travel agent to Kate brandy late father so I have been there travel agent till date.
So if you will like to work with me regarding her trip to the states mail me back.

American Express (Europe)
5 Lord Street
Liverpool, Merseyside, L2 1TD
0151 894 4521




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